Friday, August 30, 2013


Where was I last Monday?

Well, I was at Luneta, among the throngs of millions (I believe) of people who marched against Pork Barrel and Corruption in our country. It's not just any ordinary rally. It is a show of unity among Filipinos who are already fed-up with pork.

Let the pictures speak for themselves...

May God's mercy and justice prevail over our baffled country!

Tatayo rin tayo at magwawagi!

Before the main rally started, a Holy Mass was celebrated beside the statue of St. Lorenzo Ruiz at Luneta. It was presided by priests who were present to show their voice, including Fr. Anton CT Pascual, President of Veritas846 AM.

SIGHTING #1: Ms. Sandra Aguinaldo interviewing Ms. Mitos Magsaysay. Along the way, I also saw other artists, including Lourd de Veyra, Connie Sison, as well as other personalities like Amb. Tita de Villa, Fr. Jerry Orbos, SVD, and Archbishop Oscar Cruz.

It was the first time that the AM Admins teamed-up with KP, in the person of Kuya Randolf Flores.

They say that the Church is silent over this issue...

Well, take a look...

Aside from the activists, most of the common people present were Catholics and Christians. We are not silent at all, we even shout!

I don't know if the million-level was reached, but this IS something. See the Rizal Monument? It's a few KMs away from the Grandstand, yet it is full of people.

I just stayed for roughly two hours, but it was time well-spent. It seems that the nation is not alone walking over the mud of the crisis.

Prayers and Vigilance, this is what's lacking in our society nowadays. We're proud of being the predominant Christian country in Asia, but we live in division. What if we shout out what we really stand for, even just once? 

We let some prevail over something which must be shared with the whole nation. 

We let some feast on the wealth of the people who die for their families.

We let the drop-dead die while the rich-n-fabulous keep on their dazzling lives, using our money.

This should not be happening. 

Not now! 

Not ever! 

Stop the abuse of our Country!!!

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