Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Put it in writing...

Nothing in particular.
Nothing in actuality.
Nothing of pure animosity.

Show the emotions.
Show the aspects.
Show the real thing amidst the thousand lies.

Never be afraid...
Everyone may treat you ill,
But always stand and defend the truth.

No matter what they say,
No matter what they may do against you,
As long as you are for the truth, Stand and Go on!

When they tell bad words against you,
Just go on and keep proclaiming the truth.
Tell that once of truth amid their liter of lies.

Though the enemies come in bunches
Their ideas in big packages
Their costumes be in black caps and black behavior

Their ideas may be in scarlet
Their faults may be covered with decorations
Their cake may be tasty and pleasing.

Nevertheless, you've shown us
That no matter how tasty the cake is,
we would never appreciate it

Especially if there's a poison
In the middle of the tasty pastry
and it would lead us to our doom.

Continue fighting for the right!
Continue paving the way for us!
Continue being the real voice of the people!

God, we pray for our dear one
Never leave him alone.
Battle is fierce, be with him along!

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