Friday, June 17, 2011

Back to us...

I am a congressman who just happened to be a Catholic, but I am not a Catholic congressman!
(Edcel Lagman)

We are born of the same baptism. We profess one belief, and we try to live virtues of rightness each and every day. But as I see it from my Tube (that is, the TV Set) in the past few weeks, I can clearly see how the legislative members of our country stand to defend their personal interests while putting into junk the right and real perspectives.

'Professionals' keep telling the people that there is nothing wrong in using contraceptives. That there is nothing contrary to teaching sexual education to schools. That, to the greatest extent, the use of contraceptives has nothing to do with life and abortion, since it stops the meeting from the very start. And they keep it under the guise of the name 'Responsible Parenthood.'

'Officials' also persuade the pipz out there that while this would help us in fighting poverty, it might also lead us to better pastures, since fewer number of people might mean greater use of funds. That this would be useful in developing our country in the way we wanted it to be from the start. That through the use of safe family planning, we may make the most out of our lives while we take care of 1 or 2 children, no more.

While some good number of Filipinos continue to stand and defend life, others go with these pleasure-seeking 'pro-choice' people, telling us that the RH Bill would always be a better alternative. Instead of taking just one stand, the Christian Filipinos are divided in opinion and stance. While the pro-RH people say that they are winning the fight, the Anti-RH brothers sit down and pray now, stand up and fight later.

The leaders of this propaganda tend to take off religion and morality from the issue. They say that this is no faith talk. They accuse the Anti-RH pipz of only referring to religion while they take science and logic as their fight buddies. Religion for them is nothing compared to science which is their world. Come on, people. Let's talk practicality here! That is, according to their rational status.

Now, look upon what is happening.

Fishkill is striking some places, causing death among the fish and loss of living for the fisherfolks and fish-sellers. Meanwhile, a massive flash flood flushes away houses and businesses. And who haven't heard yet of the food poisoning that occurred in other provinces, killing little children and taking others to nearby medical centers?

Like what's happening in Japan, America, China and other places which has no more space for life and took more consideration for modernity, we take a good look around us and realize, the spell is carefully coming to our place already! Remember what I wrote in my post about the Japan Earthquake? Look, only God has the powerful right to give and take somebody's life, and we have no possible right to intrude with this. Otherwise, he will use nature to show his wrath. 

Now good Filipinos, read and realize! We've already read and heard of the news of the recent devastation that our nation is facing. I'd be brave to tell you all that much, much more catastrophes are coming and it would certainly occur if we don't change our stance and continue to reject God's will. Why are we waiting for the doomsday, if through the passing of the Sex Bill, we took the doomsday to ourselves! 

For what is man's lot from God above, his heritage from the Almighty on high? Is it not ruin for the wicked, disaster for those who do wrong? 
(Job 31,2-3)

No, he would not destroy us. If you think that that is my post's bottom line, no, it isn't. I just want to remind our good brothers and sisters that somewhere in our country's disasters nowadays is a deep underlying message. When will we wake up, Filipinas? If everything is too late - and I suppose we're waiting for it? God is already waking us up. The time has come for us to correct our erring brothers and sisters, in the name of God whose belief we profess, and in the name of Life which we have and only for God to give and take.

We're Catholics. We believe in God. We can never say that we are not a catholic doctor, or a catholic teacher. Instead, our faith guides us in the right path of what to do and the spirit of strength to pursue it. If we profess our faith and commit sins against life, then what's the use of our great Credo?  

If my post still couldn't convince you, just look around. Siguro naman, may mata ka at kaya mong tignan nang malaliman ang nagaganap sa paligid mo. That is God's wake-up call for us to be repentant at this early, and stop pursuing the RH Bill. Kung hindi, then sorry, these things would continue to its extreme.

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