Sunday, November 20, 2011


The time has come. After ten months of Field Study, twenty-four weeks of observation, and lots of memories in mind and heart, I'm now about to start experiencing the foretaste of the real thing. It has lots of names: Student Teaching, Internship, OJT.

In the next two weeks, I shall immerse again in the field, but not only for once a week but for five days. If in FS I only observe - and teach sometimes - during classroom instruction, now I am given the chance to lead and manage the class, and to impart knowledge to hungry minds.  

This demands much of my time, which is already drowned by the pressure of the final semester, but nevertheless this will be, for sure, the most challenging and memorable part of my life as a BSE student. I ask God, as always, to guide me in the things I should do; hopefully, everything will be alright.

Well, as the internal excitement intensifies, I look back at the past and once again become inspired through the thing I did before. Now I realize, though everything shall start now, I have done it bigtime even before. Now, let me share with you a piece of everything I had undergone in my past Field Studies.

Hear Sir Bitoy shout... I'M READY TO GO!!! 


  1. Anonymous12:02 AM

    go for your goals!!!!! GODbless

  2. Anonymous7:45 PM

    ang saya.. sir san k babalik?

  3. creepychan_akisum01@yahoo.com1:14 AM

    edi eto na. :D always remember Prov.3:5.. stay being a blessing to others. miss you sir bitoy. :D