Friday, August 05, 2011

BiTZ...DaBhezt@21: MGA ANAK!!!

I look back in the past five years (perhaps) just to find out that there are certain people - children - who were specially connected to my life in one way or another. I have one special code for these people, ANAK.

In this special blogpost, I would like to cite people who had been, in one way or another, had this special bond to me. This one goes to these people whom I lovingly call, Mga anak!

If somebody tops the list of people who are super close to me, Dodz comes first. I met this boy when he entered the Ministry of Altar Servers. Everyone got close to me, but when it comes to companionship, he is the boy I am always looking for. His witty attitude and funny yet melodious character made him super close to me. He cried so many times because of me; he served as my crying shoulder every time I need him. We took our feet to many places, ate a lot, and served as partners during my stay as Altar Server. I could never regret that he has been a part of my colorful life. 

As of now, he is studying in Cavite. When FB admits, we chat till it's time to go. I miss him very much.

I made this motivational pic for him.
Teacher-student converted to tay-nak relationship. That's Ricky, my former student at MNHS-Longos Annex. At first, I had not been that close to him; I even forgot that he was my student until time came when he incidentally saw me at CMU and greeted, Hello po, Sir Bitoy! With that, began a very special relationship between the two of us, especially now that we are taking the same field. 

I was awestruck when I found out the reason why he and his two classmates then at MNHS-LA took BSE. I will take his words, kayo po kasi ang inspirasyon namin. Alam ko naman pong iniwanan ninyo kami, pero di nyo po kami iniwanang walang alam. I promised him that I would always be there every time he needs me. I don't know, but this is how deep our companionship is.

3. IV-SPA, Apricot, Burgundy, Crimson, Cranberry, SY 2010-2011
A big bunch, that's the description for the students of which I had my OB last semester. I had only spent merely twelve weeks with them, and yet the aftermath lasts until this day. If I am to be asked whether or not I miss these guys, I would certainly say yes. I may be noted as overreacting, but I would always love to reminisce of the days when I stepped at MNHS, and taught these little people. 

As of today, some of them are already studying at CMU, and notably, a big bunch entered the College of Education (though it will only last for a sem or two; this course is not actually their first choice.). I always encourage them every time to look deeper, perhaps there may be a particular reason why they landed on BSE rather than the course of their choice.

So, what's my message for these guys?

Thanks very much! Thanks for making me a special part of your life. Thanks for allowing me to dig deeper into your system. There may be lots of people whom you consider as friends, but thanks for giving me a special spot in your life. I could never regret that sometime in my life, I have met and mingled with great people like you. You are a part of my life. You make me whole in one way or another. 

Mahal na mahal ko kayo, mga anak! 

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