Monday, September 26, 2011


(This is my first write-up for The Current. It was actually posted in The Current Forums site, making it different from my article in the paper to be out soon. Enjoy reading!)

I am a personal witness to the events during the past two weeks: the celebration of Education Week last Aug. 11-12, and of Commerce Week last Aug. 18-19. I witnessed the students showing-off the best of abilities they have, be it singing, dancing, spelling, beauty and brains, and not to forget their luck in playing Bingo.

The College of Education celebrated the sixth edition of the Education Week at the Malabon Amphitheater and Oreta Sports Center, right at the heart of Malabon City. At first it became a point of issue, since the University administration decided that the College would not hold its celebration at the campus due to the noise it creates. But as the hours of celebration pass by, students and professors alike experienced the utmost freedom that they have. They utilized it to bring out the best of the College, and the result was a very lively and one-of-a-kind celebration. Even the passers-by enjoyed while watching the students - future educators at that juncture - give out their best.

Meanwhile, the College of Commerce held its first Commerce Celebration (incidentally, I suppose) at the Campus roughly days after the Education Week. Yellow boys and girls flooded through the University hallway as the College held different activities as part of the celebration. As every time there is a special celebration and it involves the use of classrooms, the students came into school confused of where shall they hold their classes. Thankfully, the room assignments were given in an organized manner. Still, there was this problem of the noise that everyone - from the administrators, faculty and students - suffered from during the two days of celebration; something which might have been resolved if the Administrators played a fair game.

The issue lies not in the manner because everyone deserves a good celebration; it lies in the considerations given by our authorities. At anytime, one decision may affect everyone to the deep. Sometimes, There may need contacts ('kapit' in Filipino) for our requests to turn into reality. It is very much obvious in the past celebrations.

Some folks may say, 'Naku, hindi naman pabor sa amin ang itaas kaya itinaboy kami,' while the favored one may say, 'Basta malakas ang kapit sa itaas, lahat ay magagawa!' While one enjoys the benefit of liberty and freedom in another place, the other causes noise and litter over the entire community.

This is truly a sign of individuality. Kayo-kayo, kami-kami. Bahala kayo, bahala kami. Walang pakialamanan. But whether this is a issue of incidence or consideration or even 'padrino', we should remember that under one University, we may have individuality and yet we must be united in any way. There should be no room for confusion; there must be a reason why we should celebrate in a fair manner and motion.

At the end of the story, the two celebrations closed successfully; the College of Education hoping that it may once again hold the Education Week at the City Center next year, and the College of Commerce wishing that there may also be a second edition of the Commerce Week. Meanwhile, the Colleges of Arts and Sciences and Technology are yet to hold their celebrations in the coming weeks.

What would be the fate of the two colleges? Would it be another issue of individuality? We shall see...

The page in TC Forums Site containing my electronic write-up.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The first header served the site from the first day of reformat (01.01.11) until yesterday. Simple as it may seem,  it welcomed all readers to the world of somebody who's trying to make a sound in this side of the blogosphere.

But that is until yesterday. After considering and experimenting, I now present to you the new face of SirBitz@Blogger... a picture of faces. More personalization. Making this more of my home than of any other site. 

Still, the contents go intact and nothing's going to change just yet. Perhaps in the coming months, there may be another change or two. Just watch out. ^^

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Hidden Story: Februrary 21, 2011

I have written my first portfolio roughly six months ago. In it contains all my experiences when I had my field study at Malabon National High  School. While much of it flew away in a nick of time, there are some events which simply cannot be erased from my memory. I can tell that with those events, I had really given myself to teaching a bunch of young minds with one goal: to be something in the future.

When I thought I had left nothing in their minds, I did not know that something is imprinted in their hearts. Despite the bad attitude that some of my studs then had, there are still some pupils who were proved to be thoughtful and caring. One of them proved a bit deeper and showed how he loved everything that I am, and for my part, how he can erase all the tension that I bore after twelve weeks of stressful observation.

This leads my memory back to my last OB day, February 21, 2011. 

I was allowed by my Resource Teacher (Henceforth, RT) to do my own thing as a way of saying goodbye to my students. I had the same rhythm throughout the morning, admonishing the students and crying petty tears in front of them. Like a recorded tape, I said the lines,  I have no other dream than to see you graduate and fulfill all your dreams in life. I have no more wish for these kids than this one. A wish tells everything.

