Thursday, August 04, 2011

BiTZ...DaBhezt@21: Kuya Weldann, Laikong-lingkod

In the past ten years which I served in my little parish in Tanza as a lay, I learned many things. Handling different liturgical positions, communicating with big and small people, and serving God to the best of my ability led me from being a simple guy in the area, to becoming one of the known persons in the Parish Community.

I would always recount the event when one day in the month of May, I was called by Our Lady to go to the church and bring flowers for her, thus forming my immense love for the Virgin Mary and extensive connection to children which continues up until today. If not through the intercession of Mary, where could I be now? Yes, I sin gravely, but still I ask her motherly intercession to guide me in everything I should do as a servant.

Inspired by the May incident, I entered the Legion of Mary of the Parish in 2001. That was the first organization which I entered in the community. Inspired by their love for the Virgin Mary and the task to live like her humble life at Nazareth, I struggled to imitate her and promised to serve her and Jesus in the best way possible.

Palm Sunday 2010, when I served
as Master of Ceremonies
Which led me to being an Altar Server in 2004. Through a simple handclap with a stranger, God called me to use the following five years in serving Him at Holy Mass, under the Ministry of Altar Servers. From a simple server, I was given the task secretary of the MAS of the Parish, a task which I assumed with greater office and responsibility since I indirectly assumed office as Coordinator because of a dysfunctional officer. I always loved this ministry; I never thought of entering the Altar Servers but God is just so good that he let me enter to serve him.

Commentator during the
Salubong 2010
I did not left the secretarial office, up until the Vicariate level of the Ministry, but only holding it for a short term, since after the change of Parish Priests, I was asked to go a little higher and enter the Special Ministry of the Word. The world of MAS is small for me anymore; I must go on and grow, as Fr. Junjun said. I was welcomed by the lectors, the same way I welcomed this new ministry in my life of service. I did not feel superior with this upgrade in service, but all the more I look back to my old Server days, and realize that I have gone a long way. Sadly, I took a leave of absence for some time to give way to my studies; I am planning to go back and re-join them come the time when I am freed of my college responsibilities.

With Sis. Nonie Cruz (Coordinator) and Sis. Lolita ParreƱo
of the Parish CoWL
But that doesn't mean I left the Parish service. In the same year when I entered the SMW, I was also given this task as Secretary of the Parish Worship Ministry, thus enlisting me as the youngest member of the Parish Pastoral Council outside the Youth Ministry. A task which I am handling up until now as the secretary of the Parish Commission on Worship and Liturgy. From serving in the Liturgy, I was called to join the body who would plan the liturgical activities of the community. Something which was certainly hard, but I enjoy doing not only because it is our task but most certainly because this is what I love doing, helping lead the people to the worship of God, and veneration of His Saints.

SCP Children's Ministry Core Group
led by Sis. Angela Huesna (my left)
It didn't end there. As said earlier, I was called as a child, and had begun an extensive connection to children of the community. Last May, I was called to lead the SCP Children's Choir as their instrumentalist and choir guru. Thank God, he made me learn how to use the guitar and understand somehow the right tune, though I'm not in the right office to lead a choir group. Carefully, the children became friends with the guitar, and we had the best tune of songs during the Children's Mass. We suffer ridicule before; now we are smiled upon with a little note of praise: Ang ganda na ng boses ng mga bata, ah! Konting practice pa!

The past ten years of being a lay servant in the community is a jive of emotions, songs, colors and experiences. But what stands amid it all is a humble servant who, though jeered and praised at the same time, still says, Lingkod ako ng Panginoon. Saan man ako dalhin, Lingkod pa rin ako ng Panginoon. At karangalan ko na kahit nagkakasala ako, ay makapaglingkod ako sa Kanya kahit minsan sa buhay ko.

Of this I'm proud. Of this I would live upon. I am the Lord's servant.

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