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As I was doing my admineering job at 100% KP Page this Corpus Christi Sunday, I stumbled upon one of the videos posted by one of my fellow admins. It shows a flash mob that happened somewhere in Argentina last Ascension Thursday (yah, Thursday.). Two Franciscan Capuchins brought the Blessed Sacrament in one shopping center. It was patterned after a flash mob, to see how the people would react to a particular scenario. This time, it’s for a holy cause; this time, it’s the Body of the Lord who is in the flash limelight. How did the people react to this?

Let me take the annotation that comes with the vid before I give my sentiments...

A Eucharistic flash mob in the centre of Preston, organised by the Capuchin Franciscans on Ascension Thursday 2011.

A small team of Catholic evangelists mingled with the crowd to hand out cards and explain what was going on. Here are some of the reactions...."What is this about? What is happening? What is this about?"One young girl said: "I've not seen anything like this since Church.""Are they doing this all day? ... Will they be doing it again? ... Are they doing this any where else?"Two young women asked: "Why does God allow hurt and pain in the world?" They agreed it was not God's fault but ours. Then they asked: "Why doesn't Jesus come again?" We explained that He is here in the form of bread, but would come again and we invited them to think about Him now."Is it religious? What is inside that thing?"A man said: "What is that guy doing?" An old woman with him replied: "That's Jesus. Show respect.""This is so moving! It is the first time I have seen it done outside. I can't wait to tell my parish priest!"

While the world is focused more on material things, a good few stopped to venerate and worship God hidden in the guise of bread. The rest just walked by, talked with friends, texted using their cellphones and did not give time for Christ. Also, it is obviously seen that majority of the mob belonged to the elderly, though there are also people in their middle ages. Where is the youth? There they are, murmuring and talking about what is happening.

In the midst of a society determined to work and have recreation, Jesus passed by to remind his people that he is still the center of their lives. He still comes to show his saving power that is hidden in the Blessed Sacrament. Sadly, the mob does not recognize him already. It seems like he is carefully forgotten by the modern age, especially by its youth and by its modern workers.

While he is forgotten by the modern age, still those who know him come to kneel before his majesty. The elderly who had their lives depended on Him already on the last days of their lives. There are some adults who still consider Him as the center of their everyday activity. And there are also a few number of children who just knelt there, still possessing the child-like innocence and humility, just as any child of God may have. They are a manifestation of how society treats Jesus in these times: while the multitude ignores him, a few can still stop by and kneel in front of His presence.

This is really a point of reflection for us, who are still aware of God’s consoling power in these days. Though we experience a lot of trying times, we can still find consolation in the Holy Eucharist. This is our primary defense against the modern influences of the new age. We are troubled by our struggles, but isn’t it true that we can still find solace in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Eucharist.

So we ask ourselves, If ever we can encounter a priest who raises the Blessed Sacrament in the middle of a shopping arcade, what would your reaction be? Where do we belong: to the mob of bystanders, or to the mob of the faithful in veneration before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament?

Let us think on this.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

SirBitz Speaks:Gay Weddings? What?

I now pronounce you, LIFE PARTNERS

... What?

This is a point of realization while I was watching the documentary in Brigada about a same-sex wedding somewhere in Baguio City last June 25, 2011.

This was officiated by the Metropolitan Community Church, an alternative Church for the LGBT Community. It is regarded as a first of its kind in the Philippines. It includes several lesbian and gay couples, who were really proud in this ‘greatest event’ in their lives. According to the story of its participants, they have no regrets in having a relationship with their partner which is also of their own sex. This is their own definition of love: it knows no boundaries, whether age or sexual preference.

Though it is considered legal in some countries in Europe and, recently, in the United States, it is still socially regarded as a taboo here in our country, which still has a conservative tune in its culture.

However, for the MCC, there are no boundaries in loving another girl or another boy. What’s important, for them, is the unconditional love that a gay or a lesbian may have for his couple. And this time, according to the Metropolitan Church, is the right time to open the society’s eyes regarding same-sex relationships. Now, there must be a move to officially and legally recognize marriages of the members of the LGBT Community.

As for the Catholic Church, it is not angry with the LGBT community; it opens its doors for the homosexual’s spiritual formation. But it is after the sinful relationship of homosexuals, including sexual intercourses and marriages of the same sex group. It is always sinful and immoral against the Fundamental law of God.

This issue comes in these days when we are fighting against legal measures which attack the family and marriage. We are continuously alarmed by these issues that continue to strike a poisonous arrow against faith and morals, especially against the family. These are issues which would always have a negative response from the Church which continuously promotes the right values, the right views and a holy life; things which the modern society can never teach us.

And so, what’s my point?

Indeed, being a member of the LGBT community would bring an individual to adventures that he/she did not think he would experience. This includes the m2m sex, finger sex, and secret relationships that would eventually lead to same-sex marriages. 

I believe that there is nothing wrong if ever the road leads you to becoming a homosexual (though some might tell that God did not create homosexuals which is also true) and guidance must be given to continuously lead these people to the right path, but there would always be something wrong in dwelling into sexual activities. This is against God’s law; this is against man’s procreative faculties. This is not Agape; this is certainly Eros!

As for me, yes, being a homosexual is a real struggle, but being a Christian, I know that this relationship has boundaries. Masarap ang Bawal, ika nga. What was wrong before would always be a wrong act. But we are always guided by the light of Christ in our path towards a righteous life. We are all called to respond to God’s voice whether we are straight or gay. If we know what’s right for our well-being, whatever our sexual preference may be, surely we can still live according to God’s will; we would still live as a rightful and respectful person in the society.

So, what can I say at the end of this?

To the advocates of same-sex relationships,  God created man and woman to fill the Earth and subdue it. To love means to give life and to give life means we must sacrifice everything we have in order to give way to a new life and provide for it. 

