Thursday, December 26, 2013

Oath-taking galore....

Last time, I announced here my passing at the Licensure Exams. After a few days, it was time for the Oath-taking ceremonies!

With Edward beside me, we sat on the most comfortable place in Cuneta Astrodome, that is in the highest seats just next to the bleachers. From our seats, we can see everything that's happening during the oath-taking.

Grabe, being there in the sea of hundreds of new professional teachers really makes you feel like you're entering a new dimension, a new world where I must show my guts to be who I must be... a teacher, mentor and father to today's youth.

With me during this momentous event is no-less than my mom, who supported me through thick and thin, and never gave up on me on my journey towards professionalism. If there would be any person who's more happier than I am, it would certainly be her. After I said my oath, I offered the parchment paper to her, a sign of gratitude for everything she did for me to be where I am now.


This day opened a new chapter in my life, a great shift from being a kid to a man, from nobody to somebody. This will give me more challenges in the future, but hey, why not face them? After all, It's God's will and my perseverance molded to be one of the great events in my life.

This is it! Deo Gratias!

#ProfessionalTEACHER na si #SirBITOY!!! ^^

Saturday, December 14, 2013

A Pilgrimage of Thanks

There were five non working days which ICPS had observed from December 6-10, in-line with the celebration of Malabon Teachers' Day, and the 3-day observance of the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, patroness of the Parish in Malabon City.

I took advantage of these five days to go and take a roadtrip around the churches I had visited before, and there to give thanks for letting me pass the Board. I took with me some good friends to join me in the journey.

Sunday, November 24, 2013


So the story goes like this.

I attended Mass at Santo Domingo today, as my own vigil for Christ the King. Like all the past weeks, I cried in front of Nanay, asking her to grant my intentions. I'm certain at one point that everything will be alright, I just need to cry my needs.

On my way home after our studies, I received a text message from a friend saying that the results are already out, and that he already passed the LET. Anxiety entered in, I don't know what to do. I kept on praying and begging the Lord to show his mercy on me.

That is until a text message came in.

I have heard that all hard work paid off ^_^


Thank you, Lord, and Nanay, for this wonderful grace!

Thanks also to my family who always supported me through thick and thin.

To my teachers and professors who believed in me, to my students, past and present, who always let me show my guts, and to everyone else who prayed for me, Marami pong salamat!

Then a student, now a TEACHER...

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What then, not now...

This is taken in 2006, the only
photo of me wearing a school uniform.
On my past posts, you may have seen a piece of me as an EX-ICPSian. I do remember my Birthday Essay in 2010, recounting the way I had encountered every bully and jeer, as well as every praise and hard work done. It was not a perfect moment because, as said before, it was a mix of tears and joys. At one point, I was considered as the pet, then at another, I was a nobody.

Back then, I was a part of the Publication Team, though my article was seen only once. I did not really participate in Journalism just as others did. I remember Mrs. Peralta (my former English teacher) assisted by men from the printing press in lay-outing our newspaper using Manila Paper, glue and the hard copies of the articles. I can still remember our little Office in front of the Faculty Room where I sneaked during lunch break just to eat alone (they only use the office during meetings).

I don't know how life in ICPS was after I graduated. For some, seeing our batch leave was a breath of fresh air, because with us will leave another batch of students face a new tomorrow.full of hope. Of course, students came in and out of the school which I considered as my second home for many years.

Perhaps, because of the love and inspiration I received, I decided to be a teacher. I want to take part in molding their minds, and so I began knowing the art of teaching, though it is hard to be one in reality. 

I graduated after five years I (well, you know why), and proceeded to having my first job as an English Instructor at a Korean Company in Eastwood. There my speaking skills were honed, while I faced the greatest shock of my life, that shift from a student to an employee.

Later on, I realized that my workstation was too small for me, and my heart was not for this kind of work, facing foreign people in a virtual setup just to learn speaking the language. I decided to go to the real field, where I can not only face but hold and form students the way they should be.

With the present Editorial Board of The Crown
The first thing that came to my mind was my alma mater, ICPS. Immediately after Ivan's death, I saw myself applying for a job at the school which formed me. They accepted me, and welcomed me back to my second family.

