Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Who said summer classes are easy anyway??

Yes, the good side of it is that the load which you have in a regular semester may be lessened with three or nine units, which is better compared to having additional burden during the five gruesome months which we lovingly call a semester. We can enjoy lesser class hours, and longer day-offs (excluding Sunday, of course), We can focus better on subjects which may need our rigid attention.

But it is only when we begin the four (or five) weeks of classes when we realize that we are actually racing against time. You're having difficulty in comprehending. You don't even know what topics to review. You don't know what to expect - maybe tomorrow will be the day of your major exams in all subjects. O, saan ka pa?

I personally join the numerous students who are also undergoing this tragic stage in college life named Summer classes. God bless us, and may we all pass the subjects we are undertaking - advanced or back subjects it may be. 

Di bale, matatapos rin ito! Tiis lang... :)

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