To those who still insist that same-sex marriages must be accepted in our society, go your own way please. Homosexuals are enough. But to make them marry and live on their own? That's another story. You try to tell us that we are already modernized, that we must go and accept your ideals? But not everything that SEXUAL REVOLUTION (yes, not modernization) brings is good and beneficial for all. Married life is tasked to bring forth children and rear them to one good life. If ever we accept your marriages, it means that we do not value the sacredness of marriage anymore!

And if you still insist, let me tell you this: Do not call yourselves Christians! You are Pagans! Homosexual relationship is a fruit of Pure Paganism, and not of Christian belief!

And to the society, I persuade you that instead of persecuting them, let us love and accept the LGBT Community as they are, but let us not accept things that are really against our culture, and that includes Same-Sex Marriages. Let us help in renewing their points of view, rather than supporting them in their wrong ideals.

To Lady Gaga, What can I say? I suppose she is a motivating factor for these wrong ideals.


The news people say that the legal approval of same-sex marriage in the Philippines would have a long way before it succeeds. But I say thus, if ever LGBT marriages are already accepted legally here, the Philippines may have been brainwashed already. 

I pray to the Lord that we may be guided on the right path. 

Let us not begin anything, It would lead us to nothing! 


Monday, June 27, 2011

Pope Benedict XVI's Homily on Corpus Christi - June 23, 2011

Dear brothers and sisters!

The feast of Corpus Domini is inseparable from the Holy Thursday Mass of Caena Domini, in which the institution of the Eucharist is also celebrated. While on the evening of Holy Thursday we relive the mystery of Christ who offers himself to us in the bread broken and wine poured out, today, in celebration of Corpus Domini, this same mystery is proposed for the adoration and meditation of God's people, and the Blessed Sacrament is carried in procession through the streets of towns and villages, to show that the risen Christ walks among us and guides us toward the kingdom of heaven. Today we openly manifest what Jesus has given us in the intimacy of the Last Supper, because the love of Christ is not confined to the few, but is intended for all. This year during the Mass of Our Lord's Last Supper on Holy Thursday, I pointed out that the Eucharist is the transformation of the gifts of this land -- the bread and wine -- intended to transform our lives and usher in the transformation of the world. Tonight I would like to return to this point of view.

Everything starts, you might say, from the heart of Christ, who at the Last Supper on the eve of his passion, thanked and praised God and, in doing so, with the power of his love transformed the meaning of death, which he was about to encounter. The fact that the sacrament of the altar has taken on the name "Eucharist," "thanksgiving," expresses this: that the change in the substance of the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ is the fruit of the gift that Christ made of himself, a gift of a love stronger than death, divine love that brought him to rise from the dead. That is why the Eucharist is the food of eternal life, the Bread of life. From the heart of Christ, from his "Eucharistic Prayer" on the eve of his passion, flows the dynamism that transforms reality in its cosmic, human and historical dimensions. All proceeds from God, from the omnipotence of his love One and Triune, incarnate in Jesus. The heart of Christ is immersed in this love; because of this he knows how to thank and praise God even in the face of betrayal and violence, and thus changes things, people and the world.

This transformation is possible thanks to a communion stronger than division, the communion of God himself. The word "communion," which we use to designate the Eucharist, sums up the vertical and horizontal dimension of the gift of Christ. The beautiful and eloquent expression "receive communion" refers to the act of eating the bread of the Eucharist. In fact, when we carry out this act, we enter into communion with the very life of Jesus, in the dynamism of this life that is given to us and for us. From God, through Jesus, to us: a unique communion is transmitted in the Holy Eucharist. We have heard as much, in the second reading, from the words of the Apostle Paul to the Christians of Corinth: "The cup of blessing that we bless, is it not a participation in the blood of Christ? The bread that we break, is it not a participation in the body of Christ"(1 Corinthians 10:16-17).

St. Augustine helps us to understand the dynamics of holy Communion when referring to a kind of vision he had, in which Jesus said to him: "I am the food of the mature: grow, then, and you shall eat me. You will not change me into yourself like bodily food; but you will be changed into me"(Confessions, VII, 10, 18). Therefore, while the bodily food is assimilated by the body and contributes to sustain it, the Eucharist is a different bread: We do not assimilate it, but it assimilates us to itself, so that we become conformed to Jesus Christ and members of his body, one with him. This is a decisive passage. Indeed, precisely because it is Christ who, in Eucharistic communion, transforms us into him, our individuality, in this encounter, is opened up, freed from its self-centeredness and placed in the Person of Jesus, who in turn is immersed in the Trinitarian communion. Thus, while the Eucharist unites us to Christ, we open ourselves to others making us members one of another: We are no longer divided, but one thing in him. Eucharistic communion unites me to the person next to me, and to the one with whom perhaps I might not even have a good relationship, but also to my brothers and sisters who are far away, in every corner of the world. Thus the deep sense of social presence of the Church is derived from the Eucharist, as evidenced by the great social saints, who have always been great Eucharistic souls. Those who recognize Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, recognize their brother who suffers, who is hungry and thirsty, who is a stranger, naked, sick, imprisoned, and they are attentive to every person, committing themselves, in a concrete way, to those who are in need.

So from the gift of Christ's love comes our special responsibility as Christians in building a cohesive, just and fraternal society. Especially in our time when globalization makes us increasingly dependent upon each other, Christianity can and must ensure that this unity will not be built without God, without true Love. This would give way to confusion and individualism, the oppression of some against others. The Gospel has always aimed at the unity of the human family, a unity not imposed from above, or by ideological or economic interests, but from a sense of responsibility toward each other, because we identify ourselves as members of the same body, the body of Christ, because we have learned and continually learn from the Sacrament of the Altar that communion, love is the path of true justice.

