Monday, December 31, 2012

What's to be thankful for?
(SB@B Year-ender 2012)

And just like that, 2012 is about to end!

I tagged this year (the second in a row) as the Year of Opportunities, as its days became a silent witness to  everything I underwent, giving me a new identity from being a student to being a young professional. Actually, as I write this down, I could not imagine how far did I go since day 01 of this ending year.

And indeed, everything came to pass! 2012, in one way or another, has been good to me because of these events which shaped my personality as of now. These would certainly be the reasons why I thank God for not ending this world for me to continue relishing his gifts.

Now, what should I thank God for? They were so many that I would just give out the significant ones. 

2012 saw me succeed in academics... AT LAST! After toasting myself over hot coals and burning my eyebrows, I graduated last March as a... simple student. No awards as I said then, but what's more important are the memories and bonding I shared with my classmates, professors and students. Five years of study and adventure would never be matched nor forgotten. Aside from that, my graduation showed me another reality, that even if I run away with my diploma or career, I would always go back to CMU where I learned everything I am doing right now.

2012 saw me move to a new family where I can be more productive as a preacher. There's always time to go forward and move on, so they say. It became more strong for me this year. From my simple devotion, Nanay paved the way for me to enter the Institute of Preaching Lay Missionaries at Santo Domingo. At first, I was aloft of continuing, since I have no idea what do they do and I don't have the guts to do it, but in the long run I met new friends, shared ideas with them, and with them are being formed into being a preacher of God's Love like Holy Father Dominic. It made me more committed to the service which I give to the Church.

Along with my entrance to IPLM, 2012 also saw me go inside the radio booth. Oh yes, this is one of the highlights of the year, when I was given the surprise chance of visiting Our Lady of Manaoag and hosting a radio show there. At first, I really felt scared that I would not be good enough like co-preachers who are doing this for quite some time, but in the long run, it made me discover that I could be more than what I knew I am. I really never saw myself doing this, but God's will prevailed after all.

Of course, 2012 saw me have my first job. NeungYule is a blessing for me, rather than a job. Though far from my place, I always consider going to work to continue living my goal of sharing a piece of me with everyone else, be they my Filipino co-employees or my Korean students. It is also now that I realize how great my family needs me, and I always say that I'm proud of being here in this center, while waiting for the fulfillment of my dreams.

2012 also gave me the chance to enjoy life as a youth. It was a big decision for me to give up Magnificat Choirsters - my last committment in my parish - for Mukha AD, a youth group of the Dominican Student-brothers. For me, it was a big slap not only for them but for me who served there for almost a decade. But the MAD experiences that I would have would tell me that I made the good decision after all. Mukha AD for me is more than a group; it is my family and barkada, rolled into one Sunday afternoon habit. It made me realize that I would never be a grown-up unless I enjoy and relish the young life as God's child.

2012 saw me guarding the Queen. Another highlight of this year happened during the LN Festivities, when I was given the rare chance of being a Guardia de Honor of Our Lady of La Naval. It gave me deep chills, to the point that I kept on telling myself that I am super unworthy. But Nanay and Kuya was so good to me that they let me walk with them during the procession to see how the devotees love her as much as I do. It's a great honor for me to become her Guardia, and I would always be as a thanksgiving for all the graces God gave me. 

2012 took me to places where I didn't even think I would visit. Not only was I given a chance to visit Manaoag on a frequent basis, but also my feet took me to other places I never thought of visiting. One good example of that was Cavite City for the Fiesta of Our Lady of Solitude of Porta Vaga, where I saw how immense is the CaviteƱos' love for their Queen. Also included here was my return to the Cubao Cathedral to venerate the Relics of St. Therese of the Child Jesus. And let me add here the chance to be a part of the catechetical Video of Cardinal Tagle in relation to the Translation of the Roman Missal, and the chance of attending the Mass in its Extraordinary Form at Holy Family Parish, which, on its own, was a point of discovery for me when it comes to true appreciation of the Sacred. Well, there were lots more...

These, and a lot more, are more than enough reasons to thank God for this wonderful year. My life this year was indeed a great transformation from a student to a professional, from a devotee to a Guardia, from a host to a radio announcer. This year is a proof that God's will prevails over all, and that His providence is more than what I ever saw myself at the beginning of this year. Like, hindi ko talaga inaasahan ang lahat ng ito!

I entered this year as a simple graduating student.

After twelve months, I will end it as an online teacher-slash-radio announcer-slash-Mukha Ader-slash-Giliw-slash-Guardia de Honor.

Truly, I can say that this year had been a YEAR OF OPPORTUNITIES, not only for me but for everyone I met and had been a part of my life. The people I met, I places I went, everyone and everything will always be a part of a truly memorable and colorful year that was 2012.

For all these, I say, 

Salamat rin po sa inyong lahat!


Saturday, December 22, 2012

U-Speak Trip.......

Though battered by a heavy cold for two weeks, I was still able to host a very nice presentation of U-Speak at Manaoag Shrine  last Saturday. I can't tell the story in full detail as of this time, and yet as I did before, I will let the pictures speak from themselves. Here are some shots...

The first thing I saw upon arriving at the church on a super-early Saturday morning was  the Star...

The star is made of fiberglass and was lit by four fluorescent lamps. It has the effect of being suspended in the air, giving it a more dramatic impression to the onlooker - including me.

One of the things I did on my recent visit was to take a trek inside the Rosary Garden.  It is so magnificent, and has a very conducive environment for praying.  Perhaps when I come back next year, I will provide shots of each of the mysteries.

My air time. This is my last time to visit the Shrine and host U-Speak, perhaps for this year.

In the evening, the Nativity Scene was all set-up for the start of the Missa de Gallo at the Shrine.

The Lady's Shrine all prepped-up for the Christmas Season. This was the most magnificent look of the  Shrine I ever seen yet! Truly, Christmas is already in the air.

The Lady of the Beads. I regret that I did not heed to her call of hosting the program last December 08 because of my busy schedule. Because of that, I suffered from intense cold. Miraculously, it was lost in a few days after the visit. Well, kung si Nanay na ang tumawag, wag nang tumanggi. Sagutin na siya, dalawin na siya, paglingkuran na siya at ang kanyang Anak!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


We have seen enough. 

We now know the intentions of these greedy people, to desecrate and trample the human life. From the rampant bribery, to the "private meetings" at the Palace, from the highest official of the land to the big fat promoter, all of them are wishing that the victory would be theirs today.

 12-12-12, the last time that our generation will see a recurring number on the calendar. Something special about this day is that today is the feast of The Virgin of Guadalupe, protector and guardian of human life. Is it a coincidence that their voting will take place this day?


We pray that every official who would have a say on this bill from hell will give a definite halt to it. May Our Lady of Guadalupe guide the minds of out legislators towards the true respect of life: through discipline and not through abortifascients

 This 12-12-12, Our battle cry will always stay the same; it will never change...