Saturday, January 11, 2014

From a devotee to the devotees and everyone else.

Photo not mine.

A Hijo was heard to have said yesterday: NASASAKTAN NA ANG POON.

Really, after the image was hit to steel bars and almost dragged to the floor only for devotees to kiss. Really, after its cross was almost broken because of few who wished to wipe their towels to it while heading its way to the andas.

If only this image is actually Our Lord Jesus, it would have experienced more than what He experienced almost two thousand years ago.

While it is true na I retract my words from last year, here we are confronted again by this situation where some devotees went wild just to get the procession started. People will never understand it until he becomes a devotee himself, but remember that devotion - and everything else for that matter - should lead us to the Holy Eucharist. It should NOT end in the image per se, but go deeper towards the Holy Mass.

People are saying, also, na Quiapo is not always full except on Fridays where Devotees come in. Uhm, did they even visit the church on a regular day? The number is less, yes, but you can never see a day where that church doesn't have any people inside, even at night.

Guys, instead of bashing, what if we ourselves join the initiative to help form the devotees, especially the newbies? It starts with us. Why do these things go on and on every year? The answer depends on us. The Quiapo Parish, I guess, is having its part on doing this, how about us?

Sorry, I respect every devotee, but please not to this level. Devotion to the image of the Nazarene must lead us to the total love for the Lord shown in the Holy Eucharist, and to a sincere love for our neighbor. No more, no less.

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