Monday, July 04, 2011


What made me love May Tamang Balita before? It lies in their way of delivering factual news in a comedic tone. However grave the news may be, they are still able to give out the events in a satiric fashion, that leaves everyone laughing to the bone. Their impersonation of the personalities in politics and showbiz made them popular during their first season, adding-up to it the humor of the anchors and the naughty tone of its weather girl. I even cited this program in a rendition of Ur Dose last May, patterning my reflection after the program’s title. That was how I got hooked with May Tamang Balita before.

That was before. When the program moved on with its second season, some significant changes led to its addition to my uh-uh list (beside Willing-willie, RH Bill and the Death Penalty given to three Pinoys in China.). It was made noticeable, that at first stance I laughed at its doom.
One change was made with regards to its scheduling; from Friday at early evenings, it was moved to Thursday at late evenings. As for me, instead of watching the program, I would be more interested in typing here in my blog and FB-ing to the max.

Another change is on their point of criticisms. Through their jingles and new segments, they had truly made outstanding their strikes against the corruption in the government. It gives them a definition as a rated PG program, not good for kids unlike the first season.

But what made my eyebrow rise are their attacks against the Church. Fadir Clahey, one of their segments, is about a gay priest who proposes sorts of comedic ideas for the audience. He also has these ‘boys’ who assists him in giving out these ideas. One of which (to make it concrete) is the Divorce package where Fadir gives out a total Church package (Libreng Binyag, Libreng Kasal, Libreng Libing) for couples everywhere just to keep them married and not dwell into divorce.
Like, come on pipz! If you have something to say about the Catholic Church, do it in a funny, YET PRESENTABLE MANNER! Why use a gay priest (and why is he a homosexual anyway?)? Why present ideologies like you’re telling us that we are here just for laughs? Before, the program is presented in a wholesome manner, good for the audience of different political ideologies and different religious denominations. But with the change of season, comes the show-off of their real colors, attacking the Church like we’re always against the voice of the people just to give focus to the voice of the bishops.

This is not comedy anymore. Nor does this a rightful way of giving news. This is below-the-belt already! This is elegant nonsense!

I respect and love freedom of expression and of speech. The reason why this blog is around is because of my love for free show-off of ideologies. I know this is also the idea behind the program and its segments. But come to think of it, this freedom has limitations and boundaries. This time around, it is against the faith and the Church. Tama ba, Fadir Clahey na may TAMA… SA KUNG SAAN?

As its member, I am to defend this Church against the attack of its enemies, especially of those who use the modern media to strike controversies against it. Yes, I have my own life, and I have other things in mind, but that includes my faith and beliefs.

I would like to request something of the program’s prod staff. PLEASE, LOOK AFTER WHAT THIS PROGRAM IS RUNNING INTO. You had a good start at season 1, but Season 2 came and you had gone nuts. This is a real manifestation that MAY TAMA NGA ANG PROGRAMA. For the sake of saving journalism, please lessen, if you can’t take it off, the controversial segments against the Church. If we are against something, it is because we are fighting for what is truly right, and what is truly according God’s precepts. 

In actuality, I am not interested anymore in watching this program since Season 2 came in the airwaves. I still hope that I can have more interest in watching it again and putting it out of my uh-uh list. For now, I’d rather sleep or write in my blog instead of watching this program. 

That’s it.



  1. Sorry if I have to react this way, but "May Tamang Balita" is already making stupidity. They should reformat this stuff lest they are scorned.

  2. My two cents....