Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Thoughts on an early morning...

Woke up minutes after 9a.m. It will be a rush for me again, the whole day. Not only must I work to adjust to my students' mood, but also I must be patient enough to face the bitter people around me. This is a part of the workplace, right? If so, I must give my best.

One officemate said, it is a matter of plasticity. I can show some plasticity around here since it's the game of survival, but until when? I cannot stay plastic for a long time. I can, rather, be happy with some people who appreciate what I'm doing rather than mingle with wolves pretending to be sheep. But at this, where is the following of Christ?

One must follow Christ everywhere, even at the workplace. Plasticity is a no-no when you want to follow the Lord. You must always be true to yourself, gentle in decisions yet firm in actions. People may like you or not but what matters is that you know what you are doing and you are excited to do more, all for the glory of God.

Oh my, looking at the time, it looks like I must take a bath now. It is just a rush thought. But before I leave, here are some things I learned from the last four months at the office...

Show your good side to all, even if they don't like you. In other words, just be you. Who cares if they don't want what you are doing?

Cry, but stand up and walk on after the tears. You can show your emotions, but please don't stay there. You have things to do, a life to recover, and your happiness to consider.

Choose your friends wisely. Wolves may come in form of sheep. They will tell you that they are impressed of what you're doing, but in the long run they'll discriminate you for your deeds. Try to know the people you're interacting with, so that you would not end up 'friendzoned' in the end.

Follow your superiors. Not that you want to make sipsip, but as knowledgeable people, they know how to make things right. They may fail your expectations, but hey, you also fail their expectations sometimes, right? It's not a matter of impression, it is being guided so that you could do your good turn every time.

Love your work. Some people work just to get paid. This is different from working because you love what you are doing. Never forsake your interests for monetary needs. Good and successful people become so because they love what they are doing; money comes secondary. I admit, we need money nowadays for various purposes, but if that will the measurement for your work, it will never satisfy you.

Never separate God from what you are doing. Never dwell into a debate (you can if you are good in apologetics), but never put God away. Spend some time in prayer, never compromise His grace on you. You asked the Lord to give you a job, and He gave it to you.Who are you, then, to keep it to yourself and never entrust it to Him? Be grateful for the blessings which we receive. Do everything for his greater glory and your sanctification.

Oh my, I really must take a bath! ^^


  1. 9 rin ako gumising. LOL

    1. The feeling that the world runs after you... hahahaha^^