Tuesday, July 19, 2011

BiTZ...DaBhezt@21: The FIRSTS and the GREATS 2011

As I do every single year, I would begin the month-long celebration with the things which made a mark in my whole personality through the 20th year of my life. Be it a simple instance, or a significant event, as long as it is retained in my memory for a reason or another, it is rightful to be considered among the list of my FIRSTS and GREATS.

And so, I begin with these words...


> My First birthday blow-out at CMU. So, that completes the whole tripod: Church in the morning, house in the afternoon, and school in the evening. (081910)
Viva La Gran Señora!
> My first (and last) time to see the Papal Nuncio, Most Rev. Edward Joseph Adams, DD. That was during the 25th Episcopal Anniversary of Bishop Deogracias Iñiguez, Jr., DD. (082110)
> My first post of WedPost. It lasted for five months. (082210)
> My first Hosting Job at CMU, and the birth (and death) of Maria Vitoyari Kaj. That was during the Education Week 2010 (0908.0910)
Do you remember me?
> My first overnight swimming, with the candidates of Mr. and Ms. Education Week 2010 (092210)
> My first time to visit and pay my respects to La Gran Señora, Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, La Naval de Manila (101010)
> My last school day with the folks at Ghoy Gang and BSE-English batch 2011... (October 2010)
> ...and My first school semester with my new classmates, Batch 2012. (November 2010)
> My first GEB with my first texting Fam, Threece Familia. (102410)
with the KP CORE during the
Prayer Rally for Life at Quirino Grandstand
> My first time not to take the Misa de Gallo seriously, thus not completing it. My Christmas is not that complete. (December 2010)
> My declaration of 2011 as TAON KO 'TO! (010111)
> The reformatting of SirBitz@Blogger, and the birth of urdose.blogspot.com (010111)
> practices galore for Purgatorio. I stood as its head writer. (January-March 2011)
> My last ride with Red... after which, it was stolen. (February 2011)
> My re-appointment as secretary of the Parish Worship Ministry, now the Commission on Worship and Liturgy. (020611)
with Ms. Anita Linda during the
Ani ng Dangal Awards Night at Sofitel
> My participation in the Ani ng Dangal Awards, with my mom standing for my sister, Lordenn. (February 2011)
> My first time to set foot at Intramuros after two years (020711)
> My first time ever to set foot in Sofitel Philippine Plaza Hotel (022611)
> My first time to be involved in a prayer rally for Life. That was in PICC grounds. (021711)
> My first meet-up with the folks at 100% KP. (022211)
2011: TAON KO 'TO!!!
> My last OB day at Malabon National High School, thus ending the three-month stay with my students, mga anak. Such a memorable one... (022311) 
> My triumpant day: CENTERSTAGE: Purgatoryo. The day when I broke off the PlayProd spell. (030311)
> My first time (maybe not the last) to set foot at Malacañang Palace. (030711)
> My attendance during the Prayer Rally for Life at Quirino Grandstand. (032511)
> Last day of the second semester, which I call as the Repeater's Sem. (March 2011)
> My presence during the Graduation of my OB students at MNHS. (04042011)
IV-SPA, Batch 2010-2011
> The day when I got totally drunk. Thanks IV-SPA! (040511)
> The first (and last) Summer Classes. It is a proof that when you do things in a fast pace at hindi ka nakasabay, susumpain mo ang pag-aaral mo. Good thing I finished it with high regard. (April-May 2011)
> My retake of post as guitarist for the Parish Children's Choir. (042411)
> My appointment as the sixth admin of the 100% Katolikong Pinoy! Online Ministry (042411)
> My participation in the Parish Fiesta (051411) and Flores de Mayo 2011 (May 2011)
> The celebration of the fifth anniversary of this blogsite, which is also my fifth year as a blogger. (June 2011)
Behind the PopeMobile
> My participation during the bloggers' meet-up at the CBCP Media Office in Intramuros. I am a proud volunteer for life! (060811)
> My fifth (yes... may angal?) year of study. At least, it serves at the last year at college, basta magpakaayos lang ako... (061611)
> My view of the longest Lunar Eclipse for the decade. (061611)
> My visit to Luneta Park as I celebrate Rizal's 150th. (061811)
The wound of the year...
> My chance of paying respect to Blessed John Paul II's PopeMobile, while on stay at San Roque Cathedral. (062111)
> My injury of the year: a deep laceration in my left palm. The result: two deep stiches on my palm, and a lesson never to go in a hurry at all times. Natanga... (062211)
> The arrival of my sister, Lordenn (060411) and her hubby, Nathan (070111). As a result, the laptop and digi came into our care.
> Sadly, the netbook crashed. (071211)
> My first OB day at Tañong National High School. My current students are Second year kids. (071511)
> The first Anniversary of Ur Sunday Dose, now Ur Dose (072511)
> My second time to host the Mr. and Ms. Education. Now, I shall host as Bitoy and not as Maria Vitoyari. (081211)

...The month is still a long track, so I suppose more events would be added to the list. But for now, these events shaped my life enough through my 20th year of being Somebody for Everybody.

But this is only the first post for the month-long celebration. In the coming 31 days, as I always do before, I would jot down certain memories and sentiments which made this year a notable one. And we will never forget the yearly BIRTHDAY ESSAY and THREE WISHES at the end of the month-long celebration.

So, I hope that you would stay up with me during the celebration. Be with me, guys!

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