Wednesday, March 16, 2011

NOW WATCHING: Love So Divine (Kwon Sang Woo, Ha Ji Won)

Back to blogging! Hope it would do good this time. Having freedom is something. Not constrained with what is to be posted. Besides, this is what blogging is all about.

Well, this past weekend, I passed by my Ate Espie's house at Marikina City (which marked the first time ever that I visited Marikina). I became close with her brother, Ericson. He shared with me some Korean Vids which may also take my interest. Among there is my favorite Paraang-Juibo (My Girl and I). But there is a movie there which took my interest the first time I watched it.

It is entitled Love, So Divine, starring Kwon Sang Woo and Ha Ji Won. It is about a seminarian, Gyu-shik, who, after some misdemeanor (not actually his fault), was sent with  Seon-dal, a fellow seminarian, to a pastoral mission (perhaps) in a local community.

There he will meet Bong-hie, the niece of Father Nam, the priest in the community. A pain in the neck who ran away from her parents in America, Gyu-shik was tasked to convert her to Catholicism. That task became hard for Gyu-shik to accomplish, since Bong-hie has really bad attitude. 

At this point, Gyu-shik fell in love with Bong-hie. This made him ask his vocation to the priesthood. At the end of the story, Gyu-shik did not receive the ordination, and instead returned to the community to live with Bong-hie.

Aside from the ticklish stints of this film, what shot me is the story itself. It presents the reality that not all who desire to become a priest becomes an ordained priest. Along the way, he may encounter events or circumstances which may affect his divine calling. In those instances, he must really ask God for guidance. He must also be open to his spiritual advisers and the like.

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