I could clearly remember my last OB at IV-Crimson, the worst section of the morning session then. Weeks ago, I grew mad because of their uncontrollable behavior and wild character. I ended up saying a 'curse:' Sige, sa inyong lahat na proud na proud na hindi gagraduate... magpakasaya kayo ngayon, pero tatandaan ninyo na nasa huli ang pagsisisi!

But on that day, nothing reigned in my heart more than hope for these students. My line went like this, Alam ninyo, Crimson, proud pa rin ako sa inyo, kasi kahit na ganyan ang ugali ninyo, I can still see signs na may aangat mula sa inyo. Just strive for the best!

But the hidden story isn't there. 

After my session with Crimson, I still felt much stress, thinking of the past encounters with these bunch, along with other problems which, I admit, constitute a cloud of blindness over my whole system. Though I knew I was about to proceed to the next section, I just felt aloft, like walking in a cloud.

That was until a student came waiting for me by the door and gave me a comforting hug, which came with the words, Thank you po, sir. After that gesture, everything - just everything - was washed away. I felt consoled enough; I thought I would always be remembered. With that simple embrace, every negative jive were erased; what's remained were the thoughts of joy and remembrance.

The hug came from one of the boys. I cannot remember who he was, nor why did he do it; I was really puzzled at that point. That was, until one time I had a chat with one of my studs in FB. He confirmed that he was the one who gave me a reason to finish my OB job  in a light tune. At first, he did not also know why did he gave me a hug. That, he said, was an instinct. That was his way of showing love for me who had bore everything and still made the most of it.


I did not have much communication with Erwin after the incident. I became busy with  the Summer classes, while he continued with his vacation as a fresh HS grad. Nevertheless, the imprint that the hug left in my personality was still intact; I just can't forget the thought of having hugged me for a job well done. I did not expect it to happen, but it did and  it gave me a reason to tell that my OB was not a failure after all.

After some time, he visited me at my pub for Bitz...DaBhezt!  Despite the tremendous rain which poured over this side of the metro on that day, he still managed to be visitor number 01. This guy who showed his support and love was there among the shortlist of students who made me happy on that day. While majority of his batchmates were at their classmate's birthday celebration, he was the only one from Crimson who gave importance to the day when I became me.

I appreciated the company he extended to me during the whole day, never leaving me alone throughout the whole celebration, except when he was mingling with my lady visitors...something which is natural of him. When it was his turn to speak during the 21 candles, he said, sensya na sir, wala akong gift. Pero salamat po dahil  tinuruan ninyo kami at naging mabuti kayong intern sa amin, at sa akin.

Why have  I written this post?

I write this because of him; I write this post in memory of something good which a student did for his (observer) teacher.  I could still see lots and lots of Erwin Lazaros in the future, but they may never do what this great student did for me to ease everything and move on with a smile on my lips. Students like him serve enough as my inspiration in doing what  I was called for, that is to become a teacher, because I know that somebody appreciates what I am doing.

Salamat, Erwin! Hinding-hindi ko makakalimutan kailanman ang inyong ginawa para sa akin. Hindi ko man direktang masabing mahal kita (dahil iskandalo ang katumbas niyan), aba, eh alam mo na iyan! 

Salamat, anak!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I was tagged in this pic in FB, in-line with the yearly feast of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, La Naval de Manila. With that, I was reminded that the time of remembrance and celebration is dwelling nearer, a fulfillment of a vow which I did a year ago. So this calls for a wide dissemination. I would like to help in sharing this, so here it goes...


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Originally, this forms a part of my rendition of Ur Dose this Sunday. I just want to express my sentiments which I would like, in all honestly, to tell since Friday. I kept my silence until last night when I wrote for UD. Just enjoy reading. 



May nagsabi sa akin, Bitoy, ingat ka, baka matawag kang hipokrito dahil sermon ka ng sermon pero di mo naman inilalagay sa katotohanan ang mga sinasabi mo.

Ganito ang estado ko sa buhay. Hindi po ako tulad ng mga tipikal na Christian at Catholic blogger na hindi ninyo kilala ang ugali ngunit pinupuri ninyo dahil magaling sa pagsusulat. Hindi ko po isusulat ito para magtaas ng sariling bangko. Isusulat ko po ito sapagkat nais ko pong magpapakilala sa inyo.

Wala po akong maipagmamayabang na credentials. Isa lamang po akong ordinaryong Laikong-lingkod na nagninilay sa Salita ng Panginoon at ibinabahagi ito sa iba.

