Wednesday, August 31, 2011

On the last day of August, my true love gave to me...

a bunch of rain!

Well, my last post for this month is a roaring cry: STILL NO TO RH BILL!!!

I'll just let Rizal do the talking.

See you tomorrow as we welcome SEPTEMBER and the months that end in BER...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Papaya Juice...Remedy for Dengue?

I want to suck blood... yumyum!!!
It's Dengue time once again. This may come later than the outbreak, but I'm writing this at the time when the recorded cases of Dengue in certain areas reached a skyrocketing high. People (just as I am) turned recourse to many things: mosquito mat, mosquito repellent, and for others, fumigation. People nowadays try every good measure so as for them to be saved from the rainy plague that is Dengue.

I myself had been inflicted with Dengue when I was in First Year High School. Just when my mom thought I was only experiencing a simple fever (and up until now, she's still believing thus), I knew from then that the fever I am experiencing was very unusual. I also had vomitting, chills, dry and chapped lips and patches in my skin. I knew this is not just fever, this is something else. Later on, upon encountering a brochure, I confirmed my hypothesis. I had Dengue, and Thank God I survived.

Well, my tito passed by my FB page last week. He shared me this note written by a certain Jawad Ur Rehman. In it is a possible solution to the rampant Dengue crisis we are facing nowadays. I have certain doubts in this, but, as they say, walang masama sa pagsubok at baka sakaling tumalab nga

If there are queries, just feel free to leave a comment. Again, this is not my personal research; I would just like to share something that was also shared with me. I hope this works especially now.

I end my note here. What follows is the real note shared to me...



Dengue Fever Remedy

I would like to share this interesting discovery from a classmate's son who has just recovered from dengue fever. Apparently, his son was in the critical stage at the ICU when his blood platelet count drops to 15 after 15 liters of blood transfusion.

His father was so worried that he seeks another friend's recommendation and his son was saved. He confessed to me that he gave his son raw juice of the papaya (in Urdu Papeta) leaves. From a platelet count of 45 after 20 liters of blood transfusion, and after drinking the raw papaya (in Urdu Papeta) leaf juice, his platelet count jumps instantly to 135. Even the doctors and nurses were surprised. After the second day he was discharged. So he asked me to pass this good news around.

Accordingly it is raw papaya leaves, 2pcs just cleaned and pound and squeeze with filter cloth. You will only get one tablespoon per leaf.. So two tablespoon per serving once a day. Do not boil or cook or rinse with hot water, it will loose its strength. Only the leafy part and no stem or sap. It is very bitter and you have to swallow it like that. But it works.

*Papaya Juice - Cure for Dengue*

You may have heard this elsewhere, but if not, I am glad to inform you that papaya juice is a natural cure for dengue fever. As dengue fever is rampant now, I think it's good to share this with all.

Please spread the news about this as lately there are many dengue cases. It's great if such natural cure could help to ease the sufferings of dengue patients.

Furthermore it's so easily available.Blend them and squeeze the juice! It's simple and miraculously effective!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Sino ka ba sa Buhay ko?

Well, lots of people came through the limelight of my life. I considered them among my close friends, but some were cherished just more than that. This series of posts are dedicated to them. In continued gratitude for 21 DaBhezt years of LIFE and everything that comes with it, this September, SirBitz@Blogger presents...

I think I shall start with these guys... I'm talking about HIM,

and HIM.

Can I add HIM?

And never to forget HER.

Watch out! All Saturdays of September, here in SirBitz@Blogger.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mahal na Patrong Santa Cruz ng Tanza
Just finished a day with the folks from Sta. Cruz Parish Pastoral Council. We spent a day (well, it is ACTUALLY TWO DAYS since we started yesterday) looking over the real thing, evaluating it and planning events and programs for the future welfare of the parish community. Of course, due to much confidentiality, I would not dwell much into the details of the said endeavors of the parish in the next few weeks. If you are a fellow parishioner in Tanza, then watch out for our activities.

I would like to put this post's limelight over this song which took our souls into the Divine contact with the Triune God. We ended the planning session with this song, and I would like to confess that I had much goosebumps during the playing of the song. It was as if there is something different in the ambiance. It was as if GOD IS THERE.

God is indeed there; He is indeed with us everyday. We may not know it... but we just need to communicate from inside us...

May this prayer bring serenity and peace among you. A blessed day, pipz! ^^

Friday, August 26, 2011

A week after I turned 21, my eyes are now opened to the reality that is set before me... It may become savage.

