Wednesday, May 11, 2016

ENCOUNTERS: ILOCOS (Pagudpud - May 7, 2016)

After a day of travelling to historical places, eating lots of food and conquering the sand dunes, we headed towards the other side of Ilocos Norte, to the place known for its white sand beach (yeop, like Boracay, less the people) and other frontiers that is not frequented by the usual mob.

Next stop: PAGUDPUD!

Our first stop: Big Electric Fans! Es te, The Windmills of Bangui!

Hot day, eh? xD

Yes, it is really a hot day. xDDD

Even my mom can't stand the heat, but at least she's still smiling!

Next stop: Kabigan Falls deep inside Pagudpud. Despite
its silent and mystic look-and-feel, it is still frequented by a good number of tourists.

To visit Kabigan Falls, you need a 30-minute simple trek from the main road. As
you take the trail, you will see lots of farmlands with ample irrigation, since their water
comes from the falls. The rest goes down towards the sea. The feeling is tranquil, even this
carabao can't help but to take a bath.

Yeop, that's me looking around my land. (Actually, my sea. Just kidding. xD)

I'm not sure what this is, but the view from where I was was super great!

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