Tuesday, August 02, 2011

BiTZ...DaBhezt@21: Bitz, the writer

Writing. This is my other side. Being a writer is a good yet challenging task. From writing simple poems and ideals, to writing the facts and showing-off my real self, I had gone really deep when it comes to the power of the pen. It is not a easy task to write and convey something. You will meet mixed comments along the way. You may be misunderstood; you may be welcomed. But that's where the joy of writing enters, since you know that the whole world hears you.

My life as a writer goes back to childhood. I used to write poems way back then. Ideas come and ideas go, and when I catch one, I write about it. Sadly, those poems were lost along with either antiquity or flood. I had also written and kept a diary then, which was also lost with the poems. Well, anyway, the spark just started then, and there was a long way to go.

It was only last June when I celebrated the fifth year of existence of this blogsite (Remember LIMA?) I used to write here in my blog about anything and everything which is holy, personal and non-ideal. Received with mixed colors, these writings became a mirror of my life, or something which has some impact in the society. Throughout the past five years of blogging, the writing prowess in me has carefully taken its extreme.

Eventually, from blog writing, I was called to write in small-scale papers. Currently, I write for the Parish Body, TIMBULAN. I wrote with my name in the 'by-line', and I wrote for the headline. Though News writing is not really my forte, and though I write past the deadline of submission of write-ups, still I was able to do (not an obligation but a) service for the parish community. It also sharpened the writing skill in me, which I know I could use in the future if ever fate leads me to writing rather than teaching.

Some of the events which I have written were about the Episcopal Anniversary of Bishop Deo IƱiguez of Kalookan, the two Pro-life Rallies in Manila, and some of the significant events in the parish. It took me some time to write in the right manner in Filipino, but every time I see a parishioner reading a copy of the paper especially on my write up, I feel it is worth the haggardness.

KBKP Official Profile Picture
I thought everything would stop there, but it didn't. In January of 2011, I was invited to write for a Facebook Group, KUWENTO NG BAWAT KABATAANG PILIPINO (KBKP), with the pen name Bitoy Umalon. I gave as a contribution the work Gigz... which was originally posted in this site. Accepted warmly with good comments, I was asked to be a mainstay admin-writer for the FB Page, something which I continue doing until the present as the admin of the new blogsite of KBKP. Since the page started, we are already numbering to 12 writers, and though I seldom write now, I seeto it that I should write something every now and then.

while waiting for the Assembly to start.
(The Current 2nd General Assembly, July 24, 2011)
In the next few months, I joined the student paper of CMU, THE CURRENT, as an opinion writer. We were the historic batch, since we were the first line-up of staff to write after the University's Board of Regents approved the request to have an official student paper after the past 1.5 decade of having nothing. Actually, I am supposed to write in the main paper which will be out this coming October, but nonetheless it is an honor for me to write and be a part of the school's efforts to bring something good for its students. This may be also one of my greatest achievements as a student, for I became a part of The Current on my last year of studying.

In general, writing has been a part of my life. From simple thoughts to the real thing, writing has been etched in my personality. Mahirap ang walang maisulat; mas maganda ang nagpapahayag ka. And I shall be always proud that I have been a writer; even so, I dare say... I LOVE WRITING!

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