To my surprise, the offer they gave me is being the School Paper Moderator. At that moment, everything returned to me, and at a blink of an eye, what was then a simple writer turned to an adviser for the official body of the school. I was given an office which serves as a haven for the present Editorial Board. With the publication of the first issue, the birth pangs began to lessen. In just a matter of months, I saw myself with my students competing on different writing competitions, even reaching the Regional Level as of the moment.

The ALBERTeens!
I was also given a bunch of students for me to lead as their adviser. Perhaps IV-St. Albert is the wackiest gift God gave me ever since Field Study 1. I admit I always lack in being a father figure to these kids, yet their joy is enough. Siguro nga, hindi lang talaga sila magaling sa English, siguro nga sadyang pasaway sila, but they always prove that in their simple ways, a student's life is way beyond compare.

With these and together with my students who are not different from me in attitude as well as skills, I realized that I already touched ground. What I was then is totally different from who I am now. I am not anymore a student who should be trigger-happy; I am a teacher entrusted with a special task to lead these students to better heights.

Perhaps, ICPS would always serve as a home, a haven, a sanctuary to me. I don't know how long would I stay in this institution, but as God wills, everything will be fine.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Am I really supposed to share this?

Why not? It's my voice, anyway!

No, not for your listening pleasure, but there's nothing wrong in listening. ;)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

LA NAVAL 2013: Tuloy lang ang Paglalayag!
(The Story)

Lahat tayo naglalayag sa buhay na ito. Maraming pagsubok na dumarating na akala natin ay magpapabagsak sa atin sa kadiliman.

Gayun pa man, hindi dapat tayo makaramdam ng pangungulila, sapagkat nariyan, gumagabay at tumatanglaw sa atin, si Maria na ating Ina, at si Hesus na kanyang Anak at ating Panginoon. 

The yearly La Naval Festivities. This serves as one of my main highlights for the year, next to my birthday, due to its importance in my life. Because of the development I underwent from being a simple devotee, to being her Guardia de Honor since last year, I can really say, with all humility, that Our Lady calls even the most unworthy of people, to serve Her and Her Son, Jesus. 

This is my Fourth La Naval on the record, and yet every part of it is different from the past LN celebrations I had, despite the same royal and sacred look-and-feel it provides the devotee. I can still recall every memoir, and though words cannot really describe everything, I will try to put these memoirs into writing.

Monday, October 14, 2013

LA NAVAL 2013: Tuloy lang sa paglayag!

Took this shot from the inside, the view of a Guardia de Honor. It capped-off the past days of prayers and preparation for this year's La Naval.

More in the coming post. The site had been sick for a few months, and I just checked whether I could post already or not. Since I'm already able to post, I'll share my La Naval story very soon. :)

October 14 at 11:50am · Edited · 
Lahat tayo naglalayag sa buhay na ito. Maraming pagsubok na dumarating na akala natin ay magpapabagsak sa atin sa kadiliman.

Gayun pa man, hindi dapat tayo makaramdam ng pangungulila, sapagkat nariyan, gumagabay at tumatanglaw sa atin, si Maria na ating Ina, at si Hesus na kanyang Anak at ating Panginoon.

Friday, August 30, 2013


Where was I last Monday?

Well, I was at Luneta, among the throngs of millions (I believe) of people who marched against Pork Barrel and Corruption in our country. It's not just any ordinary rally. It is a show of unity among Filipinos who are already fed-up with pork.

Let the pictures speak for themselves...

May God's mercy and justice prevail over our baffled country!

Tatayo rin tayo at magwawagi!

Before the main rally started, a Holy Mass was celebrated beside the statue of St. Lorenzo Ruiz at Luneta. It was presided by priests who were present to show their voice, including Fr. Anton CT Pascual, President of Veritas846 AM.

SIGHTING #1: Ms. Sandra Aguinaldo interviewing Ms. Mitos Magsaysay. Along the way, I also saw other artists, including Lourd de Veyra, Connie Sison, as well as other personalities like Amb. Tita de Villa, Fr. Jerry Orbos, SVD, and Archbishop Oscar Cruz.

It was the first time that the AM Admins teamed-up with KP, in the person of Kuya Randolf Flores.

They say that the Church is silent over this issue...

Well, take a look...

Aside from the activists, most of the common people present were Catholics and Christians. We are not silent at all, we even shout!

I don't know if the million-level was reached, but this IS something. See the Rizal Monument? It's a few KMs away from the Grandstand, yet it is full of people.