... so, what's the best thing to do?
(My FB Status,  08262011)

Actually, I did not expect the start of my year to go like this. But it gave me much frustration, sadness, controversy and so much negative impact that I opened my eyes today only to say, Lord, sana maganda naman ang araw na ito!

And yet, the day still flew in with its bad fruit over my dirty and messy bod. Another issue here, and another bad sentiment there, and the mess of yesterday just everywhere. Na-holdap na nga ako ng ilang bagay noong isang gabi, ngayon hinoholdap pa pati ang kaligayahan ko! 

And it has taken my first week as a 21-ner to its worst. Most of the time this week, I tried to extend a profound smile but I can't because of so much negativity (except last Aug. 21, when I showed true happiness during BiTZ...DaBhezt@21: The Birthday Celebration!). Personally, I take this week as one of the worst weeks of the year, which happened to transpire during my 21st year of life. I can't help but show my true self during these days. When I was supposed to extend my great joy for another year, here I am facing very big trials.

So the question comes in... What's the best thing to do?

I was opening gifts after the debut with my Ghoy Ghang friends. We came to this little violet pouch which looked like a soap box, given to me by one of my 'anak' from the parish community. They were one in giving a hypothesis, Naku friend, Sabon iyan, o Condom; maliit kasi eh! When we opened the gift, they came out dumb and surprised. Napahiya naman kami sa regalong iyan, friend!

It is a gold-colored Rosary in a white plastic box, which is clearly seen from the transparent cover. The wetness depicted that it had been blessed just hours ago. It gave me much inspiration when I first saw it, and God did open my eyes to this spiritual weapon which came in a guise of a gift. Truly a blessing in disguise.

Every time I come home from a day of negativity, I see the Rosary in my altar and feel the consolation and strength that God is giving me on-the-spot. I can't help but pray and turn my recourse to God and Mother Mary for deliverance from the daily peril that the world is giving me. After a moment of prayer, I feel relieved and strengthened. I feel this special power from up there, like I'm more ready to face another day of negativity with a spirit of fervor and humility, something which I cannot receive from any earthly force, but only from God's providence.

I still have a hard time facing day-to-day challenges which comes in various forms and shapes. I still get exposed to such negativity that is grinding me to the bone, to the joints and even to my soul. My 21st year of life is just getting started and it is still on the blue of sadness and frustrations. But Deo Gratias, and Ave Maria, I know that through this bad environment, God moves; He speaks in my heart, and teaches me in the way I should go. 

I know this works.

(Footnote: I have a special message for J.R.  Don't worry. If God wills, you'll be there.)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

BiTZ...DaBhezt@21: THE 300TH POST!!! HAPPY BOOTDEI!!!

(This is the 300th post of SirBitz@Blogger. Though I wrote this post last Aug. 19, I only managed to post this today because of the vid. The video was out of the plan, but I just poured out everything that I was supposed to write, and it turned out like this. Less words, more actions, that is what the 300th post is all about. I hope you enjoy it!!! -082311)

Yes, You are reading the 300TH POST of SirBitz@Blogger!!! MARVELOUS!!! 
Just a few months after this blogsite's fifth anniversary, here we are posting another milestone... the 300th Post. Thanks to God, I was able to survive this landmark...

Today is also August 19, and I officially turn 21 today. In all gratitude, let me voice out my word of thanks to everything and everyone who had been a part of my life. Hindi ko gustong idaan sa text ang pasasalamat ko, so let me give you a very special podcast. 

And so, after 21 years...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

BiTZ...DaBhezt@21: THREE WISHES 2011

For the Record: You are reading SirBitz@Blogger's 299th POST!

As I take a journey on a brand new year with the same old  (and some new) ideals and principles, I would like to share Three Wishes which would also serve as my goals for my 21st year of life, so that it may be DaBhezt! We shall do it quickie.


This one is for all the frustrations of the past. I grew and lived on frustrations, as I was seen as a nobody in childhood and a lunatic in my adolescence. I thought that I couldn't do anything right, until I turned the right age and saw that I only have the key to my upliftment. 

I am still seen as nobody, but carefully I am making my name in the local sphere, hoping that everyone may support me. Yet, my frustrations still serve as ghosts haunting me to the bone. So my wish is for all these haunting memories. I wish that these frustrations, creepy as they may be, may serve more as my reflection towards the future, and not a reason for more guilt of the past. This would suffice. 


