Wednesday, August 17, 2011

BiTZ...DaBhezt@21: THREE WISHES 2011

For the Record: You are reading SirBitz@Blogger's 299th POST!

As I take a journey on a brand new year with the same old  (and some new) ideals and principles, I would like to share Three Wishes which would also serve as my goals for my 21st year of life, so that it may be DaBhezt! We shall do it quickie.


This one is for all the frustrations of the past. I grew and lived on frustrations, as I was seen as a nobody in childhood and a lunatic in my adolescence. I thought that I couldn't do anything right, until I turned the right age and saw that I only have the key to my upliftment. 

I am still seen as nobody, but carefully I am making my name in the local sphere, hoping that everyone may support me. Yet, my frustrations still serve as ghosts haunting me to the bone. So my wish is for all these haunting memories. I wish that these frustrations, creepy as they may be, may serve more as my reflection towards the future, and not a reason for more guilt of the past. This would suffice. 


I may take this wish in its simple manner possible. This is for all who believed in me and knew even just once that I can, for those who never believed in me, and for the neutral ones. I wish for good health, blessings and right providence for everybody, especially for those whom I love and those who are close to me. This may be enough.

FIRST. No secrets.

This is for myself. I have said many wishes in the past six years, so parang nakakasawa na kung panay ganun na lang ang first wish ko. I'm turning 21 now, and I would like a more simple goal in life for this coming year full of adventures and mixed colors.

My first wish goes like this... I wish that I can be happy in the coming year. Not only the shallow happiness, but most of all, the internal happiness that only one has in God's midst.  My first twenty years stood as witness of God's manifestation and intervention. He provided everything for me, and took away those irrelevant to my life - although some may be significant to me. I know that He is the master of my life, and so I know that only He can give the happiness I wish for.

Well, that's it!!! I shall reserve words for my Birthday Post on Aug. 19, which also stands on record as SirBitz@Blogger's 300th POST!!!

For now, I am praying that my coming 21st may be a fruitful one for me. I hope and I believe.


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  1. Anonymous10:42 PM

    wish you all the best & happiness in this world can offer!!!
    Thanks for the friendship...!