Thursday, July 28, 2011

BiTZ...DaBhezt@21: Photo-memories...

I promise this is going to be a short blogpost. I would simply present to you another side of me: BiTZ the Photographer.

I love taking pictures. For one reason or another, I just love taking pictures and capturing memories. Just as I love writing, do I also love capturing seconds and saving it for the next generations. If there is something which I would consider as a hobby in this mid-life of mine, it would certainly be taking pictures.

This is my first picture on record. Since it is the first, the date goes back to sometime in 1990. I'm a natural cry-baby then. But with help of a sackful of Gerber, and my mother's care for me, I grew up and turned out to be like this...

Eventually, I grew up to be more fond of the camera. I turned out to learn poses...

like the one above, and the one below...

Certainly, victory and enjoyment was seen in most of my pics, like this memorable High School graduation picture...
Until the time came when I myself learned how to use a camera, and for myself took memorable pictures. Some may be vague for others, but nevertheless, these pictures speak for themselves.

A picture of Jesus...

A picture of brotherhood...

A picture of wonder...

and a picture of enjoyment.

In the past 21 years, certainly, I was able to use the camera as my tool in showing emotions and sentiments. It became my simple companion in taking memories and sharing it with the rest of the world.

That's it. I told you, it's that short. I hoped the pictures tell enough.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

BiTZ...DaBhezt@21: DUGUAN...

Last Sunday, I was seen again with a bandage on my right arm. Surprisingly, some laughed when they see another bandage on my left arm. Though it became a point of jokes and queries for everyone who may see me, I'm still proud to walk on the pathway of CMU and through the streets of Tanza with that on my two arms. 

The reality of it: I came from another life-saving act. I have just donated blood then.

This is my fourth year donating blood and giving my share of life for those who need it. Mula sa isang eksena ng di-pagpapaalam sa magulang, naging taunan ko na po itong gawain. And it feels good for me to give my connection to those in need. I'm not after the money (though some have this as a reason), but I'm at the most after giving my share for the relief of others in need.

I was still in second year when I first donated blood. It was also my first time to be acquainted with my blood type: O+. Though my parents didn't agree with my decision, I just did things on my own; at the end of the day, they discovered that I donated blood , which led to their late consent.  I also remember then that I gave blood with an empty stomach. Siyempre, first time kong gagawin iyun, so I have no idea of what to do. Nevertheless, the attending volunteers literally saved me from the danger, and gave me something to sip why my blood is being sipped at the same time. The place: CMU Students' Center. The date: July 2008 (I believe it became part of  the Birthday Month, 1 year Older, 1 Year Wiser, 1 Year Nearer)

The second time was Aug. 18, 2009, on the eve of my birthday (19 sa 19). This time, it's for the welfare of my classmates mom (RIP). We were taken at a hospital in Manila to donate blood. She provided good food for me to eat, as I was preparing myself for the real thing. The traumatic part of it: the attending physician was a homo, and he took advantage of the time to sexually please me. Hindi lang niya alam. I also believe that he also did the same thing to my other classmate, that led him to experience a deeper trauma. He's straight, so I suppose... (alam ninyo na!!!)

The third time happened last October 2010 at CMU grounds. While I was bled, I just kept on talking and talking. That is my usual attitude during bloodletting, so as not to feel the pain (or at least lessen it) from the needle on my right arm. I thought I would not be allowed to donate blood because of my low BP. And so, I jugged in the middle of the heat just for my blood pressure to raise. I returned to the booth and they reprimanded me for my deed. I answered, Eh di ba po, kailangan kong gawin yun kasi mababa nga ang BP ko? When they checked my BP again, they realized that what I did was right; my BP raised to the adequate level. At the end of it, I had my blood given to the Red Cross.

What happened last Sunday was a call of volunteerism. It is for the husband of the former University President of CMU who is about to undergo an Open-heart Surgery this week. Eight volunteers (I am among them; the rest came from the ROTC Cadets and CWTS Studs) went to St. Luke's Medical Center to try donate their blood for the cause. Since my companions are freshmen, this is their first time donating blood. Out of the eight volunteers, only two were bled, I and a CWTS student. For him, it means exemption from the prelim exams; for me, it means a continuation of something which I do for the welfare of others. Now, about the other bandage in my left arm, they took a sample of my blood from that arm. They took the bag from the right one.

