Thursday, June 02, 2011


Yes, you saw it right. 1 MILLION TREES!!!

My First post for this month will be about Youth and Trees. As Church of the Philippines celebrates the Year of the Youth, one of its planned activities is a tree-planting activity. And note, they are not only to plant one tree, ten trees or a hundred trees. They are to plant ONE MILLION TREES. This not only to signify the role of youth in the care of the environment, but also to increase awareness among the young people of today regarding Mother Nature's degrading status.

This comes as a year-round activity, wherein every diocese, youth org, and individual, in short, every young people, would commit themselves to planting one tree and watching it grow and nurture through the coming years.

Actually, the activity was launched last April in Camiguin. And all throughout the year, tree-planting activities were held all across the country as an expression of participation to this endeavor of the Filipino Youth for Mother Earth.

This may sound wild these days, but come to think of it. Ang init-init!!! We are facing this global catastrophe and the solution to its riddance lies only and only in our hands.  Who would solve it if not us? 

We will take a closer look at this activity, and rest assured that we will be updated of the latest activities regarding this campaign.


(Maybe you would like to share your sentiments regarding the 1 Million Trees Campaign. Like their fanpage:

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