I may take this wish in its simple manner possible. This is for all who believed in me and knew even just once that I can, for those who never believed in me, and for the neutral ones. I wish for good health, blessings and right providence for everybody, especially for those whom I love and those who are close to me. This may be enough.

FIRST. No secrets.

This is for myself. I have said many wishes in the past six years, so parang nakakasawa na kung panay ganun na lang ang first wish ko. I'm turning 21 now, and I would like a more simple goal in life for this coming year full of adventures and mixed colors.

My first wish goes like this... I wish that I can be happy in the coming year. Not only the shallow happiness, but most of all, the internal happiness that only one has in God's midst.  My first twenty years stood as witness of God's manifestation and intervention. He provided everything for me, and took away those irrelevant to my life - although some may be significant to me. I know that He is the master of my life, and so I know that only He can give the happiness I wish for.

Well, that's it!!! I shall reserve words for my Birthday Post on Aug. 19, which also stands on record as SirBitz@Blogger's 300th POST!!!

For now, I am praying that my coming 21st may be a fruitful one for me. I hope and I believe.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

BiTZ...DaBhezt@21: KUDOS!!!
(The Birthday Essay 2011)


When somebody says KUDOS, it means the person is expressing a deep and profound praise for something. It means he is giving thanks for a special event, thing or person. How deep or shallow the reason may be, what's important is that the person expresses every possible acclaim in as short as a five-letter word.


As I welcome another year, and have a debut on DaBhezt of LIFE, let me share with you my way of expressing the gratitude which is overflowing from my heart for the past twenty years which shaped my humor, attitude, love and everything else. Event after event, memory after memory, all these had left an imprint on my personality, which motivates me all the more to shout out the best possible word suitable for the year that has been.

KUDOS... for the gift of the Church!

Ten years of life spent in God's service as a choir member, guitarist, legionary, altar server, volunteer catechist,  lector, and Worship Ministry member. That's how far God has been with me on the journey as a lay. Lots of twists, controversies, and self-discoveries in and out of the community had decorated my service to God and his Church. These made me strong as a lay servant and an ordinary Christian in the Community.

I may have been taken as a garlic - sahog sa anumang ulam - but being garlic means having and using God's special gifts, something which I thank God for. Add to that the numerous people of the parish community of whom I also offered service. They continuously serve as my mirror through which I reflect on how far I had been when it comes to my ministry. Don't forget to mention those priests who had been close friends of mine during their stay in our parish. They became my constant guide all throughout.

I really suppose that kung hindi ako naging isang lingkod ng Simbahan, ay mas lalong walang linaw ang buhay ko ngayon. What I cannot understand in this life, God teaches me through the Church. He leads me continuously to service, and in his grace, he takes my hand to where I am supposed to be. I am always proud that I am a Laycong-Lingcod!

And so KUDOS for the Gift of the Church, because BiTZ...DaBhezt!

KUDOS... for the gift of Education!

I remember my first days in CMU, when I don't know how does the system run. Being a newbie in tertiary education, I didn't have enough strength and will to carry on. I stood as a leader, but still received much frustrations. I stood as a cadet under the heat of the sun, and yet I decided to bloom and get out of the nutmeg. Three years have passed and I took on the worst plunge in my entire life, with six failing marks.

But after the fall, I decided to stand up, face my deepest fears and succeeded through the failure of the past. I met much people, welcomed stress to my veins, and yet enjoyed every single moment. I had achieved again the prime of my student days, as if I was four years younger. Now, I know how hard and serious college life is, being a future educator. I know the secret: Just enjoy!

Thanks to the administrators who still knew that I can and gave me a chance despite my failures. Thanks to my classmates and professors who believed in me and welcomed me through everything. Thanks to my students who believed in me and welcomed me to their classroom and to their hearts. Thanks to every Ka-educ and  CMUnian who appreciated every hosting job, every joke, and every suggestion which I had given.

If ever I hadn't reached five years as a BSE student, I may have not experienced the best that College Life could give me. From being a renegade and rebel, I transformed and became one of the immortalized names in the College of Education of CMU. Not writing of my achievement, but this is where the Lord took me: through a road of bricks and stones, towards a horizon of blooming flowers, chalks and writing boards. My resource teacher asked me if I am decided to pursue teaching, and I say, Opo, ma'am. Pagkatapos po ng lahat ng pinagdaanan ko? Handa na po ako...

KUDOS for the gift of Education, because BiTZ...DaBhezt!

KUDOS... for the gift of Teaching!

