Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My words on the latest turnover of events after February 2014

Let me just make things clear, these are facts.

On February of this year, some people tried to underscore me by putting up a blogsite, and there, shouting issues against me and my morals. Despite the noise it created, and the pain it brought to my person because of these people who are more than willing to trample me down, I went in total silence and mortification.

As the months passed, these same people made dummy FB accounts showing the same content, with fake accounts liking the same content. These went to my attention, thanks to the concerned people and friends who stood by my side.

Likewise, I recount an incident during the Feast of Our Lady of the Abandoned at Santa Ana, Manila last May 12, 2014, when a man recklessly tried to video me for reasons unknown. This is a shout of foul over my privacy during the celebration, as they were looking around during the incident.

With a few or no words at all, I watched as they continually try to lambaste my name and dignity on the sight of other people. I put all these things into prayer, and longed for the day these people would be sorry for their deeds.

That day indeed came on July 13, 2014, when Mr. Ryan Mariano talked to my friend asking for my forgiveness on everything they did. He pointed out that this is because of Mr. Marc Anthony Pascua, who forced him to ridicule me online as a way of helping him get back on me. Mr. Mariano wanted to seek my forgiveness and help me teach Mr. Pascua a lesson. Since I blocked these people on Facebook, Mr. Mariano persuaded my friend to relay this message to me and seek my response.

After a period of constant prayer and reflection, I only have this to say. 

I FORGIVE YOU. I will not provide any more passages from Scripture to explain this. I think it is enough for me to say these three words, despite the pain you and your acts brought on my person, to show what a real Christian must be, forgiving others and continually showing concern for them.

With these things said, I would now like to ask everyone, especially those people involved in the incidents of the past, to please respect my privacy with regards to the same. I wish to let go of all the pain as it continues to dwell inside me. I long to move on with my life, and continue my ministry as a servant of God and His Church. Wounded as I am, in the midst of challenges and sickness I'm facing, I know the Lord will provide us with the grace to move forward and live grace after grace.

I pray for enlightenment, not only for everyone, but most especially, for myself. Even if the marks of the past would be carried over forever, we can still start anew with God's grace hovering over all of us.

May God bless us!

15 July 2014