Fr. Junjun de Guzman, our parish priest, cited my deed on his Mass which I attended last Sunday. In his homily, he said, Tulad ni Kuya Bitoy ninyo, mayaman siya... sa kawang-gawa. Biruin ninyo, wala siyang kayamanan, ngunit nakapagbahagi pa rin siya ng buhay sa pamamagitan ng pag-donate ng dugo. Hindi niya pinag-kait ang bahagi ng kanyang buhay para sa ikaliligtas ng iba. Ayan, kahit masakit ang braso dahil sa pag-donate ng dugo, nagawa pa rin niyang makatugtog ng gitara! 

You know? Donating blood is something worthwhile for all of us. Aside from the physiological benefits that it may give for the donor (including the cleansing of blood and motivation of our blood marrow to create more blood cells), you have this feeling of humble pride that you have given a piece of your life for others. As you donate blood every three months (or yearly in my case), you tend to help more and more people who are in need of blood. You get to be more younger (in terms of blood), and you add-up more points in Heaven for your good works. Isn't it great?

I'm not writing about the topic just to expect some appreciation from you. I am writing because I know for certain that many people out there are in need of blood. We must not sit down and watch them die of loss of blood while we are able to donate even just one bag. If we know we are able-bodied, we must do our share. if we know we are capable, and follow the medical requirements, then we must do what others cannot, or do not do. 

Donating blood means giving life, and I'm proud that throughout the past four years, I'm giving a piece of me for others. I may not know where the 500cc bag of blood extracted from me may go, but I'm pretty much sure that it goes to where it is direly needed. I'm proud to be in service of humanity, especially through a piece of me, through my blood.

Want to donate blood and give a piece of your life? Contact the National Blood Center:

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

BiTZ...DaBhezt@21: KAPE't WANG-WANG!
(SONA Analysis and Reflection)

I was among the many Filipinos who decided to spend some time listening to PNoy's State of the Nation Address (which may also be dubbed as Kape't Wang-wang Address) yesterday. I thought of making an analysis of the SONA, but later on I decided to give more of a reflection, since I am not in the proper position to give an analysis. I shall leave it to the old guys.

As he usually does, the SONA this year is full of bomb-like revelations and praises both for himself and for the government for a job well done throughout the past year. At the Inagural speech of PNoy, he commanded that there should be no Wang-wangs. If you don't know what wang-wang is, think of sirens you may hear every time an ambulance or a firetruck is passing by. 

This, according to the president, is also the mentality of those officials who do not think of the nation's welfare, and instead consider their own welfare - including their pockets. As the government is undermining the anomalies of the past, it is also trying to do good for the society and shun the old system of corruption - the wang-wang mentality of the government of the Philippines.

There are the anomalies in roads, rice, helicopters, Philhealth, ARMM elections, and yes, precious money wasted in COFFEE. Like it is possible, it is reported that a certain agency had alloted Php1 Billion for COFFEE expenses. Impossible? The old folks have done it.

In return, the government, which according to our President is patterned to our modifications, is giving out their best to do their job and deliver proper service to the nation. From giving housing benefits to police and army officers, to rightful roads and bridges, to the defense of Recto Bank and West Philippine Sea, to the efforts to put an end to the culture of negativism and corruption in the main system. 

In all, the Kape't Wang-wang Address had been received warmly by those who are open to the changes offered by the government, but rejected by the militants and protesters. Whether everything in the speech is true or not, it is left for the nation to feel and experience. 

In actuality, if you are going to ask me whether the Kape't Wang-wang Speech is full of impact, I may reply, yes. Punung-puno ng rhetorics! PNoy speaks to the nation, thus the Filipino language, but for the learned man, this may mean lots of rhetoric artistry. Come to think of it, the society nowadays cannot be anymore lulled with melodic words. The society is looking for action which must be felt, relished and experienced. 

Hindi naman po sa sinasabi kong wala namang nagawa ang pamahalaan. Meron kung sa meron. But the thought given in the SONA is somewhat surprising to my ears! May nagagawa naman pala, bakit hindi ko nararamdaman? Bakit panay anomalya ang lumalabas sa telebisyon ko, imbes na mabubuting nagagawa ng gobyerno? Bakit panay habol sa nakaraan ang ginagawa, kung meron naman palang nagagawa sa ngayon? 

