Thursday, June 09, 2011

LIMA: The Dose...

I thought of writing about the present situation of the country, but just when I'm preparing one, I remembered that I will present a blogpost on Independence Day (a first). And so, upon choosing what should be a better topic, I decided to write on my sister site, and how it all began.

As some of you may know, Ur Sunday Dose began in July 25, 2010, in-line with the month-long celebration of blogposts regarding my 20th Birthday. Coming from the idea of a USB (and its compact character, enough to store lots of space despite its little size), it is aimed to spread 'a weekly dose of the Word of God, words of hope for the despaired, and hope for those who are in their down moments.' It is actually given through short, yet meaty reflection on the Sunday Gospel. With this, I began my ministry of serving the Internet Community through delivering weekly reflections on the Word of God.

I wrote reflections every Friday, so that the audience may be able to read it already in advance. I have fear then that my posts would not be considered or read, or even noticed. But through the efforts of our friends at 100% KP (and up until now I'm still grateful to them), USD garnered the ample attention, which began everything that it is receiving until now. 

That is, until began in January 01 of this year to continue the mission of USD, thus taking it off the carte of my personal site and putting enough focus on my online ministry. 

It began in English, but later renditions were also given in Filipino, so that the common tao (the supposed audience) may come to understand better. It also began in little design and fashion, but later I put some audience-appealing styles like the heading wallpaper (the one above) and a page tracker (which is on the side). And along with this, 100% KP also began to feature the weekly renditions every Saturday. All these helped a big deal in carefully achieving the site's goal of reaching the word of God to the people.

But actually, everything didn't began there. In delivering Gospel reflections, I look back on a very special blogpost on Sept. 08, 2006, in celebration of the birth of Mary. I wrote a reflection then, consisting of three parts, a brief historical note, a brief reflection, and a concluding prayer. My first reflection was really short then, and comparing it to my first USD rendition, it is somewhat a sign of my still-so-young attitude and approach towards the Gospel.

Nevertheless, through God's grace, what seemed to be a young attitude grew, became mature, and turned out to be a man ready to face the world and share with the people what God's Word has to give. I'm happy that it all turned out like so. I'm glad that despite the mockery of some, God is still paving the way for me to go on. As my Frater Director said it, As long as you know you do the right thing, then go on. As a priest said of it, Let Jesus work in you in doing reflections. Hindi ka nag-iisa dyan. Kasama mo si Lord. And that serve as the consoling thoughts. It was as if God is telling me, Go on. Do what you are called to do. Nevermind the number of readers, nor the sentiments that they give. What's important is that you are doing what you are called to do. 

I continue to thank everyone who contributed in their own little ways to the continuing success of Ur Dose.  It would always be here to stay, as long as Divine Providence allows it to happen. I would continue to be of service to the Community at the best of my ability, and with God's will by my side. 


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