Saturday, January 11, 2014

iTUNE: Grand Eucharistic Adoration 2014

It seems that this year would be filled with pilgrimages. Travels left and right occupy my once-vague weekends nowadays, and so I return to my blog to have them all recorded.

January 11, 2013

It was an exciting day, not because I can take a rest from the heavy week that was, but because I can go around again. Today, I went to Dom Bosco Technoligical Institute in Makati for the Second Grand Eucharistic Adoration. This program, under the Don Bosco Days with the Lord Movement, aims to bring Christ to the youth in a very authentic manner: that of adoring His Body in the Blessed sacrament.

It was preceded by a Youth Festival, featuring different youth groups. Like a cellphone app, the Festival was divided into different 'apps' which any pilgrim could 'download,' that is, experience and learn with.

Youth listen to the songs by the Bukas Palad Music Ministry

Youth serving youth: A volunteer shares the life of the saints
whose relics were exposed prior to the Adoration.

Leaving my own mark at the YouthPinoy! booth
At nighttime, the youth gathered around the Sacred Host, singing hymns and reciting prayers. It was like a special moment for everyone who wished to come HOME.

The Lord enthroned for adoration of his faithful.

One of the main highlights of the adoration is the activity,
'touching of the cloak.' Like the woman with hemorrhage who
touched the Lord's clothes and was healed, the people were given the rare chance
to touch the Lord's cloth and entrust to him the desires of their hearts.

In our society in dire need of comfort and solace, activities like this remind us of the One which we really need to provide us peace: Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament!

Kudos to the Salesian Community for such a remarkable experience!

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