Sunday, November 24, 2013


So the story goes like this.

I attended Mass at Santo Domingo today, as my own vigil for Christ the King. Like all the past weeks, I cried in front of Nanay, asking her to grant my intentions. I'm certain at one point that everything will be alright, I just need to cry my needs.

On my way home after our studies, I received a text message from a friend saying that the results are already out, and that he already passed the LET. Anxiety entered in, I don't know what to do. I kept on praying and begging the Lord to show his mercy on me.

That is until a text message came in.

I have heard that all hard work paid off ^_^


Thank you, Lord, and Nanay, for this wonderful grace!

Thanks also to my family who always supported me through thick and thin.

To my teachers and professors who believed in me, to my students, past and present, who always let me show my guts, and to everyone else who prayed for me, Marami pong salamat!

Then a student, now a TEACHER...

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What then, not now...

This is taken in 2006, the only
photo of me wearing a school uniform.
On my past posts, you may have seen a piece of me as an EX-ICPSian. I do remember my Birthday Essay in 2010, recounting the way I had encountered every bully and jeer, as well as every praise and hard work done. It was not a perfect moment because, as said before, it was a mix of tears and joys. At one point, I was considered as the pet, then at another, I was a nobody.

Back then, I was a part of the Publication Team, though my article was seen only once. I did not really participate in Journalism just as others did. I remember Mrs. Peralta (my former English teacher) assisted by men from the printing press in lay-outing our newspaper using Manila Paper, glue and the hard copies of the articles. I can still remember our little Office in front of the Faculty Room where I sneaked during lunch break just to eat alone (they only use the office during meetings).

I don't know how life in ICPS was after I graduated. For some, seeing our batch leave was a breath of fresh air, because with us will leave another batch of students face a new tomorrow.full of hope. Of course, students came in and out of the school which I considered as my second home for many years.

Perhaps, because of the love and inspiration I received, I decided to be a teacher. I want to take part in molding their minds, and so I began knowing the art of teaching, though it is hard to be one in reality. 

I graduated after five years I (well, you know why), and proceeded to having my first job as an English Instructor at a Korean Company in Eastwood. There my speaking skills were honed, while I faced the greatest shock of my life, that shift from a student to an employee.

Later on, I realized that my workstation was too small for me, and my heart was not for this kind of work, facing foreign people in a virtual setup just to learn speaking the language. I decided to go to the real field, where I can not only face but hold and form students the way they should be.

With the present Editorial Board of The Crown
The first thing that came to my mind was my alma mater, ICPS. Immediately after Ivan's death, I saw myself applying for a job at the school which formed me. They accepted me, and welcomed me back to my second family.

To my surprise, the offer they gave me is being the School Paper Moderator. At that moment, everything returned to me, and at a blink of an eye, what was then a simple writer turned to an adviser for the official body of the school. I was given an office which serves as a haven for the present Editorial Board. With the publication of the first issue, the birth pangs began to lessen. In just a matter of months, I saw myself with my students competing on different writing competitions, even reaching the Regional Level as of the moment.

The ALBERTeens!
I was also given a bunch of students for me to lead as their adviser. Perhaps IV-St. Albert is the wackiest gift God gave me ever since Field Study 1. I admit I always lack in being a father figure to these kids, yet their joy is enough. Siguro nga, hindi lang talaga sila magaling sa English, siguro nga sadyang pasaway sila, but they always prove that in their simple ways, a student's life is way beyond compare.

With these and together with my students who are not different from me in attitude as well as skills, I realized that I already touched ground. What I was then is totally different from who I am now. I am not anymore a student who should be trigger-happy; I am a teacher entrusted with a special task to lead these students to better heights.

Perhaps, ICPS would always serve as a home, a haven, a sanctuary to me. I don't know how long would I stay in this institution, but as God wills, everything will be fine.