Sunday, June 26, 2011

Near BJP2's PopeMobile

Thanks be to God, I was able to get near the PopeMobile used by Blessed John Paul II during his visit in Manila in 1995. Here are the pics... 
The PopeMobile
It stayed at the Cathedral Parish of San Roque in Caloocan City last week. Though Falcon took the weather throughout the week, still it did not weaken me enough, but gave me more perseverance to go there and visit it.
The Papal Seat
Rosary hung near one of the Mobile's Railings
The interior of the Mobile wasn't touched since 1995, and so it is obvious that it was not totally overhauled. Except perhaps for the motor which is needed to be checked every now and then, nothing has changed, obviously. Really our way of treasuring a priceless car.

The door of the PopeMobile with BJPII's Coat of Arms illuminated 
Photo of BJPII posted in the front of the PopeMobile
Truly, it is a blessing for me to come near and touch what is said to be the blessed's Moving Relic here in our country. Blessing indeed because despite the fact that our country is in a total chaos, still the PopeMobile is still around to remind us that sometime before, a Holy Man visited the Philippines and reminded us that we are the beacons of Christ's Light in Asia.


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