I was led by will to a high school to observe on how a typical teacher conducts his/her classroom instruction. But what was supposed to be an observation job turned out to be a memorable experience. My past endeavor with the senior students of Malabon National High School and my present undertaking with those at Tañong National High School can be really considered among the memorable events that happened in my life.

I witnessed how students can become a pain in the neck and a lovable mob. I saw how the students care and abuse the teacher's likable temper and how the teacher manages a truckful of teenagers with animal-like behavior. I learned new words from them, and they saw my wacky management. They saw me get mad, and I saw them laugh.

Nevertheless, I love these students. I love them, not because of anything else; I love them as a real teacher loves them and cares for them. I believe that they can succeed in the future, and that whatever they may be soon, they do deserve it because they'd worked hard for it. They are my realization that being a teacher is beyond the mere word, and that Education is the best tool for young minds to excel and become fruitful. They are the reason why I love teaching!

KUDOS for the gift of Teaching, because BiTZ...DaBhezt!

KUDOS... for the gift of Writing!

Blogging, news writing, and opinion writing. I accepted these challenging ideals because of my love for writing. Actually, I hate writing in my childhood days, and I never thought of actually maintaining jobs which would require writing. But this hate was transformed into a passion, and now I write about just everything!

From being a nowhere site, this blogsite had reached five years and is still serving as my voice in the world of discrimination. Many criticisms were smashed upon my person and upon my blogsite because of ideas which they couldn't accept, but still I survived and now continue to share ideas with the rest of the blogosphere.

It led me to writing community news for the Parish Paper (Timbulan), and opinion writing for the School Paper (The Current). I am still a newbie in the field, but the experiences it bring takes me to a new dimension. I'm not only writing for myself anymore; I'm writing for the community, for everyone's information and entertainment.

I enjoy writing, as long as the mood takes me there. I love sharing sentiments, giving information, and making everyone aware that somewhere, a typical boy is shouting out everything that he has to say. If there is something I could be proud of, it would certainly be this, that I could write myself out, and be proud that I had written something.

KUDOS for the gift of Writing, because BiTZ...DaBhezt!

KUDOS... for the gift of the Family!

I lived my life in the midst of a mother, a father, a brother and three sisters. We carry one name, Panganiban. Though I was seen differently in the past, with hot hands and unusual behavior, I was still able to cope up and make my name, though they are there or not.

Nevertheless, I have witnessed how one person sacrificed a lot for me, how does she continue to defend me in every family fight, how does she reprimand me in times I do something wrong, and how does she respond to emergency situations like the one when my hand was lacerated. She provides everything for me, as well as for my broods and sissies. She sees to it that everyone is provided.

I love her above everyone else. For me, she is family enough. For me, she is one of the reasons why I continue studying, for me to pay back and help her with the family chores. She always keeps me reminded that I am the person I am trying to be, so I must build it up properly. She is my first love, treated cruelly in the past and frustrated at my every failure, and yet loved form the depths of my heart.

She is my mom, and for her I continue living. She is my complete family. I thank God all the more for her, and I promise I would do my best for her. As for the others? Bahala sila sa buhay nila...

KUDOS for the gift of the Family, because BiTZ...DaBhezt!

KUDOS... for Standing Strong!

Who had said that this year was only joy-sided? This year also served as a witness to much sadness and frustrations which defined the rainbow that was my 20th year. I was mistreated, misunderstood, bruised to the bone, and even spelled away because of favored criticisms. Nevertheless, I stood strong.

I stood strong when my father, sister and brother neglected and persecuted me because I am way different from their ideals. I stood strong when a catholic online group called me sarcastic and in need of a psychiatrist. I stood strong when I took rebellion against my family. I stood strong when the priest threw false issues against me. I stood strong when my professor took my name on an issue which I don't know. I stood strong when I was seen as way different from the rest and mistreated like a real psychotic.

I stood strong, and yet it taught me a lesson: I should not trust or love anybody instantly. I should be more careful in everything I do. I should see to it that my voice is heard. I love receiving insults and butt-ups, since it makes me stronger while struggling to make a name of my own. But I must reflect more on the reason why I was insulted, treated like a stupid, or even neglected. I know there is a reason for all of these, and it would lead me to a better me.

Yet, I extend the best praise for these things. I know this would lead me to a better appreciation of life, and a stronger link with God and others. This makes me more acquainted with myself, and more presentable to others. Hindi magiging Weldann si Weldann kung hindi siya nadarapa at nagkakamali. At salamat sa Diyos dahil sa mga pagkakamaling ito dahil may pagkakataon akong magbago at maging Weldann na nais ng Diyos.

