Saturday, December 22, 2012

U-Speak Trip.......

Though battered by a heavy cold for two weeks, I was still able to host a very nice presentation of U-Speak at Manaoag Shrine  last Saturday. I can't tell the story in full detail as of this time, and yet as I did before, I will let the pictures speak from themselves. Here are some shots...

The first thing I saw upon arriving at the church on a super-early Saturday morning was  the Star...

The star is made of fiberglass and was lit by four fluorescent lamps. It has the effect of being suspended in the air, giving it a more dramatic impression to the onlooker - including me.

One of the things I did on my recent visit was to take a trek inside the Rosary Garden.  It is so magnificent, and has a very conducive environment for praying.  Perhaps when I come back next year, I will provide shots of each of the mysteries.

My air time. This is my last time to visit the Shrine and host U-Speak, perhaps for this year.

In the evening, the Nativity Scene was all set-up for the start of the Missa de Gallo at the Shrine.

The Lady's Shrine all prepped-up for the Christmas Season. This was the most magnificent look of the  Shrine I ever seen yet! Truly, Christmas is already in the air.

The Lady of the Beads. I regret that I did not heed to her call of hosting the program last December 08 because of my busy schedule. Because of that, I suffered from intense cold. Miraculously, it was lost in a few days after the visit. Well, kung si Nanay na ang tumawag, wag nang tumanggi. Sagutin na siya, dalawin na siya, paglingkuran na siya at ang kanyang Anak!

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