For me, the quest against wang-wang mentality means delivering the proper service to the people who need it the most, and stopping the trends that are against the fight for the right. PNoy had said it, Dapat personal ang laban natin para sa tama. It doesn't mean that we should look back and run after the sins of the past all the time. We may do this, but we should not give proper focus to it. Look! We have a country waiting for progress. Naglalakad na tayo papunta sa Daang Matuwid, sana maramdaman rin natin ito! 

Bottomline: If we are against Wang-wang, then we SHOULD do it by citing more the things that the government of the present does for us, and less of looking back and pinning the government of the past  for the things that are making us suffer to the bone. 

I hope the next time the President delivers his SONA, he may give out the real facts. I hope that he may give out the real thing for us. Kung may kaunlaran naman pala, dapat nararamdaman, hindi yung panay salita lang! 

Friday, July 22, 2011


(A Repost from WedPost, Oct. 13, 2010, this is about my first visit to Sto. Domingo Church in Quezon City, and in a deeper level, to Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, La Naval de Manila. The memories still take me to humble memory, thus making it one of the greatest highlights of my 20th year of Life.)

10-10-10 was really a day of union between me and God. The day spent wisely, I took the chance to communicate with God in various ways, and since it was a Sunday, it was really my Church Day...

... it so happened that I took it to a different level.

Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, La Naval de Manila
Last Sunday (Second Sunday of October) was the celebration of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, La Naval de Manila. I knew it for all this time, thanks to mydete who studied in a Dominican School (St. James Academy). I knew that there was this certain honor to the Virgin, under the title La Naval de Manila, but in reality, I don't know where to visit her. For the years that I came to know of her, I prayed that I may visit her, even just once. It never came to happen, until last Sunday.

A new-found friend in Facebook invited me to attend the celebrations. I am not supposed to come to the event for various reasons, and for the fact that I don't know how to go to Sto. Domingo Church. Yet, I answered yes to him, putting my trust to the Virgin that She will guide me as I go to her shrine.

Sunday came, and as the date of the day came to be, Miracle came after miracle. First of them all, God made my schedule more earlier than I did. I was able to attend the Convivence of my community in the morning, attend Mass in our parish in the afternoon, and go to Sto. Domingo in the Evening. When last Saturday, I was in a dilemma on how to fix my schedule for the next day, God has prepared something after all.

Can this be the Pic of the Year?
Second, When I thought I was lost in Recto, I was not. I was looking for a jeep on the way to the Church. On my first try, they refuse me, since Sto. Domingo was not a part of their route. I am so desperate then when a driver said to me, Boy, mali ang jeep na hinahanapan mo. Dun ka sa kabilang kalye. I did searched for a jeep on the other side of the road, and Deo Gratias! I found one. I keep on texting my friend on my whereabouts, and when I texted him that I am past Kanlaon St., his reply was, "Congrats bro, andyan ka na!"

Third, and the most notable miracle of the day, the thrill and excitement that I felt when I stood in front of her image. Parang... grabe! When I entered the Church, I've gone sight-seeing first, roving around the Carossas of the different saints that were included in the procession. When I arrived at the side door of the Church, I got my first-hand look at the virgin from my position. Filled with awe, all that I was able to say was... "Ma! I'm here na!" All my curiosity of the younger years were wiped out on that moment, when I was able to see her face-to-face. It was a moving moment for me.

As I left her that night, I made a promise to her, that I will make sure that I will visit her on her feast day every year, as long as my physical abilities permit. That moment was really a milestone for me. One of my firsts for my 20th year of life. I continue to thank God and Mary for this point in my life when I was able to visit a childhood mother of my dreams. I keep on praying to her for me and for everyone and everything that is dear to me. I will really never forget this moment in my life.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

BiTZ...DaBhezt@21: The FIRSTS and the GREATS 2011

As I do every single year, I would begin the month-long celebration with the things which made a mark in my whole personality through the 20th year of my life. Be it a simple instance, or a significant event, as long as it is retained in my memory for a reason or another, it is rightful to be considered among the list of my FIRSTS and GREATS.

And so, I begin with these words...