KUDOS for Standing Strong, because BiTZ...DaBhezt!

KUDOS! BiTZ...DaBhezt!!!

I have passed the first twenty years of life! I am putting to end the chapter of my childhood and adolescence, and as I turn 21, I begin another chapter as an adult, ever-prepared to face the world and take adventures I have never experienced before. I would be introduced to more places, get in-touch with new faces, and take for myself greater memories which I never relished in the past due to my young stature.

The future has a lot more in store for me, may it bring positive or negative fruit or both. For me, I am always tasked to do these gifts, and recognize the Divine in these. It may lead me to better realizations, and bear witness to the prowess that I have inside. People and experience may help me, but still I am on my own when it comes to executing decisions which could develop me and become a better person. The future is just there, and I am ready to face it. 

I do fall and sin, and yet I know this is God's way of teaching the right things to do. I speak my voice, and yet time comes where I enter in myself to listen to God's voice. I act and people appreciate it, but I offer the appreciation not to myself but to God. In other words, God is the reason why this life Bitz...DaBhezt!

And so, I offer the greatest KUDOS to God for everything - just everything - that he gave me, from the gift of life itself to everything that comes with it. Kudos to Him for bestowing upon me the grace of living in this exile, and showing His will in every situation that I pass through. I have learned much through His guidance, and I hope I may have more of His providence.

Likewise, I entrust the coming year to His great providence. I know the coming year would be more of a roller coaster ride, and I give to His knowing eye my life of joys and tears. I pray that He continuously rule over my everything, and to everyone around me. I know that this coming year would begin and end in His grace, and that he would never leave me alone.

I begin the twenty-first year of my life, and so I pray...



08 16 2011AD

Sunday, August 14, 2011

BiTZ...DaBhezt@21: She...

If there is somebody in this world that I must thank for the most, she must be it.

She is somebody who does not have that temper, but laughs out loud at joketime.

She loves cooking. I certainly love everything she cooks, including GG.

She hates a dirty house... while I hate cleaning it.

She makes it sure that I work first before eating, or else I may receive a dirty set of words.

When I was sick, she took care of me.

When my left hand was injured, she took me to the hospital amid the jeers of others.

I faced the hardships of college, and she pursued for me to finish studying.

I treated her ill, but she still loves me.

And wherever fate takes me, I LOVE HER VERY MUCH.

If there is any reason I should celebrate my 21st year of life, aside from my many friends and experiences, SHE IS THE MAIN REASON.


I love you, Ma!

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

BiTZ...DaBhezt@21: EDUC WEEK NA NAMAN!!!

When you say CMU, some of the things that come into the mind are the yearly celebrations which its different colleges undertake. As for the College of Education, it's the Education Week, which is now on its eighth edition. Colorful as it is, this edition of the Educ Week has had a new venue, able to occupy more students and celebrate more freely.

This is also the last event for my 20th year of life. This would cap up the year of memories, adventures and simple nothings that transpired during the twenty years of being me. 

It will be held on Aug. 11-12, 2011 at the Malabon Amphitheater. I would be much involved as the host for the same events which I hosted last year, i.e. Singing Contest, Dance Contest and Mr. and Ms. Education 2011. This would take my voice to the extreme again, so please include me in your prayers for me to persevere through the coming events.

ONE WITH YOU would try its very best to cover the events. Watch out in the coming days...

Monday, August 08, 2011

BiTZ...DaBhezt@21: Estu rin naman si SB eh!

Two years of ho-hums, one year of falling down, another of standing up, and one year of finishing the fight. Total of five years. 

This may tell how adventurous and colorful my college life is. Twisted fate and a bunch of experiences had  made it more exciting, gruesome and fulfilling at the same time. As I said last BE, College life had been the fulfillment of everything I longed for in studying, and everything I had not encountered in High School, College had given me. 

College opened to me the gates of showing-off! I did not host any event until when I entered College. Though I had my first hosting job when I was in Fourth Year (last year), I took the chance and gave the best only to amuse and lead through the program at the same time. I am remembered for the moving on shout (with matching hand wave), for Maria Vitoyari (I think I am most remembered for this), and for a night of Music (attended by only a handful of audience). 

