Thursday, November 10, 2011


Last year, my trivia for 10-10-10 coincided with (then) Ur Sunday  Dose. Like a blessing in disguise, 10-10-10 coincided with my first visit to Our Lady  of the Holy Rosary, La Naval de Manila. 

This year, the good jive focuses on the Number 11. So, if the number 10 is more of  perfect harmony and unity between God and his creation, what has 11 in store for us?

> 11 is a Master Number. This is a same thing with the other double numbers (22, 33, 44...).
> 11 represents intuition. It represents deep insight and illumination. 
> 11 is exceeding! Ten is perfect, so eleven speaks so much. The number also represents sin, transgression and peril. Kaya nga siguro, the number speaks much of envy o pataasan ng ihi.
> 11 in the Scriptures:
There are 11 canticles in the Bible, 11 apostles after the Resurrection of Jesus, and 11 books considered as the 'Deuterocanonicals'

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