Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011: TAON KO 'TO!!! (Part two)

Ok, so here's the continuation of the photo rundown of the big events in 2011 that made this my year! This series may not be interesting, though, but allow me to share the best of the year and how it mirrored much of my personality throughout the past twelve months.

The first moments of this month saw me beginning my FS 02 at TaƱong National High School. That was really a big adjustment for me from the ideal classroom to the REAL classroom. Also in this month is my yearly blood donation, which took place in St. Luke's.

we are nine in the roster; only two passed.

The surprise element: Some of my FS01 studs are also studying at CMU,
including Jeffrey (right), the salutatorian who chose to study at
CMU rather than not study at all.
more of my studs...

The Birthday month! Tagged as BiTZ...DaBhezt@21! (a celebration of LIFE and everything that comes with it), my birthday this year had been a celebration of love, optimism and rise from the many challenges that came my way during the course of days. In this blogsite, especially through the Birthday Essay, I elaborated how the past year was for me and how I look forward to the coming 21st year of life. Here are some shots of the celebration which happened last August 21.


But of course, marami pa rin namang nangyari in the month of August, like the EducWeek,  and the Parish Evaluation and Planning.

Events and memories came pouring in on the first BER month of 2011. There's the first Photojournalism Seminar of The Current, the Birthday of Mama Mary and the first-ever celebration of the Feast of the Triumph of the Cross in our parish.


Here comes the last moments of my FS.02 at TNHS and the Sem Break. Add to that the Parish Living Rosary, and the most splendid part of the month, the Festivities of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, La Naval de Manila.

May mga nangyari ba sa buwang ito? Syempre. There's the yearly renewal of commitment as Worship Team member, and the start of the Second Sem (ang huling bakbakan).  Sadly, this was the month without much pics, so I am contented with posting the current CoWL Team in our  parish. Also, I was appointed Opinion Editor for the Current during this month, a posiion which I would hold until March 2012.

with Sis. Nonie Cruz (right) and Sis. Lolita Parreno of the Parish CoWL.

The final month of 2011 started-off with the beginning of my OJT at Tanza NHS (no pics yet, sa March na lang), the traditional Misa de Gallo and some sidetrips, like The Current team building and Christmas Party, and our research-cum-field trip at the National Library and the National Museum. Later this evening, would be our Parish Christmas Party.

Now I know how tall Luna's Spolarium is...

this was actually my first time to visit the National Museum.

of course, I trust my team!!!

In general, 2011 had been good and harsh to me. But I appreciate it all along. I had undergone so much adventures, experienced so much endeavors, and proved to the world that this is truly my year!

Sa lahat ng mga nakasalamuha ko at naging kabahagi sa misyong maipakilala ang sarili sa mundo ngayong 2011, SUPER THANK YOU!!!

Amm, I still have a super message at the end of the year, and I would not spoil the fun in this post. Watch out for it!!!

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