Now, as the College of Education holds Educ Week again (at the Malabon Amphitheater), I am called to host the same events as last year, especially the Mr. and Ms. Education where, thank God, I would come off the stage as Bitoy and not as Maria Vitoyari. I am looking forward to giving once again DaBhezt of what I can give for everyone who may watch us.

College gave me the pen and made me write. I would always say that I am a proud member of CMU's student media, The Current. I hold no editorial position; I am just a plain opinion writer. But the support I received from my colleagues, especially from Bossing Jay-y Banua (The EIC) was overwhelming. I may dare speak of this, I love writing, and College had made me love it even more! 

I had cited this in the past post, I may write my first opinion along with the first issue of the Current this coming September. I am more excited to show-off my writing prowess and prove to the campus mob that even students like us have DaBhezt of everything.

MOST CERTAINLY, College led me to love the field. From just a plain course, I may now define BSE as a passion, and teaching as something taken with great care and love. I don't have any possible idea that I'm going to face this fate, not even after High School. But indeed, the course led me to much realizations, especially the impelling truth that before I may be a teacher, I must be a student first. Before I dare take the professional way, I must first learn the example of the professionals. 

The experience of my third year of study made me strong enough to stand up, continue the fight, and finish it to the last drop. Now, I don't falling down, for I know that if I had already took the worst before and converted it to DaBhezt, I certainly can do it again. I may face the worst of my dreams when it comes to becoming a teacher, but I know I can, and I will.

I love what college life had offered, and is currently offering me. On the way to professionalism, the five years of tertiary education made me strong and good-willed enough to face the coming challenges. I can't lie, this is the prime of my life as a student. 

Kudos for College Life! This is DaBhezt!

Friday, August 05, 2011

BiTZ...DaBhezt@21: MGA ANAK!!!

I look back in the past five years (perhaps) just to find out that there are certain people - children - who were specially connected to my life in one way or another. I have one special code for these people, ANAK.

In this special blogpost, I would like to cite people who had been, in one way or another, had this special bond to me. This one goes to these people whom I lovingly call, Mga anak!

If somebody tops the list of people who are super close to me, Dodz comes first. I met this boy when he entered the Ministry of Altar Servers. Everyone got close to me, but when it comes to companionship, he is the boy I am always looking for. His witty attitude and funny yet melodious character made him super close to me. He cried so many times because of me; he served as my crying shoulder every time I need him. We took our feet to many places, ate a lot, and served as partners during my stay as Altar Server. I could never regret that he has been a part of my colorful life. 

As of now, he is studying in Cavite. When FB admits, we chat till it's time to go. I miss him very much.

I made this motivational pic for him.
Teacher-student converted to tay-nak relationship. That's Ricky, my former student at MNHS-Longos Annex. At first, I had not been that close to him; I even forgot that he was my student until time came when he incidentally saw me at CMU and greeted, Hello po, Sir Bitoy! With that, began a very special relationship between the two of us, especially now that we are taking the same field. 

I was awestruck when I found out the reason why he and his two classmates then at MNHS-LA took BSE. I will take his words, kayo po kasi ang inspirasyon namin. Alam ko naman pong iniwanan ninyo kami, pero di nyo po kami iniwanang walang alam. I promised him that I would always be there every time he needs me. I don't know, but this is how deep our companionship is.

3. IV-SPA, Apricot, Burgundy, Crimson, Cranberry, SY 2010-2011
A big bunch, that's the description for the students of which I had my OB last semester. I had only spent merely twelve weeks with them, and yet the aftermath lasts until this day. If I am to be asked whether or not I miss these guys, I would certainly say yes. I may be noted as overreacting, but I would always love to reminisce of the days when I stepped at MNHS, and taught these little people. 

As of today, some of them are already studying at CMU, and notably, a big bunch entered the College of Education (though it will only last for a sem or two; this course is not actually their first choice.). I always encourage them every time to look deeper, perhaps there may be a particular reason why they landed on BSE rather than the course of their choice.

So, what's my message for these guys?

Thanks very much! Thanks for making me a special part of your life. Thanks for allowing me to dig deeper into your system. There may be lots of people whom you consider as friends, but thanks for giving me a special spot in your life. I could never regret that sometime in my life, I have met and mingled with great people like you. You are a part of my life. You make me whole in one way or another. 

Mahal na mahal ko kayo, mga anak! 

Thursday, August 04, 2011

BiTZ...DaBhezt@21: Kuya Weldann, Laikong-lingkod

In the past ten years which I served in my little parish in Tanza as a lay, I learned many things. Handling different liturgical positions, communicating with big and small people, and serving God to the best of my ability led me from being a simple guy in the area, to becoming one of the known persons in the Parish Community.