> My First birthday blow-out at CMU. So, that completes the whole tripod: Church in the morning, house in the afternoon, and school in the evening. (081910)
Viva La Gran Señora!
> My first (and last) time to see the Papal Nuncio, Most Rev. Edward Joseph Adams, DD. That was during the 25th Episcopal Anniversary of Bishop Deogracias Iñiguez, Jr., DD. (082110)
> My first post of WedPost. It lasted for five months. (082210)
> My first Hosting Job at CMU, and the birth (and death) of Maria Vitoyari Kaj. That was during the Education Week 2010 (0908.0910)
Do you remember me?
> My first overnight swimming, with the candidates of Mr. and Ms. Education Week 2010 (092210)
> My first time to visit and pay my respects to La Gran Señora, Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, La Naval de Manila (101010)
> My last school day with the folks at Ghoy Gang and BSE-English batch 2011... (October 2010)
> ...and My first school semester with my new classmates, Batch 2012. (November 2010)
> My first GEB with my first texting Fam, Threece Familia. (102410)
with the KP CORE during the
Prayer Rally for Life at Quirino Grandstand
> My first time not to take the Misa de Gallo seriously, thus not completing it. My Christmas is not that complete. (December 2010)
> My declaration of 2011 as TAON KO 'TO! (010111)
> The reformatting of SirBitz@Blogger, and the birth of (010111)
> practices galore for Purgatorio. I stood as its head writer. (January-March 2011)
> My last ride with Red... after which, it was stolen. (February 2011)
> My re-appointment as secretary of the Parish Worship Ministry, now the Commission on Worship and Liturgy. (020611)
with Ms. Anita Linda during the
Ani ng Dangal Awards Night at Sofitel
> My participation in the Ani ng Dangal Awards, with my mom standing for my sister, Lordenn. (February 2011)
> My first time to set foot at Intramuros after two years (020711)
> My first time ever to set foot in Sofitel Philippine Plaza Hotel (022611)
> My first time to be involved in a prayer rally for Life. That was in PICC grounds. (021711)
> My first meet-up with the folks at 100% KP. (022211)
2011: TAON KO 'TO!!!
> My last OB day at Malabon National High School, thus ending the three-month stay with my students, mga anak. Such a memorable one... (022311) 
> My triumpant day: CENTERSTAGE: Purgatoryo. The day when I broke off the PlayProd spell. (030311)
> My first time (maybe not the last) to set foot at Malacañang Palace. (030711)
> My attendance during the Prayer Rally for Life at Quirino Grandstand. (032511)
> Last day of the second semester, which I call as the Repeater's Sem. (March 2011)
> My presence during the Graduation of my OB students at MNHS. (04042011)
IV-SPA, Batch 2010-2011
> The day when I got totally drunk. Thanks IV-SPA! (040511)
> The first (and last) Summer Classes. It is a proof that when you do things in a fast pace at hindi ka nakasabay, susumpain mo ang pag-aaral mo. Good thing I finished it with high regard. (April-May 2011)
> My retake of post as guitarist for the Parish Children's Choir. (042411)
> My appointment as the sixth admin of the 100% Katolikong Pinoy! Online Ministry (042411)
> My participation in the Parish Fiesta (051411) and Flores de Mayo 2011 (May 2011)
> The celebration of the fifth anniversary of this blogsite, which is also my fifth year as a blogger. (June 2011)
Behind the PopeMobile
> My participation during the bloggers' meet-up at the CBCP Media Office in Intramuros. I am a proud volunteer for life! (060811)
> My fifth (yes... may angal?) year of study. At least, it serves at the last year at college, basta magpakaayos lang ako... (061611)
> My view of the longest Lunar Eclipse for the decade. (061611)
> My visit to Luneta Park as I celebrate Rizal's 150th. (061811)
The wound of the year...
> My chance of paying respect to Blessed John Paul II's PopeMobile, while on stay at San Roque Cathedral. (062111)
> My injury of the year: a deep laceration in my left palm. The result: two deep stiches on my palm, and a lesson never to go in a hurry at all times. Natanga... (062211)
> The arrival of my sister, Lordenn (060411) and her hubby, Nathan (070111). As a result, the laptop and digi came into our care.
> Sadly, the netbook crashed. (071211)
> My first OB day at Tañong National High School. My current students are Second year kids. (071511)
> The first Anniversary of Ur Sunday Dose, now Ur Dose (072511)
> My second time to host the Mr. and Ms. Education. Now, I shall host as Bitoy and not as Maria Vitoyari. (081211)

...The month is still a long track, so I suppose more events would be added to the list. But for now, these events shaped my life enough through my 20th year of being Somebody for Everybody.