Nagkakasala rin po ako! Hindi ako perpekto, iyan ang linya nila. Ito naman ang linya ko, Makasalanan rin po ako. Nahihirapan ako sa pagtanggap sa kahinaan ko, ngunit dahan-dahan ay pilit akong tumatayo. Hindi ko man po palaging naipapahayag ang aking naisusulat, hindi po nangangahulugan na ako ay hanggang salita lamang.

Mahal ko po ang aking ginagawa. Kilala ko po ang aking pagkatao. Mas maganda ang kinalalabasan ng anumang gawin ko kung ito'y aking pinagpapaguran ng bukal sa kalooban. Masaya po ako at alam kong ang Panginoon ang siyang nag-uudyok sa akin na gawin ang mga bagay na ito.

Minsan nga natatanong ko sa sarili ko kung bakit sa kabila ng paglilingkod ko sa buong Simbahan sa pamamagitan ng blogsite na ito, ay patuloy pa rin ako sa mga kamalian ng kahapon. Isa po ito sa mga bagay na hangad ko ring mabago sa aking katauhan sa parating na panahon. Hindi po palaging ganito ang katauhan ko; tatanda rin ako at mas mapapasabak sa magulong mundo bilang tunay na Kristiyano.

Tinatawag ako ng Panginoon sa ganitong landas. Kahit na kaliwa't-kanan ang mga puna, ang mahalaga ay naibibigay ko po ang isang taos-pusong serbisyo sa sambayanang Kristiyano, lalo na po sa inyong patuloy na nagbabasa at sumusuporta sa lahat ng hangarin ko sa buhay.

Sa sandaling ito, Ako po ay naghahandog ng isang taos-pusong PAUMANHIN sa lahat ng mga nasasaktan ko at kinamumuhian ako mula pa noong unang sandaling dumating ako sa buhay nila. Sa inyo na patuloy kong nasasaktan, alam ko man o hindi, sa salita man o gawa, ako po ay naghahandog sa inyo ng patawad na nagmumula sa kaibuturan ng aking puso. Sana po ay maunawaan ninyo ang aking kalagayan sa buhay. 

Pare-pareho lang po tayo sa paningin ng Diyos. Pinapatawad niya tayo lagi-lagi at oras-oras. Sana po ay patawarin at unawain rin po ninyo ang aking mahinang katauhan.

Friday, September 02, 2011

Wait and Endure
(Holy Week Reflection on the Fifth Word)

Yes, I admit, this is a very late post. Yet the message would always be new be it Good Friday or not. This is my reflection last Good Friday 2011 (April 22, 2011), as part of Wait and Endure, 100% Katolikong Pinoy's Holy Week Special.


Later, knowing that all was now completed, and so that the Scripture would be fulfilled, Jesus said, "I am thirsty." A jar of wine vinegar was there, so they soaked a sponge in it, put the sponge on a stalk of the hyssop plant, and lifted it to Jesus' lips.
(Jn 19,28-29)

Whenever I write, I always make sure that a bottle of cold water is here beside me. As I type or write a certain blogpost, be it on my personal blog or on my reflection one, I always reach out for that bottle and drink some liquid. It helps me concentrate deeper on the subject or topic to write, and lessens the chance of my mental drain due to too much thinking.

Whenever I thirst out of concentration, I usually feel dizzy and become impatient at sorts. I can’t imagine finishing a work without a bottle – not even a glass – of water by my side to quench my thirst and make me more focused.

That is how important water is to me; such which is also right for everybody. Water is one important element of life. And every living thing will never live without water to hydrate every living cell, every tissue and organ of animals and plants.

But what if we have lost access to water? We’d experienced it just a few months ago due to water shortage. Every people in the metro took advantage of roving water rations just for us to have clean water for use. We waited and endured day and night for this, until finally the supply came back to normal. This may simply explain the dire need for water. We simply can’t live without it. And when supply is cut, we can't help but shout invectives that reaches the skies: Pu$%^%$ na yan! Bakit nawalan ng tubig!?!

We now look at the Lord Jesus. As he was nailed to the cross, he experienced that thirst, the greatest thirst that a human being had ever experienced. He had lost sleep for the past 24 hours, suffered greatly through the scourging, and carrying the big and heavy cross, amidst the jeers of the people who wanted him cold and dead. Of the many words he could say, he did not mention any vulgar word nor uttered a curse. Instead, he said a set of comforting, and soul-moving words which defined greatly his saving mission.

Among these, are two words: I Thirst. Nauuhaw ako.

