Thursday, January 02, 2014

First Scenes of 2014

Just as the past year ended with much memories and adventures, the New Year came in with a great headstart, with the best people around me! Here are some photos...

I always start the New Year with my family.
Seen here is my mom, my sister Ajie, and our Shih Tzu, Kobe.
As the first day of the year progressed, I had heard my First Mass at
Santo Domingo. There, I entrusted to Nanay the year ahead. What is coming,
I don't know, but I know she will certainly guide me.
Also, on that day, the Church in the Extraordinary Form
celebrated the Feast of the Circumcision of Jesus. To note Fr. Jojo in his homily,
it is not the fireworks or the noise that can dispel the evil spirits; only the blood
of Jesus shed for the remission of sins.
The next day, we had our Pasalamat for the wonderful year it was,
and for my passing in the Licensure exams. Among the good people who dropped by
were Bro. Lynch Flores of the Works of the Saints Apostolate,
and Rev. James Anthony del Rosario who blessed our house on that day.
As the year started well, I do pray that the it may proceed in God's grace and end with all the blessings from up above! HAPPY NEW YEAR! ^^

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