But this is only the first post for the month-long celebration. In the coming 31 days, as I always do before, I would jot down certain memories and sentiments which made this year a notable one. And we will never forget the yearly BIRTHDAY ESSAY and THREE WISHES at the end of the month-long celebration.

So, I hope that you would stay up with me during the celebration. Be with me, guys!

Monday, July 18, 2011

BiTZ...DaBhezt@21: ETO NA, READY NA!!!
(The Opening Post)

TOMORROW IS JULY 19! And with this, the yearly series of anticipation blogposts in preparation for my birthday is now prepared and ready for strike-off.

This year is significant because it marks my 21st year of life. After 20 years of trying times and joyful moments, ridiculous takes and crying scenes, I now stand up and make a debut, with a positive outlook that the coming year of my life would bring out DA BHEZT of everything in me. It's like saying... ETO NA, READY NA!!!

Now, I am excited and humble to share with you anything and everything which made my 20th year a celebration of LIFE and everything that comes with it! 31 days of posting my heart out and opening my soul once again to the world which once had welcomed me and have continuously made me a living and moving part of it.

With full gratitude to God and to everyone and everything which had been a part of my life, I officially begin the month-long series of blogposts as I move on my way to my 21st Birthday. Be with me as I browse through the past and celebrate with all thanksgiving. 

Why? Because...

A Celebration of LIFE 
and everything that comes with it!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Just passing by. I may opt not to share this until Tuesday, but the excitement that I have deep inside can't be shunned that I'm sharing already with you the OFFICIAL PIC-BANNER for this year's Birthday Month.

The Official Theme will be, Bitz...DaBhezt@21 (A Celebration of LIFE... and everything that comes with it!) After nearly a year of blessings and challenges, the time has once again come to look back and celebrate everything that God has given me. Every triumph, every pitfall... just everything! 

Everything starts, as always, on Tuesday, July 19, 2011. I am hoping for your support as I once again celebrate the day when I became ONE WITH YOU. 

Again, Everything starts on Tuesday. See you then, folks! ')

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

SirBitz Speaks: The Bishops and the Cars

PROLOGUE. I speak of my own opinion. Period.

Take heed upon yourselves and to the flock from which the Holy Spirit has made you bishops. Care for the Church of God from which he purchased with his own blood. (Acts 20:28)

Bishops, who by divine institution succeed to the place of the Apostles through the Holy Spirit who has been given to them, are constituted pastors in the Church, so that they are teachers of doctrine, priests of sacred worship, and ministers of governance. Through episcopal consecration itself, bishops receive with the function of sanctifying also the functions of teaching and governing; by their nature, however, these can only be exercised in hierarchical communion with the head and members of the college. (CIC 375 §1,2)

Throughout the past months, the Bishops ~ and the Church in the Philippines for that ~ had been undergoing a fierce fight. We've been in a clash with almost every spectra of the society in our fight for the truth, and quest for the real thing. We have been through the streets, shouting our rejection of the daRHk bill. We have been always shouting against moves which are contra-family (Divorce Bill), and contra-morality (same-sex marriage). We know that God moves within us everytime we shout our ideals. We know that we desire for the real truth, and not run with the secular flow. This, with the leadership of our Bishops, is one sure sign that the Church, though criticized badly, is still able to stand up and fight for the upright and defend the Christian ideals of truth, justice and peace.

And yet, we know that the devil destroys communion, not through the members first, but through its leaders or heads. We can evidently feel it in the Philippine scenery through this issue which the press people lovingly called, PCSO's Pajero Bishops. The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office, in its quest to know where was their money spent, opened up that seven bishops received luxury cars during the Arroyo Administration. 

The most noise goes to Bishop Juan de Dios Pueblos, Bishop of Butuan, who received two luxury cars used for spiritual and social services, one of which served as PGMA's birthday gift to him. Bishop Pueblos confirmed this, but said that it was merely for the service of the poor in his diocese, and that there is no malice in requesting such.