I would always recount the event when one day in the month of May, I was called by Our Lady to go to the church and bring flowers for her, thus forming my immense love for the Virgin Mary and extensive connection to children which continues up until today. If not through the intercession of Mary, where could I be now? Yes, I sin gravely, but still I ask her motherly intercession to guide me in everything I should do as a servant.

Inspired by the May incident, I entered the Legion of Mary of the Parish in 2001. That was the first organization which I entered in the community. Inspired by their love for the Virgin Mary and the task to live like her humble life at Nazareth, I struggled to imitate her and promised to serve her and Jesus in the best way possible.

Palm Sunday 2010, when I served
as Master of Ceremonies
Which led me to being an Altar Server in 2004. Through a simple handclap with a stranger, God called me to use the following five years in serving Him at Holy Mass, under the Ministry of Altar Servers. From a simple server, I was given the task secretary of the MAS of the Parish, a task which I assumed with greater office and responsibility since I indirectly assumed office as Coordinator because of a dysfunctional officer. I always loved this ministry; I never thought of entering the Altar Servers but God is just so good that he let me enter to serve him.

Commentator during the
Salubong 2010
I did not left the secretarial office, up until the Vicariate level of the Ministry, but only holding it for a short term, since after the change of Parish Priests, I was asked to go a little higher and enter the Special Ministry of the Word. The world of MAS is small for me anymore; I must go on and grow, as Fr. Junjun said. I was welcomed by the lectors, the same way I welcomed this new ministry in my life of service. I did not feel superior with this upgrade in service, but all the more I look back to my old Server days, and realize that I have gone a long way. Sadly, I took a leave of absence for some time to give way to my studies; I am planning to go back and re-join them come the time when I am freed of my college responsibilities.

With Sis. Nonie Cruz (Coordinator) and Sis. Lolita Parreño
of the Parish CoWL
But that doesn't mean I left the Parish service. In the same year when I entered the SMW, I was also given this task as Secretary of the Parish Worship Ministry, thus enlisting me as the youngest member of the Parish Pastoral Council outside the Youth Ministry. A task which I am handling up until now as the secretary of the Parish Commission on Worship and Liturgy. From serving in the Liturgy, I was called to join the body who would plan the liturgical activities of the community. Something which was certainly hard, but I enjoy doing not only because it is our task but most certainly because this is what I love doing, helping lead the people to the worship of God, and veneration of His Saints.

SCP Children's Ministry Core Group
led by Sis. Angela Huesna (my left)
It didn't end there. As said earlier, I was called as a child, and had begun an extensive connection to children of the community. Last May, I was called to lead the SCP Children's Choir as their instrumentalist and choir guru. Thank God, he made me learn how to use the guitar and understand somehow the right tune, though I'm not in the right office to lead a choir group. Carefully, the children became friends with the guitar, and we had the best tune of songs during the Children's Mass. We suffer ridicule before; now we are smiled upon with a little note of praise: Ang ganda na ng boses ng mga bata, ah! Konting practice pa!

The past ten years of being a lay servant in the community is a jive of emotions, songs, colors and experiences. But what stands amid it all is a humble servant who, though jeered and praised at the same time, still says, Lingkod ako ng Panginoon. Saan man ako dalhin, Lingkod pa rin ako ng Panginoon. At karangalan ko na kahit nagkakasala ako, ay makapaglingkod ako sa Kanya kahit minsan sa buhay ko.

Of this I'm proud. Of this I would live upon. I am the Lord's servant.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

BiTZ...DaBhezt@21: Bitz, the writer

Writing. This is my other side. Being a writer is a good yet challenging task. From writing simple poems and ideals, to writing the facts and showing-off my real self, I had gone really deep when it comes to the power of the pen. It is not a easy task to write and convey something. You will meet mixed comments along the way. You may be misunderstood; you may be welcomed. But that's where the joy of writing enters, since you know that the whole world hears you.

My life as a writer goes back to childhood. I used to write poems way back then. Ideas come and ideas go, and when I catch one, I write about it. Sadly, those poems were lost along with either antiquity or flood. I had also written and kept a diary then, which was also lost with the poems. Well, anyway, the spark just started then, and there was a long way to go.

