Monday, September 17, 2012

A Little Revamp!

Just a few days after I resumed posting here on my blogsite, I made a little discernment; I decided to give this site a little change in look-and-feel. Little, since it will not affect much of what you see in this site.

First-up is the new header pic. It was in September of 2011 (a year ago, in other words) when I had the last change of header here in SB@B. As always, I want the HP to speak of my recent lifestyle and my views in life. And so, after a year of having this...

I had a little pick from my recent photos (particularly my FB cover photos) and gave a little - just a little - magic to turn it into this simple rendition...

The photos come from NeungYule, Mukha AD and IPLM. On the right is a special artwork by my friend, Mr. Ardie Aquino.

Next, the width. Nakakasakal is the right word to describe the amount of allotted space to write my posts, so I made it a little bigger without compromising the sidebars.

Also included are the pages. As of last night, I edited the self-bio page, to include my present work and Church involvements at Santo Domingo. I also made a new page, SB's Top Picks, which names some blogsites which are really special to me. As said in its description, like me, they also have something to say.

And yes, that's just little.  I think more changes will go underway, but these will be done for all to have more of what this site could give.

Well, that's for now. Let's see what the Divine Providence would provide for all of us in the coming days. Stay tuned!

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