While the society is poorly criticizing the bishops for their deeds, CBCP nevertheless asked for forgiveness 'for the pain and sadness that these events have brought upon you,' says outgoing President, Bishop Nereo Odchimar. He added that the bishops in the butt of criticism are ever-ready to face the consequences of whatever wrong they have done, while asking the common tao to 'be slow in judgement (...) Let us seek the truth always in charity.'

The Conference also expressed their support to the on-going Senate Committee hearing on the issue, stating that they would participate in the probe and present themselves before the legislators when needed. 'We assure you that the bishops concerned are ready to accept responsibility for their action and to face the consequences if it would be proven unlawful, anomalous, and unconstitutional.' Also, they are to look again over the collaborations with certain agencies which are aimed at helping the poor, so as to make sure 'that pastoral sensibilities are respected and the highest ethical standards are observed.'


I thought of keeping my silence over the issue, since I am not quite ready to face criticisms which you may slam in. But being a Christian, in obedience to my leaders who are the successors of the Apostles themselves, I think I should say something.

Bishops, as said in the Canon Law, are constituted pastors in the Church, so that they are teachers of doctrine, priests of sacred worship, and ministers of governance. To them are entrusted the care of Christ's flock here on Earth. Their primary task, as we can see it, is to teach us the means of Christian communion and life, to lead us in praising God through the sacraments, and govern us through the diocese where he leads. 

That includes providing special care and services for the marginalized sector of the community - the poor, sick, elderly, etc. They may not do it on their own resources, so they go out and ask or wait for donations which may come from the laity and the private sector. Come on, saan sila kukuha ng panggastos sa kanilang diyosesis? Sa pera nila? Eh hindi naman napakayaman ng mga Obispo para ibigay ang pangangailangan ng mga mananampalataya, at yung panggastos ay mula sa sarili nilang bulsa! That's where donations come in.

Pero dito napupulaan ang mga Obispo. Manghihingi na nga lang ng donasyon, Pajero pa! Mamahaling kotse pa! Bakit?

What the bishops ask is not merely for their own; it's for the community. Whether a simple token of appreciation or a million-peso SUV, the Church, especially its clergy, merely accepts almost every donation for the sake of the faithful. It only depends on the donor whether he may give something simple or something beneficial for all; what's important is that they may give to the best of their abilities. Except for receiving donations from Jueteng and other legal and illegal forms of gambling, the Church always accepts what is given them, and uses it for the welfare not only of the Christian community, but of the whole society.

Why an SUV? Eh Mindanao kaya iyun? Hindi kailangan ng mamahaling kotse doon! 

That's what you may think. Come to think of it, the dioceses in Mindanao are of poor stature. Some of the faithful reside in far-flung areas that may need better automotive expertise. This is not a status symbol for the Bishops; rather, this may be their way of bringing better service to the community in the far areas which an ordinary jeep, or foot trail may not reach that easily. 

Pero kung hindi naman ganun? Kung talagang sinadyang manhingi ng mga Obispo? Paano yun?

Yes, Bishop Pueblos may had asked for an SUV as a birthday gift, but nevertheless he is using it as his service within the diocese. Hindi naman niya pang-personal na gamit iyun. Of course, he has the prerogative on where to use it, but as a Bishop, he is also expected of to use this car in providing service to the Diocese. He also expressed his regret over all of this, stating that he may give back the cars whenever needed, for everything to cease at point.

CBCP had said it. 'Out of their sincere desire to help their people, they failed to consider the pitfalls to which these grants could possibly lead them.' They had the community first in mind, without taking into consideration the drawbacks that they would bear in the future - at eto na nga iyun. Can't you see how the Bishops love you? Without thinking of their own reputation, they proceeded and asked for something of the Government, be it an SUV, or a monetary assistance, in order to give the needed service for us. 

This they did with no malice. The consequences of which they're suffering now because a simple issue was tinted with much guilt. Biktima lang ang Simbahan ng panlalamang at makasariling interes ng ilan. At hindi ito nakakatuwa.

Teka nga, sandali! Bakit nga ba nabaling sa kotse ang usapan, samantalang kahapon lang ay pinaglalaban natin ang RH Bill?

