Tuesday, June 14, 2011

LIMA: The SPOT is seen!!!

We're now on the last two days of celebration of the blogsite's anniversary. Many things happened during the past week, and the response I received was very much overwhelming! I already shared the best of the site, as well as the worst of my blogging experiences. Nevertheless, the grace of having a blogsite and maintaining it through thick and thin for the past five years is something memorable for me, and it is really worthy of a little blog-celebration.

I posted a week-long series of blogposts regarding everything that is The Striker's Site (SirBitz@Blogger's old name), and though some friends saw this as an extravagant way of celebrating, I kept telling that this milestone in my blogging career is one good reason to celebrate!

Now, in this side of the series, I go back to June 15, 2006. After a week of starting a weblog in Xanga, I began blogging here in blogspot. I have no particular reason of moving here. Actually, as my first post said, this is something I will never again experience. the gogo man (kuno) has entered the world of e-blogger!!! Now, that's a clear sign that I have no particular reason upon moving.

My first post here was about the patron of our Parish, the Holy Cross, and how it came to be the patron of Tanza, Navotas. That was also my first post in English. This site also became the home of the first Birthday Essay (also in 2006), and my other blogposts which began my writing experiences in the web.

The site of 2006 had the url http://litranista001.blogspot.com, under the title The Striker's Site. Of course, as a neophyte in blogging, I had the difficulty then of writing a blogpost, like where to get ideas, or what words to use. All these, I had carefully overcome these hindrances in my writing. As the years passed, topics became more personal, with a deep religious, spiritual or backbiting tone. Comments came in pieces, and little by little, my site had been 'existing' in the blogosphere.

2008 came, when I decided to change the url to http://johnezekielmaria.blogspot.com, with the name JEM@Blogger. Back then, I became more focused on my Multiply site (http://litranista001.multiply.com, which began in November 2006), that I don't have enough time anymore to post here in my blogspot. Good thing, Multiply is able to cross-post with certain blogging sites, including Blogger. Somehow, the post became updated with what's happening in my circle. It was able to post my Birthday Essays, my special posts and others, which I usually post then in Multiply.

But later in 2010, after realizing that Multiply's complexity is worth very much focus unlike Blogger, I decided to neglect my Multiply Site (though it is still alive until today) and go back to my Blogspot. It became home to the month-long celebration of my 20th Birthday (Zeke XX), and my first yearender series (2010: a Year of Colors and Everything Else!).

It was also here where our friends at 100% Katolikong Pinoy! noticed my writing ability through a special segment on Vocations on my WedPost), thus beginning the intensification of my online ministry. This site also became the birthplace in July 2010 of Ur Sunday Dose (now http://urdose.blogspot.com), my weekly rendition of Gospel Reflections which also garnered readers, not only here in the Metro, but also abroad.

Towards the end of 2010, I realized that I should plan to have a general facelift of the blogsite. I thought that I can't make it, but with God's providence and the encouragement of the avid readers and friends, I did make it. Thus,  2011 came, and http://sirbitz.blogspot.com came to being, with its present ID: SirBitz@Blogger.

Since January, the ideas posted therein became more of a personal-spiritual tone, while the physical features of the site also experienced a dragging change, from one simple sidebar, to two more sophisticated and personal sidebars (as you see it right now.). In the past five months, this site had been home to the popular posts which circulated some Catholic FB Groups, especially in the page of 100% Katolikong Pinoy, and Apostles Filipino Catholic Community. This also became home to my personal feedbacks towards certain issues in the society, as well as my sentiments towards some personal events in my life which were worth noting.

The most recent undertaking of this site was last week, when I joined the meet-up of bloggers called for by the CBCP Media Office. In response to the call of the Philippine Church to defend life in today's techie society, this site vows to be more responsive to the country's issues in a profound Christian view. It will be expected that in the coming posts, SirBitz@Blogger would be more attentive to its call as a Catholic Blog, maintained by a Catholic Blogger. Though the site would still have the features of a personal blog, its views would be more in a Catholic perspective, and the ideas would be more of a Christian tone over my personal ones.

Whew! Five years have already passed! I don't really have an idea that time would really pass that fast! What was then a juvenile site now turned out to be more mature and ideal. Yes, I don't have enough capabilities or resources as a writer per se, but the posts throughout the past five years would tell that I am nearing it. The challenge of respond to the call of writing is louder than ever. And I continue to answer YES to that call.

That is, with the help of my blog, my world in the web!

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