Friday, March 30, 2012


(good to know that I may still post after two months of silence. LOL)

On my first day of entering CMU way back in 2007, I asked myself, what will I be after four years of BSE? Would I persevere till the end?As a freshman, my heart was still gripped in so much fear and anxiety. They may provide me with the route where I could start the journey, but still it depended on my move, my decision, my choice.

My journey in CMU was a no-joke; I really might tell that nobody may dare follow my negative footsteps with regards to my five-year stay in the institution. It was a journey of hardships and obstacles, of laughter and jokes, of friendship and relationship, of academics and experiences. It took me some time to finish it, but thank God, today I'm reaching the finish line of college life.

My graduation today will cap-off my CMU journey, as I receive the precious diploma from the hands of my OIC. This document will serve as proof of all my hardships and victories. More than that, it will serve as my passport and key to the next chapter of my life, the professional world.

But beyond the diploma, there are still a lot of things I would certainly cherish as I leave the institution: The 'Kubo' days, ROTC trainings, Playprod practices (which took me three years to finish), CampusJourn and Thesis mornight sessions, Hosting jobs, writing and editing opinion write-ups for The Current, trips at the foodcourt of Malabon Citisquare, my Field Study 1, 2, and Practice Teaching immersions (which gave me lots and lots of children), and the other little things which may have escaped my memory. These experiences taught me, in one way or another, to become the strong person I am right now.

Many thoughts run on my mind now, yet I don't know how to express it all. Marami akong nais balikan, tamasahin ulit at pasalamatan. And if you would ask me if I am contented now, I would still say, HINDI PA! I want to go back, relish my student days and enjoy the sweet moments.

But I know, at the end of the day, that I must proceed and go on. Here comes the world of work; here comes the real thing. With God's grace it'll be easy for me to move on since I've landed a new job recently. Still, the fresh memoirs of college would still haunt me and remind me of how hard and sweet it is to be a scholastic. Masarap pa rin - at wala nang mas sasarap pa - sa buhay-estudyante. 

And so I say: Thanks. KUDOS!

... to the Deans - Dr. Sto. Tomas, Dr. Fajardo, Dr. Arasad; Professors - Ma'am Lia, Ma'am Sanopo, Ma'am Francisco, Sir Esturas, Ma'am Tayco, and the others.

... to my fellow English Major classmates and friends: Batch 2011 - Dinnes, Lourdes, Jimmy, Jocelyn, Lester, Jaqueline, Elisa, Monica, Ate Cath, Ate Kath; Batch 2012 - Isay, Meg, There, Khit, Jayson, Gil, Kath, Angie, Abudi, Bimby, Walter, Carla, Arl, May, Mhean

... to my friends outside BSE 4B: kilala nyo na kung sino kayo!

... to all my former students: Ricky, Mitzi, Cleo, Nardito, Wanday, MNHS Fourth Year batch 2011, TaƱong NHS Second Year Batch 2012 and Tanza NHS Third Year Batch 2012.

... to my TC Family: Jay-y, Jelo, Jerbs, Tupz, Mahje, Bevz, Irene, Jeff, Jerson, Ronnel, and everyone else.

This is the last part of my College journey, and so I entrust it all the more to God who knew everything and will continue to guide me along my life's way. This, though, is not yet the end, for after this a long road of the unknown is stretched ahead of me. Would I trip down? No, for God is with me, he is always with us!!!