Saturday, January 04, 2014

(Landayan, San Pedro, Laguna)

Lolo Uweng of Landayan. Photo not mine.
January 03, 2013
Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus, First Friday of 2014 

On the First Friday of 2014, a sudden invitation came in to a certain place in Laguna, known for a miraculous image of the Lord Jesus in the Holy Sepulcher. As I didn't have any budget, I was hesitant to accept the invitation, but Kuya Leandro, the guy who invited me was more persuasive, so I saw myself going out on an ordinary Friday towards the wonderful place of Landayan.

There, I witnessed the love of the townsfolk for this sacred image. According to the annals of history, the image was seen after the World War II beside the Laguna de Bay in Landayan, San Pedro, Laguna. It was brought to the nearby chapel, in honor of St. Michael. Since then, it became a haven to devotees from Laguna and beyond, thus calling it the Quiapo of the South. It was so beloved that people call the image Lolo Uweng.

Our mission then was to sell calendars of the Works of the Saints for 2014. It is a different calendar because in it you can see different pictures of saints. At first it was hard to sell, but eventually, with God's grace and a little sales talk, people started to take notice and buy our calendars. At the end of the day, only seventeen calendars were left

While selling, my feet (or is it Lolo Uweng?) took me to the sacred well, all by myself. Inside this well is water said to have miraculous powers. In the annals, it was said that Lolo Uweng gets out of its urn every night to take a bath in this well. It is also potable and safe for drinking. Now, note that the lake beside it is composed of seawater, so it is really wonderful that the water of this well is good for the body.

I was also able to get a bottle of oil with a portion of Lolo Uweng's cloth, also said to have miraculous attributes. I heard Lynch's testimony when  he cannot move his neck a few years ago. He was cured, thanks to prayers to Lolo Uweng, as well as the use of the Holy Water and Sacred Oil.

Of course, after a long day, I got a chance of touching the revered image, entrusting to Our Lord my coming year and everything that I will encounter. I also prayed for everyone so dear to me, that blessings may also be abundant for them this 2014.

It was really an overwhelming experience. It can be a foreshadow of what 2014 has in store for me, but nevertheless, I know that these pilgrimages on earth will take me closer to my goal: that of Heaven!

Two things I learned from this adventure:
> Never go out without proper planning.
> But then, never resist if the Lord's calling you.

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