I just stayed for roughly two hours, but it was time well-spent. It seems that the nation is not alone walking over the mud of the crisis.

Prayers and Vigilance, this is what's lacking in our society nowadays. We're proud of being the predominant Christian country in Asia, but we live in division. What if we shout out what we really stand for, even just once? 

We let some prevail over something which must be shared with the whole nation. 

We let some feast on the wealth of the people who die for their families.

We let the drop-dead die while the rich-n-fabulous keep on their dazzling lives, using our money.

This should not be happening. 

Not now! 

Not ever! 

Stop the abuse of our Country!!!

Saturday, August 24, 2013


Nothing to do on Monday?

Well, yes, it's a holiday.


What if we show our guts and shout our cry?


ONE MONTH LATER (posted on Magnilay Tayo!, March 22, 2013)

(Handog sa kaarawan ni Ivan Rolfe Banaag)
ni Weldann Panganiban

Isang buwan na ang dumaan makalipas ang pagpanaw ng ating minamahal na kaibigan, Ka.AVE at Kasama, si Ivan Banaag. Marami nang dumaang mga pagkakataon sa buhay natin na kung tutuusin ay masasabi talaga nating, Naku, isang buwan na pala ang dumaan.

Oo, isang buwan na nga ang lumipas. Nagpatuloy na tayo sa ating pamumuhay at maraming mga sandali na ang lumipas. Sa pag-alis ng Santo Papa Emerito Benito XVI, biniyayaan tayo ng Diyos ng isang bagong Pastol sa katauhan ni Papa Francisco. Kamakailan lang, naglabas ng TRO ang Korte Suprema laban sa RH Bill. Marami na ring pulitiko ang dumaan sa mga bahay natin at humingi ng suporta sa darating na halalan.

Sa ating mga sari-sariling buhay, marami rin siguro tayong nakilalang mga tao na naging bagong kaibigan; may ilan rin siguro na pumanaw na upang magtungo sa kabilang buhay. Malamang ay nagmartsa na ang ilan sa atin upang kunin ang hinihintay na Diploma, bilang katunayan na nakatapos na sila ng pag-aaral. Yung iba siguro, may bagong trabaho, may ilang kaka-resign lang sa iba't-ibang dahilan.

Isang buwan na ang lumipas.

Para sa mga nagmamahal kay Ivan, lalo na para sa kanyang pamilya, parang kay bilis ng panahon. Parang kahapon lang ay kasama pa nila si Ivan, masigla, puno ng pangarap. Parang kahapon lang, nakikita pa nila si Ivan na naglilingkod sa Simbahan ng Concepcion, nag-aaral ng mabuti sa St. James, bising-bisi sa paga-upload ng pictures o di kaya'y nagbabahagi ng reflection dito sa Ave Maria.

Ngayon, sa pagmulat ng kanilang mata ay makikita na lang nila si Ivan sa loob ng isang urn na yari sa marmol, sa litrato, kay Maribeth at sa iba pang mga imahen na kanyang iniingatan. Nawala na sa kanilang piling – sa ating piling – ang isang bata na minsang nagbigay ng kulay sa buhay ng di-mabilang na mga mananampalataya. Tila baga bula na sa isang iglap ay pumutok, nawala.

Oo, isang buwan na ang lumipas buhat nang pumanaw si Ivan. Sa pagbalik-tanaw natin sa alaala ng dakilang batang ito, masasabi talaga nating nakakapanhinayang, nakakalungkot ang naging pagtatapos ng kanyang buhay na puno ng tamis ng kabataan at katatagan ng paglilingkod. Ramdam na ramdam pa rin ang kawalan ng isang tulad ni Ivan sa buhay ng mga malapit sa kanya. Marami pa sana siyang pangarap na nais kamtin, mga lugar na nais puntahan. Sa totoo lang, kahit siya ay hindi pa handa para sa sandaling ito (Ako na po mismo ang magpapatunay rito).

Subalit ang Diyos na rin mismo ang nagpapakita ng kanyang Kalooban sa lumipas na isang buwan. Buhat pa lang ng ibalita namin sa Ave ang kanyang pagpanaw, sari-saring pagpupugay ang aming natanggap mula sa mga taong malapit kay Ivan (nabasa natin ang ilan noong Necrological Service). Mula sa kanilang mga ibinahagi, nakilala natin talaga si Ivan bilang isang lingkod at isang kaibigan, higit pa sa pagkakakilala ng iba sa kanya.