Let us return to Jesus' act in the Last Supper. What happened at that moment? When he said: This is my body which is given to you, this is my blood shed for you and for the multitude, what happened? Jesus in that gesture anticipates the event of Calvary. He accepts his passion out of love, with its trial and its violence, even to death on the cross; by accepting it in this way he transforms it into an act of giving. This is the transformation that the world needs most, because he redeems it from within, he opens it up to the kingdom of heaven. But God always wants to accomplish this renewal of the world through the same path followed by Christ, indeed, the path that is himself. There is nothing magic in Christianity. There are no shortcuts, but everything passes through the patient and humble logic of the grain of wheat that is broken to give life, the logic of faith that moves mountains with the gentle power of God. This is why God wants to continue to renew humanity, history and the cosmos through this chain of transformations, of which the Eucharist is the sacrament. Through the consecrated bread and wine, in which his Body and Blood is truly present, Christ transforms us, assimilating us in him: He involves us in his redeeming work, enabling us, by the grace of the Holy Spirit, to live according to his same logic of gift, like grains of wheat united with him and in him. Thus unity and peace, which are the goal for which we strive, are sown and mature in the furrows of history, according to God's plan.

Without illusions, without ideological utopias, we walk the streets of the world, bringing within us the Body of the Lord, like the Virgin Mary in the mystery of the Visitation. With the humble awareness that we are simple grains of wheat, we cherish the firm conviction that the love of God, incarnate in Christ, is stronger than evil, violence and death. We know that God is preparing for all people new heavens and new earth where peace and justice prevail -- and by faith we glimpse the new world, that is our true home. Also this evening as the sun sets on our beloved city of Rome, we set out again on this path: With us is Jesus in the Eucharist, the Risen One, who said, "I am with you always, until the end of world "(Mt 28:20). Thank you, Lord Jesus! Thank you for your fidelity, which sustains our hope. Stay with us, because the evening comes. "Jesus, good shepherd and true bread, have mercy on us; feed us and guard us. Grant that we find happiness in the land of the living." Amen.

Homily copied from

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Near BJP2's PopeMobile

Thanks be to God, I was able to get near the PopeMobile used by Blessed John Paul II during his visit in Manila in 1995. Here are the pics... 
The PopeMobile
It stayed at the Cathedral Parish of San Roque in Caloocan City last week. Though Falcon took the weather throughout the week, still it did not weaken me enough, but gave me more perseverance to go there and visit it.
The Papal Seat
Rosary hung near one of the Mobile's Railings
The interior of the Mobile wasn't touched since 1995, and so it is obvious that it was not totally overhauled. Except perhaps for the motor which is needed to be checked every now and then, nothing has changed, obviously. Really our way of treasuring a priceless car.

The door of the PopeMobile with BJPII's Coat of Arms illuminated 
Photo of BJPII posted in the front of the PopeMobile
Truly, it is a blessing for me to come near and touch what is said to be the blessed's Moving Relic here in our country. Blessing indeed because despite the fact that our country is in a total chaos, still the PopeMobile is still around to remind us that sometime before, a Holy Man visited the Philippines and reminded us that we are the beacons of Christ's Light in Asia.


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The week that was...

Well, thanks to the camera that my sis gave me for our family to use, I was able already to capture the events that made the most of my week. Well, these might have also made the week of you pipz out there.

The longest one in a decade, I was able to wake up as early as 3a.m. last Friday to witness the covering of the Moon's light by the Earth's shadow. I wasn't able to finish it though because it's early morning already and the sun is rising. Well enough, I got good pics of the Eclipse's highlights. 

Last Saturday, out of boredom, I decided to get out of my comfort zone for awhile and visit the Rizal Monument. Though I got out at the start of Typhoon Egay, I was still able to enjoy my visit.


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Hero ko rin si Rizal! Yan ah...

There can be no tyrants where there are no slaves.

If there's something I love in Pepe, that would be his peaceful way of fighting the powerful of his day. Not through the sword, but through the pen. In his novels, and through his calm delivery, he was able to ignite the flame of patriotism and nationalism among his contemporaries. As a matter of fact, we can still feel the heat of this flame today.

I suppose that many writers here and abroad have said many things about this little man from the Philippines who lived just like anyone during the 1800's, except that he lived an outstanding life. They might have told us already of his way of living, and of his many heartbreaks. Like, come on, hindi naman ako ang unang magsusulat tungkol sa kanya, eh!

But in this blogpost, I would like to reflect on this nice quotation of our National Hero, whose 150th Birthday we shall celebrate on Sunday. Of course, we know that he was a motivating factor for the rising of the Filipino Revolution. His legacy was something for Pinoys everywhere to be proud of. While everyone desired freedom, he stood up and bravely fought the tyranny of the Spanish rulers. He succeeded.

150 years after his birth, and just 115 years after his death, while we just let ourselves go with the flow of modernity, we can still trace the shadow of the past in our trail of the present. Somewhere in the word Philippines is a hidden bond with other countries. Our government calls this as diplomatic affairs. Open-eyed people calls this as tyranny. 

Yes, while we consider ourselves independent in terms of political will, cultural diversity and freedom of expression, still we realize that our freedom is incomplete yet. We still depend on other superpower countries when it comes to economic affairs.OFWs continue to work hard abroad, making themselves slaves of foreign masters so that they may have money for their families. We can't help our fellow Filipinos at first alarm; we see them suffer only to help them after two weeks or so. We follow other countries and pass laws so that we may receive their warm appreciation. 

And we consider ourselves independent. 

Jose Rizal said, There can be no tyrants where there are no slaves. Somewhere in our hearts we can tell that we are Filipinos but not to the greatest extent. We are still slaves to the will of the superpowers, as well as to our own pride and greed. We'd like change from long ago. But we can't find it while we stick our hands to the pot of slavery. We can't proceed if we don't consider our own will as a nation above those of the ill-willers. We could never tell the world that we are free if we can't find our freedom here in our midst.

