Saturday, February 07, 2015

The Bora Life

Over the past week, we celebrated Catholic Teachers' Day at Boracay Island. It's three days' worth of sand, sun and surf, on top of other things one could possibly do there. Everything was exciting and wonderful, though it took some pains on my body. For a first timer, you can simply do anything you want.

Of course, I have my camera with me, so I took some shots while we were there. Story continues with each caption.

This is the second time I would ride a plane. I need to endure much headache and
tipsy-turvy for a week after our trip, but there was really
some excitement in the air which overpowered my physical weakness.

A glimpse of Bora from up above. It was gloomy when we arrived
but as it turned out, the weather there is not stable most of the time.

TOUCHDOWN: Caticlan! We need to have a boat ride to reach Bora.
And yes, the waves were very unruly, too!

While at the beach, two boys approached me and asked if I want
my name written on the sand for a certain amount. The result was
good. Halatang excited na excited no?!

In the afternoon, some surfers have their practice by the beach. Surf's up!
Well, yes. My hair was braided for a few hours. It was comfortable
at a certain extent. xD
I can certainly remember in this photo, the story of St. Augustine's encounter
by the beach. It will show you the reality that we can never contain
the world in our hands; we can never understand everything.
Apparently, Our Lady did not abandon us even at Bora! Here is the
patroness of the Parish there, Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary.
(I need to note that there is a grotto somewhere in Station 2, but I was not able to
go there because of time constraint.)
We also went on a boat ride. If you have the guts, you can go down
the boat and see the coral reefs below. They are so wonderful, you can't
just help but marvel at the beauty of God's creation under the sea.
But if there's really something that took my breath away, it is the sunset!
Thousands of people gather at the seashore to witness this marvelous sight.
And yes, I have never seen anything like this.
Of course, there were other sights in Boracay, but I then decided to enjoy them personally. Though it was not really fun - Bitin! - because of the time, we enjoyed nevertheless. I do not know when we can come back there, but at least this is something really unforgettable.

Where would my feet take me next? :)

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