Ngunit mas nakakaantig sa puso ang mga pinaabot na pagkilala ng mga taong buhat sa iba't-ibang dako na, kahit na di talaga nila personal na kakilala (ang iba sa kanila'y minsang nakausap si Ivan sa FB). Hindi man nila nakasama si Ivan na kasingdalas ng iba, ay naramdaman pa rin nila ang kabanalan at pagsusumikap ng batang ito – di hamak na higit sa mga kabataan na kasing-edad niya.

Kung titignan ko ang aking buhay sa nakalipas na isang buwan, masasabi ko rin na di ako pinabayaan ng Diyos sa kalungkutan. Sa kamatayan ni Ivan, nagsimulang maging matatag ang buong AM Online Community, di tulad ng pinagdaanan nito sa nakalipas na isang taon, at sa palagay ko'y higit sa alinmang fanpage na tulad nami'y naghahandog ng Mabuting Balita. Binigay rin niya sa akin ang biyaya ng mga taong naantig rin sa buhay ni “Ivandude” at naging mga panibagong kaibigan.

Isang buwan na nga ang nakalipas. May dahilan na ba para magpasalamat?

Oo, meron. Ngayong ipinagdiriwang natin ang 13th birthday niya, makikita natin ang tunay na halaga ng buhay ni Ivan, isang buhay ng pagtitiwala at ng paglilingkod. Patuloy siyang nagsisilbing maging isang inspirasyon sa atin upang isabuhay ang pagiging Kristiyano sa salita at gawa. Hindi dapat tayo maging bulag sa panawagan ng kabanalan. Kung nagawa ito ng isang 12-year old na bata tulad ni Ivan, tayo pa kaya?

Siguro, kung may hindi pa ako nakukwento sa inyo tungkol kay Ivan ay ito iyun:

Isang linggo makalipas ang aming paglalakbay sa Cavite, muli kaming nagka-chat ni Ivan. Isa sa mga tinanong niya sa akin ay ito, KAMUSTA? MAY TIWALA PA BA? Sa pag-aakalang ordinaryong tanong lang ito, nasagot ko siya ng "Naman!"

Kanina, sa aking pagbabakasakali sa aming chat thread (sa awa ng Diyos ay hindi ito binura ng Facebook kahit na wala na ang profile ni Ivan), ay nakita ko muli ang tanong na ito. Tila ba nagtatanong si Ivan sa akin ngayon, MAY TIWALA PA BA?

At aaminin ko, isang buwan makalipas ng kamatayan niya, patuloy pa rin niya akong ginagabayan sa mga dapat kong gawin. Hindi siya nawala, pinapatnubayan niya ako – kami at tayo – sa ating paglilingkod.

Mga kapatid, isang buwan na ang nakalipas mula nang iwan tayo ni Ivan. Isang buwan na nagpabago sa buhay natin sa isang paraan o sa iba pa. Marami nang dumaan sa buhay natin, at marami pang darating. Gayunpaman, malinaw na sa loob ng isang buwang ito, nakita natin ang Kalooban ng Diyos: The Lord has given, the Lord has taken away. Walang hihigit sa naisin niya, kahit na ang buhay natin ay kaya niyang kunin at pag-isahin sa isang iglap.

Isa lang ang pakiusap ko, ang pakiusap namin. Ilang buwan man ang dumating sa buhay natin, kaakibat ang mga pagsubok at karanasan, wag na wag nating kakalimutan ang buhay ng isang bata na hindi natakot humarap sa unos, upang ipakilala ang kalooban ng Diyos. Huwag sanang makalimot sa pagtitiwala sa kanya, umasa tayo na hinding-hindi niya tayo pababayaan.


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Things which completed BiTZ.23!!!

Photo layouts prepared by friends. What a nice way to celebrate my 23rd year of life and grace!

Thank you, Fray Valentinus Bayuhadi Ruseno, OP, for this wonderful layout. Though I do not know what lies ahead, I pray so much for something more worthwhile in my life. I believe, this MEANS something. Thanks again, Fray!

Pasensya na po kung medyo nahuli. I thought naisend ko siya kagabi. Pasensya na po. Well, I wish you all the best, Kuya Weldann. Nawa'y patuloy kayong gabayan at biyayan ng Diyos! Celebrate life to it's fullest! Have more years worth celebrating! Keep smiling and keep praying! Nandito lamang po kami sa tabi ninyo. VIVA LA VIRGEN! Benedicite!  — with Weldann Lester Panganiban.