He can endure the sufferings, the scourging, the drops of blood, the jeers of the people, the weight of the cross, and the bad words of the people. He can endure it, since he is the Lamb who ‘did not say a word’ amidst the luck that awaits him. He can endure it out of his love and that of the Father.

But he is waiting for something. HE THIRSTS for something. Maybe yes, he thirsts for something to drink (thus the vinegar with gall) to make him go through even just a minute or two.

But beyond this thirst for physical water, he is still thirsting; he is still waiting for somebody.

He waits for us. He thirsts for us. And this thirst had encompassed time and place. It continues up until today. We may have heard many preachings regarding this Last Word of our Lord, but it sadly falls on deaf ears, ears who may think, Naku. Mabait naman ako. Naglilingkod naman ako sa kanya, napatid na ang uhaw niya sigurado. But no! this cry of Jesus continues up until the 21st century.

It is there in the moaning of the poor, in the cry of the suffering, and in the faces of the broken-hearted. These are people whom we may come to know of everyday, without showing our concern for them. It is there in the bad situation of our Mother Earth which we ignore throughout the past decades. It is in our hearts full of confusion because of the different misunderstandings that we undertake.

Jesus thirsts for us; but do we realize that we are also thirsty? We may deny it if we want to, but deep within our hearts we cannot deny that we are also in a deep search. We are looking for something which can satisfy us. We ourselves are thirsty.

Oo, kapatid. Tayo man ay nauuhaw rin! Uhaw rin tayo sa pagmamahal, sa kalinga, sa pag-alala. We look for it in earthly things, we please this need with our desires and wants. But as St. Teresa of Avila says of it, SOLO DIOS BASTA! God alone is enough! There is no need to look in the things of this world. We just need to open ourselves to God, and he will provide and quench ur thirst with the water of life.

So, we may ask ourselves, Do I heed to the call of Jesus? Do I feel his eternal thirst?
Do I realize my own thirst for God?

Jesus’ thirst for us continues. And so does our thirst for him. We should let ourselves be quenched by his saving blood, so that we may also quench his thirst by our selfless service to our brothers and sisters.

It is the last hour on the cross, O Jesus. Your poor head, pierced with thorns, seeks in vain for a resting place. How you suffer from your parched mouth and lips. What pain our salvation has cost you! It is for our souls that you thirst, not alone for water.

We cannot give you a drink, O loving Savior, but did you foresee this hour when you said: "Anyone who gives even a drink of water in my name shall receive his reward … and, whatsoever you do to the least of mine, you do to me …" We can really minister to you, Lord, in those needy people we meet in every walk of life. You accept our effort to help as if we were giving you a refreshing drink.

O loving thoughtfulness of our Savior, you do not deprive us of the consolation of tending you in your sufferings. Praise to you, O Christ, our Redeemer! Amen!

Thursday, September 01, 2011


Yes, It is officially September! And with its first day sweeping through the air in the islands, do not be surprised when somebody taps you in the shoulder and greets you, dre, Merry Christmas! Folks say that in our country, Christmas begins, not in the season of Advent, but even before it just when the months start ending in BER.

And so, September is here; we are now experiencing a different kind of magic... I call it The Magic of Pinoy Christmas. I don't simply know what kind of magic the provident Earth is sweeping through the metropolis that when the calendar turns its pages on the first day of the ninth month, the Filipino people go loco over Pasko!

Some folks prepare at this early their Christmas list, so they may budget the money in the pocket for the purpose. You can also sense the awesome smell that comes from the stall of Bibingka and Puto Bumbong. Carolling Practices may also start at this point of the year. In short... the look and feel around us may really tell that the Christmas season has indeed arrived!

When I was a kid, I used to write a countdown of days in my school handbook, and play Christmas tunes at this early (with the neighbors calling me lunatic for doing such.), but that was a thing of the past. Though kids undergo the same process every time, we adults can still return to our old ways and look back at our times when we also become crazy that Christmas is near-arriving. Thus, this blogpost.

It brings a never-failing hope for everyone that something good is still yet to come. After a series of negative things that may take us to our bare selves, there still comes this time of the year when the feeling in the air gives us a reason to anticipate. Those who lived in despair throughout the year can look at the calendar or at the window and realize, haay... Iba pa rin pala ang pakiramdam.

Well, this magic is very much different in reasons than one. And we can't really help but tell... PASKO NA TALAGA!!! 

... just don't forget that in reality, Christmas comes after the four weeks of Advent.

Ano'ng petsa na nga ba?