We want the happiness of the Philippines, but we want to obtain it through noble and just means. If I have to commit villainy to make her happy, I would refuse to do so, because I am sure that what is built on sand sooner or later would tumble down.

This tells enough. We achieved freedom 113 years ago, but to complete this we must look deep into ourselves and find out how can we contribute to our nation's development. Not through dependence on tyrant countries, nor through corrupt practices, and especially not through killing our fellowmen. We can find our Nation's happiness, the true freedom of Las Islas Filipinas, in telling ourselves that WE ARE FILIPINOS AND WE CAN DO IT! In believing that WE ARE A GREAT RACE AND ARE INCLUDED IN OUR NATION'S PROSPERITY! And in putting this belief in our words and actions. We can stand again from the ashes and truly enough, we can proceed with living freely and providently.

Get out of the Nutshell, RP! Everything starts with us. Rizal started the fight against slavery of the tyrants. Let's continue his advocacy. Stand up, Pinoy! Go and do what you can do for our Nation.

Back to us...

I am a congressman who just happened to be a Catholic, but I am not a Catholic congressman!
(Edcel Lagman)

We are born of the same baptism. We profess one belief, and we try to live virtues of rightness each and every day. But as I see it from my Tube (that is, the TV Set) in the past few weeks, I can clearly see how the legislative members of our country stand to defend their personal interests while putting into junk the right and real perspectives.

'Professionals' keep telling the people that there is nothing wrong in using contraceptives. That there is nothing contrary to teaching sexual education to schools. That, to the greatest extent, the use of contraceptives has nothing to do with life and abortion, since it stops the meeting from the very start. And they keep it under the guise of the name 'Responsible Parenthood.'

'Officials' also persuade the pipz out there that while this would help us in fighting poverty, it might also lead us to better pastures, since fewer number of people might mean greater use of funds. That this would be useful in developing our country in the way we wanted it to be from the start. That through the use of safe family planning, we may make the most out of our lives while we take care of 1 or 2 children, no more.

While some good number of Filipinos continue to stand and defend life, others go with these pleasure-seeking 'pro-choice' people, telling us that the RH Bill would always be a better alternative. Instead of taking just one stand, the Christian Filipinos are divided in opinion and stance. While the pro-RH people say that they are winning the fight, the Anti-RH brothers sit down and pray now, stand up and fight later.

The leaders of this propaganda tend to take off religion and morality from the issue. They say that this is no faith talk. They accuse the Anti-RH pipz of only referring to religion while they take science and logic as their fight buddies. Religion for them is nothing compared to science which is their world. Come on, people. Let's talk practicality here! That is, according to their rational status.

Now, look upon what is happening.

Fishkill is striking some places, causing death among the fish and loss of living for the fisherfolks and fish-sellers. Meanwhile, a massive flash flood flushes away houses and businesses. And who haven't heard yet of the food poisoning that occurred in other provinces, killing little children and taking others to nearby medical centers?

Like what's happening in Japan, America, China and other places which has no more space for life and took more consideration for modernity, we take a good look around us and realize, the spell is carefully coming to our place already! Remember what I wrote in my post about the Japan Earthquake? Look, only God has the powerful right to give and take somebody's life, and we have no possible right to intrude with this. Otherwise, he will use nature to show his wrath. 

Now good Filipinos, read and realize! We've already read and heard of the news of the recent devastation that our nation is facing. I'd be brave to tell you all that much, much more catastrophes are coming and it would certainly occur if we don't change our stance and continue to reject God's will. Why are we waiting for the doomsday, if through the passing of the Sex Bill, we took the doomsday to ourselves! 

For what is man's lot from God above, his heritage from the Almighty on high? Is it not ruin for the wicked, disaster for those who do wrong? 
(Job 31,2-3)

No, he would not destroy us. If you think that that is my post's bottom line, no, it isn't. I just want to remind our good brothers and sisters that somewhere in our country's disasters nowadays is a deep underlying message. When will we wake up, Filipinas? If everything is too late - and I suppose we're waiting for it? God is already waking us up. The time has come for us to correct our erring brothers and sisters, in the name of God whose belief we profess, and in the name of Life which we have and only for God to give and take.

We're Catholics. We believe in God. We can never say that we are not a catholic doctor, or a catholic teacher. Instead, our faith guides us in the right path of what to do and the spirit of strength to pursue it. If we profess our faith and commit sins against life, then what's the use of our great Credo?  

If my post still couldn't convince you, just look around. Siguro naman, may mata ka at kaya mong tignan nang malaliman ang nagaganap sa paligid mo. That is God's wake-up call for us to be repentant at this early, and stop pursuing the RH Bill. Kung hindi, then sorry, these things would continue to its extreme.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

LIMA: Maraming Salamat!!! (SirBitz's message)

(SirBitz@Blogger's ANNIVERSARY POST!)

Five years ago, somebody from Navotas began dwelling in the internet world through his blog. Eight days after writing his first blogpost, he decided to stay in a permanent home in the web.

Then, he had no personal computer. He usually rented in a nearby computer shop. He spent just one hour every now and then to update his blog, and post ideas there. 

Then, he had no idea of developing his blogsite; he was just contented on its form: one sidebar, a simple header, and posts with the font style being Trebuchet MS. 

Then, pictures were a hard deal for him. He finds it difficult then to search for relevant pictures and post it in his blogpost, since he didn't have any camera then and digicams were still a thing of virtuality.

Then, he had a little difficulty on how to convey ideas, what language or which style to use so that he could please the people and inform them at the same time.

Then, he had much ideas in his grey brain that executing them is too hard for him to do. 

Well, that was then. 

Now, his sister had already acquired a personal computer, which he uses every time he wanted to post something. 

