Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011: TAON KO 'TO!!! (Part one)

I may have not written much these past few days, and I'm sorry for that, but that doesn't mean I have nothing to write on. Busyness took its toll on me when I focused on the Missa de Gallo activity of our parish, during the time I am on vacation from school work. I am even supposed to begin the ten-part series of yearender posts only to end  up with two (well, make it three.).

Ok, here's a good look-up on what happened during this year which I declared as my year... 

(Now you may now why this is broken into two parts...)

After a brief Christmas break (just like what I'm experiencing now), I continued my Observation in MNHS, practice for Playprod and classes. I took myself off parish involvements, though I asked Fr. Junjun to let  me be absorbed again in the Parish CoWL.

I paseed the 1K mark in FB friends last January 14. As of
the moment, I am nearing the 2K mark. Nice!
Thanks to Campus Journ, I became much involved in the  Foundation Week celebration of the school. This was also the month when I bade farewell to MNHS and to my students. Also, I met for the first time the people behind 100% Katolikong Pinoy! Online Ministry, and my swearing-in as secretary of the Parish CoWL happened during this month.
Capping February, I had my presence in the 2011 Ani ng Dangal Awards, with my mom receiving the same for my sister, Lordenn, who was out-of-the-country.

Hosting job? Count me in! During an event in the CMU Foundation Week.

A rare chance; with my mom and Ms. Anita Linda.

Students of IV-SPA during their JS Prom: Wala sa damit iyan...

Another moment: this time with Ms.Issa Litton

KP CORE Family

PlayProd Recital for Purgatorio which lifted the three-year curse which was inflicted over my whole personality. Also, I had the chance to enter Malacanan Palace during this time. I also showed involvement on the Pro-life Rally at Quirino Grandstand.

the final write-up

I returned to MNHS to witness the graduation of my FS01 studs. This was also the start of the Summer Classes. Add to that the usual Holy Week sacredness and Fiesta Revelry.

Di ko rin pinalampas ang Grad Ball ng mga bata. Truly attached. :p

MNHS Grad 2011

one close kid to me, posing before the Commencement Exercise.

During the Chrism Mass

Also during the Chrism Mass

with the Catechists, Fiesta 2011

with the Bishop, Fr. Junjun and the MGC, Fiesta 2011

yes, I brought Buttercup with me to accompany me  in the wee  hours
of the afternoon during the Summer classes.

Along with my sister's homecoming and the start of the New School Year, I had the chance to use a real camera to capture some events during this period. Occurances like the Lunar Eclipse, Rizal's 150th and the visit of the PopeMobile to the nearby San Roque Cathedral. 
But what made this a memorable month was the imprint it left in my personality: a deep laceration in my left wrist, the scar of which I would endure for the rest of my life. (More in a special post.)

And the moon's turning red...

Another moment: behind BJPII's PopeMobile

No, I would not shoot Rizal in the face!

oh yeah, the wound of the year! If ever I would be lost, search for a
mystical scar on my left palm. It does wonders! :p
As for this blogsite, the month of June heralded the Fifth Anniversary
of SirBitz@Blogger. Really a memorable experience.
Siyempre, this is the first half of 2011. Second half still to come, so I end this post with the phrase,

To be continued...

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