Sunday, November 24, 2013


So the story goes like this.

I attended Mass at Santo Domingo today, as my own vigil for Christ the King. Like all the past weeks, I cried in front of Nanay, asking her to grant my intentions. I'm certain at one point that everything will be alright, I just need to cry my needs.

On my way home after our studies, I received a text message from a friend saying that the results are already out, and that he already passed the LET. Anxiety entered in, I don't know what to do. I kept on praying and begging the Lord to show his mercy on me.

That is until a text message came in.

I have heard that all hard work paid off ^_^


Thank you, Lord, and Nanay, for this wonderful grace!

Thanks also to my family who always supported me through thick and thin.

To my teachers and professors who believed in me, to my students, past and present, who always let me show my guts, and to everyone else who prayed for me, Marami pong salamat!

Then a student, now a TEACHER...

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