August 19 at 9:50pm · 

PIC-PAC: The torrential rains did not stop me from having a big welcome to my 23rd year of life. Thanks toNerrad Wehttam for your presence and for the sweet Cassava Cake which I chose to be my Birthday Cake this year. Also, thanks to my co-teachers and students who braved the rains just to share significant time with me.

Many thanks also to Fray Bayuhadi, OP for the best birthday layout I had yet!

To one and all, thank you for the greetings, love and support! I will remember you in my prayers tonight. Keep safe.

And so, after 23 years, THE STORY CONTINUES.

August 18 at 11:20pm ·


Isang taon na naman po ang iyong pinagkaloob sa akin, O Panginoon! Salamat po sa lahat ng biyaya! Ibinabalik ko ang lahat sa iyo. Huwag mong ipahintulot na malayo ako sa iyo, at nawa'y maganap ang iyong Banal na Kalooban ngayon at palagi. Amen!

Regina Sacratissimi Rosarii, ora pro nobis!
Sancti Ioseph, ora pro nobis!
Beate Pater Dominice, ora pro nobis!
Sancti Ezequiel Moreno, ora pro nobis!


To all who remembered my special day with their prayers and love, A MILLION THANKS TO YOU. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!! ^^

Friday, May 24, 2013


Here comes the new teachers of ICPS...

Once a student, always a teacher!

Sunday, May 12, 2013


Featuring the Santa Ana Parish in Manila, Shrine of Our Lady of  the Abandoned.

From the mob, I saw Edrian Santollano of the PPMK Online Ministry. It's like the meeting of the Two Holy Founders.

As I enter the church, I saw on one side the image of Our Lady. I did not hesitate to touch her manto. Later, when I asked one of the people looking after the Caro, I came to knew that I was able to touch the Original Image, as the replica is enshrined at the Altar. 

How I wish Ivan is really here... 

It was also the first time in years that I meet my dear brother, Fra Lloyd Paul Elauria, OFM. It reminds me of my CCS days.

We were given a random chance to go up the Belfry of the oldest Church outside Intramuros. From there, you could see the skyline of Makati and Mandaluyong Cities.

The interior of the Church

This mystical well at the back of the church houses water said to be miraculous.

People from all walks of life gathered together with Our Lady in procession. This was her 300th Feast since her arrival in the Philippines.

...where out of nowhere, we pulled the Caro of San Francisco. I don't know where the real pullers of the Caro were at that moment, but I can't help thinking that for that special night, we were chosen to take charge.
During my stay there at Santa Ana, the noticeable wonder I saw was her face. It has a sterling smile, ready to show concern to her children in need. It's like telling you that you could certainly ask her anything you wish, knowing that you will never be confounded. I hope this would not be the last time I would visit her in her Shrine. Viva La Virgen!!!

Monday, May 06, 2013


And after a hot month, here comes what everyone is waiting for... 


Once in my life, I enjoyed taking a cool bath under the rain, not caring about anyone's criticism. Back then, I could run through our yard naked, dancing and singing to joy, and splashing water to my mom.

It was then. 

I just looked outside last Saturday, without even thinking of taking a dip because I know that it's bad for the skin. Yet I look at the happy faces of my nephews and nieces. Memories came back to me.

Memories go down and splash our thoughts with the joys of the yesteryears. I don't really know if I had a well-spent childhood. For one thing I know, the days I can take a bath under the rain left a significant impact on me. Something good.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

PROSTRATING... more than just vows.

One of the things which gave me goosebumps during the Solemn Profession of the Dominican Friars today was their prostration at the beginning of the rite, asking for God's mercy as a response to the question of the Father Provincial.

This is an unusual sight, yet it is somewhat a call for everyone present. It's really a shaking call. We all need God's mercy; we ask for it in prostration. We're nothing without HIS grace. We follow and subject ourselves to him in everything we do, until death.

Friday, April 05, 2013

Mahalin mo ako...

Sana nangyayari ito sa tunay na buhay.

Kaso madalang lang ang nangyayaring ganito ang pagmamahal.

Magmamahal ka, dapat tanggap mo siya at ang anumang meron siya.

Di nga ba't tama naman iyun?