Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My OB Experiences...

A Final Point of Reflection…

After twelve weeks of observation, I realized a lot of things. Maybe this is pure coincidence, but the circumstances tell otherwise.

Ø      I am sure now of the path which I am taking. When I was asked before why did I take Education, my first answer was because I love kids. When I immersed in Field Work, I saw the real thing behind this answer. I tend to love my students very much! It’s hard to reprimand them even for the proper reasons. I’d like to work more for their welfare, yung para sa ikapapasa nila. I carefully love what it is to be a teacher.
Ø      It’s hard to be a newbie! I’d encountered a good number of failures on my stay in MNHS, from sitting in the Teacher’s table, to promoting CMU without a permit, and even to the point of a student rejecting me for having my OB for only once a week. Nevertheless, I took it positively, pondering a lesson out of each fall. I know that out of these misdemeanors, I can be a better Student Teacher – hopefully a professional teacher – next time I would be immersed in the field.
Ø      Being a teacher is beyond the mere word. Truly, through the various experiences which I undertook in MNHS proves enough that being a teacher is damn hard! I should be vigilant, responsible, yet keeping my calm. If not, I would never be the expectations of my students and resource teacher. I would be eaten by the corrupt society, the negative side of teaching.
Ø      I must show different emotions according to situation. The experiences in IV-SPA and IV-Crimson taught me that I should not always show my jolly side. I must also know how to discipline and reprimand my students whenever they do something wrong. Though it was hard for me to exhibit such behavior, I need to because if I don’t do it, I would never convey the right message to them.
Ø      After Field Study, it’s really hard to move on! It took me almost a week to be back on my real self. Within that week, I am into a sea of sadness. I felt that I need to go back to MNHS. Naturally, that’s one sign that I am stuck to my students even for a short period. I really love what it is to be a teacher!

In conclusion, I would like to cite the words of the outgoing SSC President, Ms. France Ann O. Elias: When you do something, make the most out of it! In my FS, I tried to give my best to reach my students. I succeeded in doing so, and did more than that. Though at times I felt like makapal ang mukha in doing so, in the end I saw its fruit and am satisfied that its good outcome.

My stay in MNHS is not a dark one full of reprimands and sufferings; mine is one colorful immersion because of the time well-spent among me, Ma’am Limpoco, and my students. As I leave them, I know that the memories I left them would be pondered as long as it is alive.

With this, I finish my Portfolio. Thank you for taking some time to take a good look at my good memories on my first Field Work. See you when I go on my second Field Study! J

(Taken from my Portfolio for Field Study 01)

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