From the fight for life, the limelight is now turning bad over our leaders. Actually, upon the first instance of hearing this, I realized that obviously, the talk swayed away from the RH Bill and focused, with spotlights on, on the anomalies of a government agency which involved SOME of the Bishops. Isang maliit na tagas ng isang malaking banyera. Instead of looking at the bigger picture - the anomalies and financial scandals undertook by the past administration, they focused and pressed more on the issue of Bishops receiving SUVs.

If the Pajero Bishops are an issue, this doesn't mean that they ARE THE ONLY issue. I know that the past administration has much to answer regarding where did the many trillions of Pesos went, and I'm hopeful she would answer it all, but I did not expect that the Hierarchy would be cited exaggeratedly on this manner. Wala na po ang pansin sa mga dapat pagtuunan nito, bagkus ay nabaling ang init ng panahon sa mga Obispo na ang hangad ay makapaglingkod sa tao ayon sa naisin ng Diyos.

Naku! Yan kasi, pakielamero ang Simbahan. Kontra kayo ng kontra sa RH Bill, yan tuloy, tameme kayo dahil yung mga Obispo ninyo, tumatanggap pala ng kotse mula sa kaban ng bayan.

We would always say NO TO RH BILL, whether there may be another issue or not. It's clear for me, the folks out there are trying their best not to give proper focus to the controversial RH Bill, and to fight back against the Catholic Church who is always against it. Then later on, we may find out that the Congress have passed the Bill and is only waiting for the President to sign it. Who knows? This is reality. 

Here we go again, covering a pot with a cover so thick we couldn't notice it boiling, while we focus on another hot pot and say, 'Everything's fine! Kailangan lang na maayos natin itong isang kaserola.'

This is not a donation issue alone. This is an issue of dirty politics, and how the folks out there victimized the Catholic Church through their anomalies. Again I say, this they did with no malice. The consequences of which they're suffering now because a simple issue was tinted with much guilt. Biktima lang ang Simbahan ng panlalamang at makasariling interes ng ilan. At hindi ito nakakatuwa.

So, what can I say at the end of this?

To Bishop Pueblos and the Pajero Seven, What you did is good and beneficial for the faithful of your respective dioceses. But please, for the sake of good will, give back the SUVs to PCSO. As long as you have those cars, the eyes of the jealous would not go away from you. We are the Church, and you can live even without those luxury vehicles. God will provide!

To PCSO, Thank you for opening our eyes at what is the truth. Through your agency, we now know that there really is something fishy with the past administration. But please, do not press so much on the Bishops. They are merely victims like you. They came of goodwill to ask of something they may know you may provide, but they are also victims of pride and overlooking circumstance. Please stop pressing much on the prelates.

To the Senators, Continue probing for the truth. Diyan po kayo magagaling, at alam naming may maibubunga ang inyong mga ginagawa. 

To my fellow lay and faithful, WE ARE CHRISTIANS! ANG BUMATIKOS SA TAGAPAMUNO, AY PARA NA RING BUMABATIKOS KAY KRISTO! So stop criticizing; instead show more your love for our bishops especially now when they need it the most.

To Gloria, Malapit-lapit na po, Madam. Malapit-lapit na.

I end this post with the word from the Pastoral Statement of the CBCP. Listen to our Bishops: 'We express again our deep sorrow for the pain that the recent events have brought to you our beloved people. The good Lord knows our love for you.'

Sunday, July 10, 2011


The News has been out. We have a new CBCP President!

Congratulations to 
Archbishop of Cebu
 and newly-elected President of the 
Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines!

Tuesday, July 05, 2011



Lesson learned from this note?

Like a sentence which is senseless without any punctuation mark, we could never experience the exact joy of life without appreciating its minute parts. Look at the smile of a baby, a simple reprimand of a mother, the ray of the rising sun over your face. It's a reminder that GOD STILL LOVES US, no matter what may happen on our life.

Peace, people!

Monday, July 04, 2011


What made me love May Tamang Balita before? It lies in their way of delivering factual news in a comedic tone. However grave the news may be, they are still able to give out the events in a satiric fashion, that leaves everyone laughing to the bone. Their impersonation of the personalities in politics and showbiz made them popular during their first season, adding-up to it the humor of the anchors and the naughty tone of its weather girl. I even cited this program in a rendition of Ur Dose last May, patterning my reflection after the program’s title. That was how I got hooked with May Tamang Balita before.

