Friday, August 28, 2015


This is technically my first post about my new workplace: Tangos National High School. I teach MAPEH for Grade 8 and 10 students since July.

An English major teaching MAPEH???

Yes. Because we must be open to all possibilities which come to our lives everyday.

One of the first undertakings I had here is the Wellness Dance Moves, a part of the advocacy for healthy living through having a healthy lifestyle and eating good food. And one of the best ways to promote this advocacy is through dance.

Of course, Tangosians prepared for this. Here is a glimpse of what happened yesterday.

Life here in Tangos NHS is a lot more adventurous, but I know God placed me here for a better purpose. I will post more on my new home in the coming days.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

(#Dann25 Birthday Essay 2015)

It's been ten years since I wrote my first Birthday Essay inside our classroom at ICPS. I was a Fourth Year student then. No. I was a bullied student then, for so many reasons. I was still searching for myself back then. A few months before graduation, I examined myself whether I am ready to face reality or not. How can a weak student like me face the coming challenges when at High School people consider me as nothing?

Ten years after that first write-up, I write this Birthday Essay, not anymore as a student, but as a licensed teacher, and as a Dominican Lay. The road I took was really rough and tough. I met lots of people and faced lots of challenges. I fell down and stood up. And yet, I am still here, at the threshold of time, battling against a serious sickness, yet smiling and giving a thumbs up to a brand new day ahead.