Now, after years of experimenting on which would be the better look n' feel of the blogsite, he continually developed the site until today when it has features which present sophistication, personality, and spiritual inclination. Well, it is shown in its two sidebars. Don't ask the font style though; it still is Trebuchet MS.

Now, pictures were a of little ease for him, since he can already use pictures from his sister's digicam, or from other sources. What's important is that most of his posts nowadays have pictures, an addition of color to the texts.

Now, with greater strides, he has the capability to express his sentiments through his blogposts. A play of letters, mostly of religious tone, and with a personal style which even he doesn't know where he got it. What's important is that he can express ideas and perspectives in a way interesting and creative. 

Now, the bulk of ideas would still haunt him every time. And when it comes, he is there to devise something out of these. The result: this blogsite.

The blogsite which became his home, his world in the web, his way of being ONE WITH YOU throughout the past five years.

Five years of gratitude for all the experiences that he shared and made open to the whole world. A half-decade of adventures which were worth reminiscing and enjoying. Within five years, he made a little name in the blogosphere, and this name had much behind it. He may still be young in age and experiences, but through his blogsite, he may say, Hey pipz! May narating na rin ako! Malayo na ang naabot ng blogsite natin!

Gratitude! Kudos! Axios!

To every inspiration which passed by my way through the past five years: my family, friends, colleagues, teachers and students, co-fraters, Madlang Faithful, and never to forget the physics teacher which sparked the flame in me to start all these.

To every individual who passed by the site to read the posts and ideas. At first, I thought that they were only Pinoys, but thanks to the Feedjit app, I realized that the site had also gone international, with readers from other countries. That's enough reason to tell that the site is also a witness to the recent events in the Philippines. That's also a reason for me to write the majority of the posts in English.

To all who left an imprint in this site, and left a comment or a note of gratitude. Positive or negative; some were known, others came by the name 'anonymous.' To the sixteen followers of the site, though I hope that the number might increase as time passes by. Also, to all pipz who cited my site in their own blogsites as reference for something, which is a great honor for me. This also goes to the people who passed by and greeted me on the occasion of the Site's anniversary, be it here or in their own blogsites.

But most to all, KUDOS TO THE GREAT ONE WHO ENDOWED ME WITH THE GIFT OF WRITING. Thank you, God for being the great motivation behind my every post, behind my every innovation, simply behind this blogsite. At the end of the day, I would admit that I could never have a blogsite - and never would I think of having one - without your providential guidance and enlightening support.

Five years. Young and yet experienced. Five years for me is already enough to continue moving and writing. This may seem prideful of me, but at the end of the day, I am just but the Lord's writing Machine. Everything that I write is a reflection of the Lord's grace upon me and upon us. I don't boast every good acclaim, for I know that all these happens as God wills.

And this site would always be ready to move on, and continue accepting the challenge of writing and reflecting for everyone's information and for God's greater glory.

One final note.

At his first thoughts, this is something that I would never again experience. That was then. 

Now. This is something which I would love to experience and relish.

yun lang naman.

This is SirBitz@Blogger. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

LIMA: The SPOT is seen!!!

We're now on the last two days of celebration of the blogsite's anniversary. Many things happened during the past week, and the response I received was very much overwhelming! I already shared the best of the site, as well as the worst of my blogging experiences. Nevertheless, the grace of having a blogsite and maintaining it through thick and thin for the past five years is something memorable for me, and it is really worthy of a little blog-celebration.

I posted a week-long series of blogposts regarding everything that is The Striker's Site (SirBitz@Blogger's old name), and though some friends saw this as an extravagant way of celebrating, I kept telling that this milestone in my blogging career is one good reason to celebrate!

Now, in this side of the series, I go back to June 15, 2006. After a week of starting a weblog in Xanga, I began blogging here in blogspot. I have no particular reason of moving here. Actually, as my first post said, this is something I will never again experience. the gogo man (kuno) has entered the world of e-blogger!!! Now, that's a clear sign that I have no particular reason upon moving.

My first post here was about the patron of our Parish, the Holy Cross, and how it came to be the patron of Tanza, Navotas. That was also my first post in English. This site also became the home of the first Birthday Essay (also in 2006), and my other blogposts which began my writing experiences in the web.

The site of 2006 had the url, under the title The Striker's Site. Of course, as a neophyte in blogging, I had the difficulty then of writing a blogpost, like where to get ideas, or what words to use. All these, I had carefully overcome these hindrances in my writing. As the years passed, topics became more personal, with a deep religious, spiritual or backbiting tone. Comments came in pieces, and little by little, my site had been 'existing' in the blogosphere.

2008 came, when I decided to change the url to, with the name JEM@Blogger. Back then, I became more focused on my Multiply site (, which began in November 2006), that I don't have enough time anymore to post here in my blogspot. Good thing, Multiply is able to cross-post with certain blogging sites, including Blogger. Somehow, the post became updated with what's happening in my circle. It was able to post my Birthday Essays, my special posts and others, which I usually post then in Multiply.

But later in 2010, after realizing that Multiply's complexity is worth very much focus unlike Blogger, I decided to neglect my Multiply Site (though it is still alive until today) and go back to my Blogspot. It became home to the month-long celebration of my 20th Birthday (Zeke XX), and my first yearender series (2010: a Year of Colors and Everything Else!).

It was also here where our friends at 100% Katolikong Pinoy! noticed my writing ability through a special segment on Vocations on my WedPost), thus beginning the intensification of my online ministry. This site also became the birthplace in July 2010 of Ur Sunday Dose (now, my weekly rendition of Gospel Reflections which also garnered readers, not only here in the Metro, but also abroad.

Towards the end of 2010, I realized that I should plan to have a general facelift of the blogsite. I thought that I can't make it, but with God's providence and the encouragement of the avid readers and friends, I did make it. Thus,  2011 came, and came to being, with its present ID: SirBitz@Blogger.