It was only last June when I celebrated the fifth year of existence of this blogsite (Remember LIMA?) I used to write here in my blog about anything and everything which is holy, personal and non-ideal. Received with mixed colors, these writings became a mirror of my life, or something which has some impact in the society. Throughout the past five years of blogging, the writing prowess in me has carefully taken its extreme.

Eventually, from blog writing, I was called to write in small-scale papers. Currently, I write for the Parish Body, TIMBULAN. I wrote with my name in the 'by-line', and I wrote for the headline. Though News writing is not really my forte, and though I write past the deadline of submission of write-ups, still I was able to do (not an obligation but a) service for the parish community. It also sharpened the writing skill in me, which I know I could use in the future if ever fate leads me to writing rather than teaching.

Some of the events which I have written were about the Episcopal Anniversary of Bishop Deo Iñiguez of Kalookan, the two Pro-life Rallies in Manila, and some of the significant events in the parish. It took me some time to write in the right manner in Filipino, but every time I see a parishioner reading a copy of the paper especially on my write up, I feel it is worth the haggardness.

KBKP Official Profile Picture
I thought everything would stop there, but it didn't. In January of 2011, I was invited to write for a Facebook Group, KUWENTO NG BAWAT KABATAANG PILIPINO (KBKP), with the pen name Bitoy Umalon. I gave as a contribution the work Gigz... which was originally posted in this site. Accepted warmly with good comments, I was asked to be a mainstay admin-writer for the FB Page, something which I continue doing until the present as the admin of the new blogsite of KBKP. Since the page started, we are already numbering to 12 writers, and though I seldom write now, I seeto it that I should write something every now and then.

while waiting for the Assembly to start.
(The Current 2nd General Assembly, July 24, 2011)
In the next few months, I joined the student paper of CMU, THE CURRENT, as an opinion writer. We were the historic batch, since we were the first line-up of staff to write after the University's Board of Regents approved the request to have an official student paper after the past 1.5 decade of having nothing. Actually, I am supposed to write in the main paper which will be out this coming October, but nonetheless it is an honor for me to write and be a part of the school's efforts to bring something good for its students. This may be also one of my greatest achievements as a student, for I became a part of The Current on my last year of studying.

In general, writing has been a part of my life. From simple thoughts to the real thing, writing has been etched in my personality. Mahirap ang walang maisulat; mas maganda ang nagpapahayag ka. And I shall be always proud that I have been a writer; even so, I dare say... I LOVE WRITING!

Monday, August 01, 2011

BiTZ...DaBhezt@21: Bitz, the KP Admin

I came to know of 100% Katolikong Pinoy Online Ministry since my FS days. Since I became a member of the virtual group, my life changed for the better, and for the worst.

BETTER. When I started writing here for 100% KP, I was received warmly its members. I remember, it was about the Vocation Week. Though Ur Sunday Dose was also posted at the KP page so as to attract readers, I was more renowned for the post on Vocations which is part of the WedPost series. I was also asked to prepare a special dose for the First Sunday of Advent last year, which is the key to the creation of urdose@blogspot. 

In January 2011, I was enumerated among the CORE members of KP. I came to know them last February when a meet-up was held at a mall here in Manila. They were also the secondary reason why I attended the two major Pro-life rallies in the Metro at the first quarter of 2011. I have found them as good companions and real life defenders. There is no doubt: I am safe with this group.

Eventually, I was also numbered among the ADMINISTRATORS who watch after the moves of the 116,000+ members of the Online Ministry page. It is truly a hard task, because of the many haters and some members who pretend to be good when they are really bad in posting comments. But thanks God, I survived, and now I'm handling the admin job for merely three months.

WORST. The tide turned in mid-June, when because of some reason I posted a note of concern in the KP CORE page. I was looked upside down then. Some are still there to understand, but a good few don't care at all. Good thing is, because of my note, the group started rolling the ball.

Eventually, I am forgotten. Though I continue posting links to UR DOSE, my function ends there already. In the other aspects, I know that they have more power to decide or work on something because they know more of themselves rather than I am.

At the end of the day, though I was much affected, I decided to move on with the REAL THING. The virtuality of things turned out to be not the right thing for me. I must face the reality. I must work in the real world, and not in a network of cables.

It is in the physical community where the Lord is calling me. Though Ur Dose, which is another ministry of mine, is getting good in the web, still I must focus in my old Parish work. Two good resources for a better service to the Church.

Still, whether I'm a part of a virtual group or not, whether I am in the web or in a physical area, I am proud to shout: KATOLIKO AKO! PILIPINO AKO! Meron ba sila nyan?