Monday, September 26, 2011


(This is my first write-up for The Current. It was actually posted in The Current Forums site, making it different from my article in the paper to be out soon. Enjoy reading!)

I am a personal witness to the events during the past two weeks: the celebration of Education Week last Aug. 11-12, and of Commerce Week last Aug. 18-19. I witnessed the students showing-off the best of abilities they have, be it singing, dancing, spelling, beauty and brains, and not to forget their luck in playing Bingo.

The College of Education celebrated the sixth edition of the Education Week at the Malabon Amphitheater and Oreta Sports Center, right at the heart of Malabon City. At first it became a point of issue, since the University administration decided that the College would not hold its celebration at the campus due to the noise it creates. But as the hours of celebration pass by, students and professors alike experienced the utmost freedom that they have. They utilized it to bring out the best of the College, and the result was a very lively and one-of-a-kind celebration. Even the passers-by enjoyed while watching the students - future educators at that juncture - give out their best.

Meanwhile, the College of Commerce held its first Commerce Celebration (incidentally, I suppose) at the Campus roughly days after the Education Week. Yellow boys and girls flooded through the University hallway as the College held different activities as part of the celebration. As every time there is a special celebration and it involves the use of classrooms, the students came into school confused of where shall they hold their classes. Thankfully, the room assignments were given in an organized manner. Still, there was this problem of the noise that everyone - from the administrators, faculty and students - suffered from during the two days of celebration; something which might have been resolved if the Administrators played a fair game.

The issue lies not in the manner because everyone deserves a good celebration; it lies in the considerations given by our authorities. At anytime, one decision may affect everyone to the deep. Sometimes, There may need contacts ('kapit' in Filipino) for our requests to turn into reality. It is very much obvious in the past celebrations.

Some folks may say, 'Naku, hindi naman pabor sa amin ang itaas kaya itinaboy kami,' while the favored one may say, 'Basta malakas ang kapit sa itaas, lahat ay magagawa!' While one enjoys the benefit of liberty and freedom in another place, the other causes noise and litter over the entire community.

This is truly a sign of individuality. Kayo-kayo, kami-kami. Bahala kayo, bahala kami. Walang pakialamanan. But whether this is a issue of incidence or consideration or even 'padrino', we should remember that under one University, we may have individuality and yet we must be united in any way. There should be no room for confusion; there must be a reason why we should celebrate in a fair manner and motion.

At the end of the story, the two celebrations closed successfully; the College of Education hoping that it may once again hold the Education Week at the City Center next year, and the College of Commerce wishing that there may also be a second edition of the Commerce Week. Meanwhile, the Colleges of Arts and Sciences and Technology are yet to hold their celebrations in the coming weeks.

What would be the fate of the two colleges? Would it be another issue of individuality? We shall see...

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  1. FYI: this was written August 23, 2011.