Since January, the ideas posted therein became more of a personal-spiritual tone, while the physical features of the site also experienced a dragging change, from one simple sidebar, to two more sophisticated and personal sidebars (as you see it right now.). In the past five months, this site had been home to the popular posts which circulated some Catholic FB Groups, especially in the page of 100% Katolikong Pinoy, and Apostles Filipino Catholic Community. This also became home to my personal feedbacks towards certain issues in the society, as well as my sentiments towards some personal events in my life which were worth noting.

The most recent undertaking of this site was last week, when I joined the meet-up of bloggers called for by the CBCP Media Office. In response to the call of the Philippine Church to defend life in today's techie society, this site vows to be more responsive to the country's issues in a profound Christian view. It will be expected that in the coming posts, SirBitz@Blogger would be more attentive to its call as a Catholic Blog, maintained by a Catholic Blogger. Though the site would still have the features of a personal blog, its views would be more in a Catholic perspective, and the ideas would be more of a Christian tone over my personal ones.

Whew! Five years have already passed! I don't really have an idea that time would really pass that fast! What was then a juvenile site now turned out to be more mature and ideal. Yes, I don't have enough capabilities or resources as a writer per se, but the posts throughout the past five years would tell that I am nearing it. The challenge of respond to the call of writing is louder than ever. And I continue to answer YES to that call.

That is, with the help of my blog, my world in the web!

Monday, June 13, 2011

LIMA: What is it in a blogger?

Don't ask where the Independence Day Post is. If you had read my reflection yesterday at, then you could have possibly read it already. LOL!

Now, let's move on with our Anniversary Celebration. When I discuss blogging with a friend, he/she would usually ask, Ano'ng pakiramdam ng nagba-blog? Tsaka bakit mo pa pinagsasayangan yan ng oras?

Throughout the past five years, I also ask myself why do I spend lots of time for something which could not give me material worth. I'd heard much criticism from my family, asking me why do I spend much time, mostly overnight, sharing my sentiments and opening myself to the world, despite all the sentiments I receive.

Naramdaman ko nang masaktan dahil sa pagba-blog. That's why there are the best criticized blogposts as shared in the past post. These show how wounded I am, and I received cold treatment because of these. It takes a lot of courage to share negative vibes through writing, and you really need to face and accept all of the feedback that people may give because of these.

Naramdaman ko na ring matuwa dahil sa pagba-blog. Bloggers spill out their spirit every time he writes. If he is happy, he is happy indeed. And majority of the blogposts here share a glad tone because it mirrors this special event in my life that made me so happy that I need an outlet to spill it out! Though I am said to be over-acting at times because of my extremely happy thoughts, I just can't help but share my gladness with the rest of the world! 

Naging mas bokal akong Katoliko dahil sa pagba-blog. This blogsite also became an avenue for me to discover my ministry for God's people. Through giving Christian sentiments, and delivering Gospel reflections, I realized how effective my ministry is as a lay brother and servant. I did not desire this, as I fear the reactions that I could hear from the people, but nonetheless God paved the way for me. God willed this for my own spiritual growth, and also for those who read it. I would never do it, I say it again, but it is God who wills it. I am just his writer.

Naging emosyonal na ako sa pagba-blog. You know that feeling that you go near-depressed and you need an outlet? In my case, I used my blog to ease all the emotional tension that I keep inside. It really eases everything inside me, and it helped me move on through life's road. Yes, I have this little tendency to be psychologically-challenged, and good thing my blog is here for me to spill out the tenseful emotions.

Naramdaman ko na rin ang pagka-ayaw sa blogging. There are moments in my life wherein I don't have the enough spirit to blog at all. Sometimes, I just let a memorable event to pass, without me giving out my sentiments. Minsan, naiisip ko kung sinasadya ba ng pagkakataon, o ayaw ko lang talaga. Anyway, these times come in a writer's life when he is a living quotation, like 'the spirit's willing but the flesh is weak.' But when the spirit comes in him, bongga ang mga inilalabas niyang saloobin. That comes for me especially when there are week-long celebrations in my blogsite, like this one.

Pero ano pa man, masaya ako sa pagba-blog! Life is an adventure, so they say; as for me, this blogsite is a reflection of how adventurous life is for me. While everyone is out there, leaving me forlorn, God is still here beside me, and so too does my blog. Wherever the flow might take me, how may time fly to its farthest extent, to the point of my death, I know that my blogsite would be my legacy, my space not only in the virtual reality, but also in life itself.

So, what is it in a blogger that makes it unique and special? 

Simple. I'm happy in the fact that the best and worst of your life as a civilized and Christian being is being shared and shown for the rest of the world to read, reflect and ponder on. Masarap sa pakiramdam ang makapagsulat ka ng kahit ano, basta nagmumula sa puso mo. Masarap sa pakiramdam ang mabasa ang mga post mo at makatanggap ng mga feedback, positive man o negative. At napakasarap sa pakiramdam ang makapagbahagi ka ng boses mo sa mundo.  Walang sweldo, oo, pero hindi iyun ang mahalaga, kundi ang makapagbahagi ka ng bahagi ng buhay mo sa mundo.

And that makes it. 

Friday, June 10, 2011

LIMA: And all the controversies...

My site had been a room full of ideas and sentiments which is available for all to read and ponder on. While some of the posts were accepted and welcomed by the reading public (or some of them), there are still some posts which were disputed down to its very thoughts. I also had my share of posts which had a little bad n' mad tone all over it. These posts show my dark side as a freelance writer and blogger, and I'm still proud nonetheless that I had these posts on my blog string, because these may mirror those points in my life wherein I felt lifeless, proud and hurt. These signs tell enough that I'm human, and that I have the faculties of hurt as well.

Among the many controversial posts, two emerged as the posts which had garnered the memorable reactions. These posts served as the mirror of my personality during the times when these were written.

