Wednesday, December 30, 2015


NEW HOUSE. NEW SPHERE. This is my 2015. Wounded, yet still in battle. Dead, yet alive. Lost many friends, yet blessed with real ones. All under one new roof. 

In 2015, I went beyond who I was. Leaving the comfort of a private school, to enter the challenging world of the public school system, the cheers of many friends for real people who stood by me in some of the most trying moments in my life. What I thought was right was skinned off me, painful as it seemed. The care of two mothers who never let go of me. I admit I was a lot clumsy and pasaway this year, yet God knows how tough it came for me, and eventually, for most of us.

I promised myself that the coming year will be a lot different. And it will be. I have lots of pains this year, that I will always remember in my memory, yet God will always be the master of my ship. And this year, I will let him surprise me. Through me, he will surprise everyone. 

This year will be a year of surprises. Like the new house where I live now, everything will be new. This, I promise. This, I will do.  #LifesASurprise2016

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