Monday, October 06, 2014

LA NAVAL 2014: Some PIC-PACs
(Part 01)

As La Naval Season is upon us, here are some of the shots of the recent days:

After Our Lady was enthroned, and everything's done, the lights of the Baldachino still illuminate the dark church.
Mary, the bearer of the Light, which is Jesus, continues to share the glorious rays of God to the people
who continuously live in the darkness of sin.

On the first Besamanto for this year, Our Lady was once again taken down from her royal throne to
listen to the needs of her children. Her face is so serene, in all her royalty.
When someone approaches Our Lady, there is always hope that their prayers would certainly be answered.
In the course of time, people continued to cling to Mary's hand, asking her help in every need.
There was none that she refused.

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