I go back to my very first post in Friendster Blogs (yes, I have an account there before) about my Family, entitled, 'Are They My Family?' I had a spill of emotions then, all about my bad sentiments towards the 'ill-treatment' I received from my family. The post is a clear sign of rebellion for me, that though I was well-provided, I can still feel their cold hand gripping towards my whole persona then. At that point in my life, I stopped studying (I'm on my way to college then), thus I felt disregarded, miscontented, and to the highest extent, forlorn. That led me to writing this post. 

hindi sa nagrerebelde ako sa kanila, pero kilangan ko lang naman ng pagkakaintindihan. hindi ko kasi maintindihan. mahal na mahal ko sila, at alam ko na ginagawa rin nila ang lahat upang iparamdam na mahal nila ako. pero dapat bang sabihin ng isang tao yun?

Eventually, my sister saw this blogpost and became furious towards me. She asked me if I was already in such legal stature to compose a blog and convey my emotions. She threatened me as well that my mom would see this post. I gone ahead of her move, and decided to move the post to Xanga, thinking that I must not erase it but keep it in a safer place in the web so as to keep the piece of my life living. After two brief years, I moved the post here in blogspot, where it is staying until now.

Another controversial post is about my leave from parish work which lasted for a month. My posts then were another mirror of rebellion, this time in the parochial stage. Due to the issues that they were pressing against me way back then, I have no resort than to retaliate through my blogposts. My way of talking then were my own definition of fierce, I tend to attack certain people then which eased the tension deep inside me.

The priest told me to make the right decision for my own good, and for the parish. I have my own wrongdoings, but he is telling me to discern more, to look deeply into myself. To give myself some more time to reflect. For him, I was considered as an asset and a problem. He urges me to use my talent wisely.

A deeply concerned friend talked to me sometime after the series of posts. He showed his disappointment towards my posts, continuing that I must be of rightful service to the community, not to myself. He told me that service and ministry is really a no-joke. I moved on from the posts and proceeded to my service, whereas I am still continuing my ministry until now. I regret the things that transpired during that time. I learned my lesson from them, and until now I use these lessons as my point of reflection in serving the truly-torn parish community.

I had other controversial posts like these two, though they come in minority. 

One is my series of cross-fires to some individuals. It came in two parts, but it was never noticed by the concerned. Perhaps they do not know that I'm maintaining a blogsite.

Another is my (yes, indeed) erroneous post on All Souls' Day, when I said the the souls in purgatory are also favorable of the glory of heaven. Well, somebody corrected me of that wrong ideal and retaught me of the real thing (Thanking him for that). 

Another is when I have written my sentiments over the death penalty of three Filipinos in China. I told there that somebody must really be sorry for this. Comments entered stating that during this time of mourning, nobody must be punished for now, that we must stand together. well, I am still standing by my sentiments. Somebody MUST be punished for that.

Anyway, these blogposts show enough that the writer is also feeling hurt, injured, and rebellious at times. Though I tend to stand and move on after these writings, I still take the pleasure and honor of having them among my blogroll, because these blogposts stand as a favorable witness of my history, of my colorful past. I continue to read them and ponder lessons from them that I may refrain from doing yet another mistake in the future.

When asked whether I may continue writing such posts in the future, I may say, depending on the situation. I learned already of the heavy responsibility which I take on my shoulders. Through a single word, I may make or break the emotions of the readers. So, I let the answer be, depending on the situation.

But nonetheless, these controversial posts don't break the spirit of gratitude that I have for the Five years of being ONE WITH YOU through the good and bad times. Anyway, that's life!

Wanna read the posts? Here they are...
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Thursday, June 09, 2011

LIMA: The Dose...

I thought of writing about the present situation of the country, but just when I'm preparing one, I remembered that I will present a blogpost on Independence Day (a first). And so, upon choosing what should be a better topic, I decided to write on my sister site, and how it all began.

As some of you may know, Ur Sunday Dose began in July 25, 2010, in-line with the month-long celebration of blogposts regarding my 20th Birthday. Coming from the idea of a USB (and its compact character, enough to store lots of space despite its little size), it is aimed to spread 'a weekly dose of the Word of God, words of hope for the despaired, and hope for those who are in their down moments.' It is actually given through short, yet meaty reflection on the Sunday Gospel. With this, I began my ministry of serving the Internet Community through delivering weekly reflections on the Word of God.

I wrote reflections every Friday, so that the audience may be able to read it already in advance. I have fear then that my posts would not be considered or read, or even noticed. But through the efforts of our friends at 100% KP (and up until now I'm still grateful to them), USD garnered the ample attention, which began everything that it is receiving until now. 

That is, until began in January 01 of this year to continue the mission of USD, thus taking it off the carte of my personal site and putting enough focus on my online ministry. 

It began in English, but later renditions were also given in Filipino, so that the common tao (the supposed audience) may come to understand better. It also began in little design and fashion, but later I put some audience-appealing styles like the heading wallpaper (the one above) and a page tracker (which is on the side). And along with this, 100% KP also began to feature the weekly renditions every Saturday. All these helped a big deal in carefully achieving the site's goal of reaching the word of God to the people.

But actually, everything didn't began there. In delivering Gospel reflections, I look back on a very special blogpost on Sept. 08, 2006, in celebration of the birth of Mary. I wrote a reflection then, consisting of three parts, a brief historical note, a brief reflection, and a concluding prayer. My first reflection was really short then, and comparing it to my first USD rendition, it is somewhat a sign of my still-so-young attitude and approach towards the Gospel.

