Monday, June 13, 2011

LIMA: What is it in a blogger?

Don't ask where the Independence Day Post is. If you had read my reflection yesterday at, then you could have possibly read it already. LOL!

Now, let's move on with our Anniversary Celebration. When I discuss blogging with a friend, he/she would usually ask, Ano'ng pakiramdam ng nagba-blog? Tsaka bakit mo pa pinagsasayangan yan ng oras?

Throughout the past five years, I also ask myself why do I spend lots of time for something which could not give me material worth. I'd heard much criticism from my family, asking me why do I spend much time, mostly overnight, sharing my sentiments and opening myself to the world, despite all the sentiments I receive.

Naramdaman ko nang masaktan dahil sa pagba-blog. That's why there are the best criticized blogposts as shared in the past post. These show how wounded I am, and I received cold treatment because of these. It takes a lot of courage to share negative vibes through writing, and you really need to face and accept all of the feedback that people may give because of these.

Naramdaman ko na ring matuwa dahil sa pagba-blog. Bloggers spill out their spirit every time he writes. If he is happy, he is happy indeed. And majority of the blogposts here share a glad tone because it mirrors this special event in my life that made me so happy that I need an outlet to spill it out! Though I am said to be over-acting at times because of my extremely happy thoughts, I just can't help but share my gladness with the rest of the world! 

Naging mas bokal akong Katoliko dahil sa pagba-blog. This blogsite also became an avenue for me to discover my ministry for God's people. Through giving Christian sentiments, and delivering Gospel reflections, I realized how effective my ministry is as a lay brother and servant. I did not desire this, as I fear the reactions that I could hear from the people, but nonetheless God paved the way for me. God willed this for my own spiritual growth, and also for those who read it. I would never do it, I say it again, but it is God who wills it. I am just his writer.

Naging emosyonal na ako sa pagba-blog. You know that feeling that you go near-depressed and you need an outlet? In my case, I used my blog to ease all the emotional tension that I keep inside. It really eases everything inside me, and it helped me move on through life's road. Yes, I have this little tendency to be psychologically-challenged, and good thing my blog is here for me to spill out the tenseful emotions.

Naramdaman ko na rin ang pagka-ayaw sa blogging. There are moments in my life wherein I don't have the enough spirit to blog at all. Sometimes, I just let a memorable event to pass, without me giving out my sentiments. Minsan, naiisip ko kung sinasadya ba ng pagkakataon, o ayaw ko lang talaga. Anyway, these times come in a writer's life when he is a living quotation, like 'the spirit's willing but the flesh is weak.' But when the spirit comes in him, bongga ang mga inilalabas niyang saloobin. That comes for me especially when there are week-long celebrations in my blogsite, like this one.

Pero ano pa man, masaya ako sa pagba-blog! Life is an adventure, so they say; as for me, this blogsite is a reflection of how adventurous life is for me. While everyone is out there, leaving me forlorn, God is still here beside me, and so too does my blog. Wherever the flow might take me, how may time fly to its farthest extent, to the point of my death, I know that my blogsite would be my legacy, my space not only in the virtual reality, but also in life itself.

So, what is it in a blogger that makes it unique and special? 

Simple. I'm happy in the fact that the best and worst of your life as a civilized and Christian being is being shared and shown for the rest of the world to read, reflect and ponder on. Masarap sa pakiramdam ang makapagsulat ka ng kahit ano, basta nagmumula sa puso mo. Masarap sa pakiramdam ang mabasa ang mga post mo at makatanggap ng mga feedback, positive man o negative. At napakasarap sa pakiramdam ang makapagbahagi ka ng boses mo sa mundo.  Walang sweldo, oo, pero hindi iyun ang mahalaga, kundi ang makapagbahagi ka ng bahagi ng buhay mo sa mundo.

And that makes it. 

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