Monday, October 17, 2011

Buhay-Tañong NHS

(I now begin my irregular series of posts about my second Field Study at Tañong National High School. Let me start this off with my final reflection as written on my portfolio. I'm not quite sure if this would define all my experiences; still, I invite you all to read and take a glimpse on one learning - not enjoying - experience.)


A Final Point of Reflection…

Think a million times before you commit yourself to the field. 

In Field Study 01, I was able to realize first-hand the hardships in being an observer. Many things were expected of me during my stay then in MNHS, from facing ridicule from the wild students, to the courage in facing every class and observing their attitude and behavior. The support which I garnered from my resource teacher and some supporting students, as well as the experiences I had during my stay there were overwhelming that I became more excited to take the next step, and continue my observation in another resource school. 

But as I proceed to my next resource school and conduct my Field Work there, I was not prepared on the kind of culture I was about to experience. 

Ø As I proceed from MNHS to TNHS, I had realized one big difference, that is, the difference in the learners. I can freely compare and contrast between the two sets of students which I welcomed. There is an obvious difference in the way they entertain every lesson, the way the teachers approach these kids, and in other sorts which may make my Field Work in TNHS unique. 

Ø I really had a hard time coping with the lessons. Since the lessons are patterned after the UbD curriculum, I had a rough time adjusting. It was in TNHS when I had a good realization for the 2010 curriculum, that is, UbD is good but not for all. If the learners did not have a stable foundation in Elementary days, everything that the teacher will give in High School, whatever the learning style may be, will be but turned to waste. 

Ø There are still much to experience and discover. I may not have a satisfactory experience in my present FS, nonetheless, this edition of the Field Work opened my eyes to what it is to become a teacher beyond the positive remarks. Like a coin with two sides, this Field Work prepared me to face the negativity – the ‘reality’ – of the system, most of which I shall discover more in my Student Teaching days. 

Ø I may never enjoy my field work all the time; yet the knowledge shared by Ma’am Fulgencio made me more equipped and prepared as I am months away from reality. I personally saw her burdens; while she opened my eyes to the reality of teaching. Not at all times you enjoy the work you are doing, you may lose your momentum especially if your students do not work enough. But as long as the passion is there, and as long as you love what you are doing, everything may still go in good fashion. 

I continue to thank the people who made my stay in TNHS a learning one, if not an enjoyable one. This one goes out especially to all my students. I will carry every learning, laughter, and experience as I proceed to working for the real thing. This may be the last time I may see them, but still everything will be remembered. 

I may now move on to my next resource school (can I call it ‘critique school’ now?), but just before doing so, I would remember and never forget the various experiences which I had in TNHS. Not enjoyable though, but these experiences taught me a valuable lesson: to think a million times before committing myself. I still have much to undertake and consider. 

I would still love teaching, and yet I must be more prepared for what the field has in store for me. I pray that these experiences would be helpful as I dwell into the real thing: EDUC 113, known as Student Teaching. 

And that’s it. Thanks for taking a glance at my Portfolio for my Second Field Study. See you soon when I conduct my Student Teaching! 

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