Nevertheless, through God's grace, what seemed to be a young attitude grew, became mature, and turned out to be a man ready to face the world and share with the people what God's Word has to give. I'm happy that it all turned out like so. I'm glad that despite the mockery of some, God is still paving the way for me to go on. As my Frater Director said it, As long as you know you do the right thing, then go on. As a priest said of it, Let Jesus work in you in doing reflections. Hindi ka nag-iisa dyan. Kasama mo si Lord. And that serve as the consoling thoughts. It was as if God is telling me, Go on. Do what you are called to do. Nevermind the number of readers, nor the sentiments that they give. What's important is that you are doing what you are called to do. 

I continue to thank everyone who contributed in their own little ways to the continuing success of Ur Dose.  It would always be here to stay, as long as Divine Providence allows it to happen. I would continue to be of service to the Community at the best of my ability, and with God's will by my side. 


Wednesday, June 08, 2011

LIMA: The Blogger's Role Catholic View
(my thoughts after the CBCP Bloggers' Meeting)

I was there when the CBCP Media Office called on a meeting with writers and bloggers today. Though we were little in number, we can still sense some good pot brewing out of the few number of attendees. They were writers who have love for life, and they maintain certain websites which defends life and opposes the alternative resorts which our folks at government try to pass on as law. 

For my part, I came as the neophyte, the youngest among them all. Being so, I have a but a little idea on how hard the fight is. Through the experiences shared by the people who were obviously way older in experience, I realized further how deep this endeavor is. Indeed, this is a no-joke. And though I am already writing for the past five years, still this thing is new to me.

What was the meet-up about?

It was about the role of bloggers in the fight for life and family. Moreover, it tackled on writing and blogging in a Christian perspective. As the country's pressing issues take the community into extreme spectra, bloggers would definitely have a helping hand in delivering the right perspectives on the same. Using the Christian slant, we are sure to deliver the right views and present the details in its right shape and form.

The Church had seemed late in seeing the importance of Blogging in the Evangelization. It is especially evident in the Philippines where there are only a little number of Catholic blogsites which contribute to the spiritual growth of the online community. Some blogs on Catholic Faith and Morals, and yet they fear that they could be criticized, or what we may call illegitimate criticism. Others go secular, including the freethinkers, and those who don't care about the faith, and just post ideas just to impress, or to exercise their right of expression. Yet, now through the newly-shown importance of the Church towards bloggers, we can clearly see the great potential that Catholic Blogging could possibly have.

Certain Blogsites like Fr. Abe's site ( given ample notice for their right contribution to the fight for the faith. Fr. Abe's blogsite tackles on Apologetics, and the responses of the Church to the common people's questions, including those of the unbelievers. For those present at the meeting, this is an example of a Catholic Blog which shows adherence to the Church teachings, while maintaining the personal style of delivering it to the reader.

'Media is not only about talking or writing; in our context (as Catholics), it's about delivering Christ's message.' These are the inspiring words of Msgr. Pedro Quitorio, director of CBCP Media Office,  the official media output of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines. And truly, the Church nowadays considers the media of the present as an effective instruments towards a renewed and integral evangelization. While the secular world of media, including the freethinkers and those who share bad sentiments through their blogposts or tweets, continue to roam around the web and do their own thing, bloggers who are guided by the teachings of the Church and the light of the Holy Spirit are being seen as the beacons of light which guides the readers towards the full understanding of the Magisterium and the Scriptures.

In his message last World Day of Communications, Pope Benedict XVI wrote, In the final analysis, the truth of Christ is the full and authentic response to that human desire for relationship, communion and meaning which is reflected in the immense popularity of social networks. Believers who bear witness to their most profound convictions greatly help prevent the web from becoming an instrument which depersonalizes people, attempts to manipulate them emotionally or allows those who are powerful to monopolize the opinions of others. On the contrary, believers encourage everyone to keep alive the eternal human questions which testify to our desire for transcendence and our longing for authentic forms of life, truly worthy of being lived. It is precisely this uniquely human spiritual yearning which inspires our quest for truth and for communion and which impels us to communicate with integrity and honesty. He invites every Christian who has access to the Internet to be a witness of Jesus in this new avenue of communication and communion. If we really know why we have our FB or twitter account, or a blogsite in my case, and use it in the eyes of Christ, then we are sure to have achieved its goal: of having relationship with people towards the truth of Christ: LOVE, without boundaries.

In other words, we are called, as writers by hobby or profession, to write as Christians, read as Christians, and understand and comprehend as Christians. This is what Catholic bloggers aim to do these days. We tend to show the Philippine blogosphere that we have something to say, that being a part of the fourth estate we are also to give information at the light of God's guidance. Before, we are just a silent voice, with a little audience to hear us. Now, we begin to stand, and shout to the top of their lungs that we have Christ in their side, and with his divine guidance, we can lead our fellow faithful towards life and truth!

As Msgr. Pepe said it, 'What we want is not just Media in the Church, but Media as Christians.' Through the bloggers' meeting, I realized that my blog should be a continuing avenue of spreading God's Word and of the Church's eager teachings while still maintaining my personal views and showing-off my witty writing skills at the same time. Five years is yet a young age, there is still a long way to go. Nevertheless, the meeting is just an headstart towards what the CBCP Media Office is desired of us: to unite as Catholic writers, opposing the factors which could kill life and the family, and promote the sanctity and dignity of what it is being a Catholic.

And SirBitz@Blogger would always be there to respond to the call of Catholic Blogging. It would always be of service to the Christian Community through posting enlightening ideas, and views which would help form the spirit for it to be in tip-top shape. This would be its vow, as it celebrates its fifth anniversary. Though we could not go straight-forward in blogging (like our friends in apologetics or resources), nevertheless the views and opinions that you would be reading here from time to time, would be written, as it always was, in the Light of Christ. 

(Just when I thought my anniversary post as a blogger would be a flashback on my first ever blogpost, midnight came and this post was saved at the day of the posting of my very first post. Well, a work of Divine Providence!)

And now, for some pluggings...
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