Thursday, December 26, 2013

Oath-taking galore....

Last time, I announced here my passing at the Licensure Exams. After a few days, it was time for the Oath-taking ceremonies!

With Edward beside me, we sat on the most comfortable place in Cuneta Astrodome, that is in the highest seats just next to the bleachers. From our seats, we can see everything that's happening during the oath-taking.

Grabe, being there in the sea of hundreds of new professional teachers really makes you feel like you're entering a new dimension, a new world where I must show my guts to be who I must be... a teacher, mentor and father to today's youth.

With me during this momentous event is no-less than my mom, who supported me through thick and thin, and never gave up on me on my journey towards professionalism. If there would be any person who's more happier than I am, it would certainly be her. After I said my oath, I offered the parchment paper to her, a sign of gratitude for everything she did for me to be where I am now.


This day opened a new chapter in my life, a great shift from being a kid to a man, from nobody to somebody. This will give me more challenges in the future, but hey, why not face them? After all, It's God's will and my perseverance molded to be one of the great events in my life.

This is it! Deo Gratias!

#ProfessionalTEACHER na si #SirBITOY!!! ^^

Saturday, December 14, 2013

A Pilgrimage of Thanks

There were five non working days which ICPS had observed from December 6-10, in-line with the celebration of Malabon Teachers' Day, and the 3-day observance of the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, patroness of the Parish in Malabon City.

I took advantage of these five days to go and take a roadtrip around the churches I had visited before, and there to give thanks for letting me pass the Board. I took with me some good friends to join me in the journey.