That was before. When the program moved on with its second season, some significant changes led to its addition to my uh-uh list (beside Willing-willie, RH Bill and the Death Penalty given to three Pinoys in China.). It was made noticeable, that at first stance I laughed at its doom.
One change was made with regards to its scheduling; from Friday at early evenings, it was moved to Thursday at late evenings. As for me, instead of watching the program, I would be more interested in typing here in my blog and FB-ing to the max.

Another change is on their point of criticisms. Through their jingles and new segments, they had truly made outstanding their strikes against the corruption in the government. It gives them a definition as a rated PG program, not good for kids unlike the first season.

But what made my eyebrow rise are their attacks against the Church. Fadir Clahey, one of their segments, is about a gay priest who proposes sorts of comedic ideas for the audience. He also has these ‘boys’ who assists him in giving out these ideas. One of which (to make it concrete) is the Divorce package where Fadir gives out a total Church package (Libreng Binyag, Libreng Kasal, Libreng Libing) for couples everywhere just to keep them married and not dwell into divorce.
Like, come on pipz! If you have something to say about the Catholic Church, do it in a funny, YET PRESENTABLE MANNER! Why use a gay priest (and why is he a homosexual anyway?)? Why present ideologies like you’re telling us that we are here just for laughs? Before, the program is presented in a wholesome manner, good for the audience of different political ideologies and different religious denominations. But with the change of season, comes the show-off of their real colors, attacking the Church like we’re always against the voice of the people just to give focus to the voice of the bishops.

This is not comedy anymore. Nor does this a rightful way of giving news. This is below-the-belt already! This is elegant nonsense!

I respect and love freedom of expression and of speech. The reason why this blog is around is because of my love for free show-off of ideologies. I know this is also the idea behind the program and its segments. But come to think of it, this freedom has limitations and boundaries. This time around, it is against the faith and the Church. Tama ba, Fadir Clahey na may TAMA… SA KUNG SAAN?

As its member, I am to defend this Church against the attack of its enemies, especially of those who use the modern media to strike controversies against it. Yes, I have my own life, and I have other things in mind, but that includes my faith and beliefs.

I would like to request something of the program’s prod staff. PLEASE, LOOK AFTER WHAT THIS PROGRAM IS RUNNING INTO. You had a good start at season 1, but Season 2 came and you had gone nuts. This is a real manifestation that MAY TAMA NGA ANG PROGRAMA. For the sake of saving journalism, please lessen, if you can’t take it off, the controversial segments against the Church. If we are against something, it is because we are fighting for what is truly right, and what is truly according God’s precepts. 

In actuality, I am not interested anymore in watching this program since Season 2 came in the airwaves. I still hope that I can have more interest in watching it again and putting it out of my uh-uh list. For now, I’d rather sleep or write in my blog instead of watching this program. 

That’s it.



July’s here! While schools celebrate this as Nutrition Month, the site, as it always do throughout the years, is looking at this month as a month of dire preparation.
It may sound silent in the beginning days of the month, but that doesn’t mean it would go on a total silence. I plan to post less in the next two weeks, as I prepare for the major event of the year in this side of the blogosphere: the month-long celebration of my being me! It shall start in July 19, it’s a Tuesday.
I shall also start my second round of Field Study this Friday. Add to it the holy pressure I receive during classes and at home, and I can have one month jam-packed of endeavors and activities. That makes me a busy guy this July!

For now, I would like to grab the chance to thank everyone who had been with me this past month, especially during the week-long celebration LIMA. Actually, it was a raw idea, unplanned (whichmakes it different from the yearly Birthday Celebration) yet successful. Thanks to all who had left their sentiments, either through the blog or personally. Thanks especially to Ian Joseph Riñon and Fr. Abe Arganiosa for citing and greeting me on their own blogsites (which could lead to plugging them for you to visit). And at the end of it, a million thanks to God for the five years of virtual existence.
This will be a month of feats, colors and pure enjoyment. I'm on the way to 21, and ngayon pa lang, I'm inviting you all to be with me in the coming days.
As for us, let’s go on. Let’s proceed. It’s still 2011! TAON KO ‘TO!!!