Saturday, June 06, 2015

OWY@10: The Kickstart

Today marks the Ninth Anniversary since I started blogging. Back then, I was writing on my simple dreams, young aspirations and deep reflections. I was still an Out-of-school youth back then, with no computer of my own. I went on such a wonderful journey from being nobody to being somebody for everybody, from being a student and devotee, to being a Teacher and Lay Dominican.

After such a long time, lots of challenges and achievements, the blog is still here. I may have not written frequently as before, but there were times that I read on my young posts with poor grammar. I end up saying to myself, Nasulat ko pala ito?!

Next year, we shall strike our Tenth Year! True enough, there's a lot to celebrate after such a long journey. We shall look back on some of them as we proceed with the rest of the year. Also, we shall have the yearly Birthday Essay in August and Yearend Post in December, among other special entries.

Please, be with me as I celebrate the Tenth Year of One With You! Ten years of life and experiences, Ten years of graces!

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