Sunday, November 20, 2016

SR. TERESITA CASTILLO, The Visionary of Lipa

Just last Wednesday (11/16), as I was browsing through the late-night posts on FB, I was shocked by the news that Sr. Teresing, the humble lady who saw Our Lady at Lipa, passed away. She was 89.

I remember that very intimate moment I visited her abode and listened to her inspiring words. In the midst of concerns I am currently facing, the words of Sr. Teresita re-echoed in my heart: Just lift your problems to God. What is impossible to man is possible for God. 

True enough, after that wonderful encounter with the seer of Lipa, a wave of bad things happened to me. These things somehow shook my person and it was all my fault. But in entrusting my concerns to the Lord, I felt his grace. Somehow, I was able to recover from my faults, though I know there are wounds that may take time to heal.

Eventually, these faults led me to rediscover myself, my purpose in this life. Carefully, though I am really that hard-headed guy who just cannot follow easily, God did not give up on me. Things may indeed be impossible for me, but it is truly possible for Him who loved me more than I can return. Somehow, the encounter with Sr. Teresing became a foretaste of the things which are about to come.

This encounter, I was able to share with you THROUGH THIS POST, which was read by thousands of devotees and faithful who wanted to know more about the Visionary of Lipa, and her current condition (in 2014). Up until posting time, a silent stream of viewers visit this particular page and read my share of the story. Thank you for letting me share Sr. Teresing with you. Let this story be a living testimony of the benevolence of this simple lady who witnessed Mary's love for the world.

I have to admit, the devotion I had to Our Lady watered down because of the final decision of the Church authorities which defined the verdict of 1951. That same somehow gave a drastic end to the efforts of the faithful to ask the Holy See to grant its approval, as far as the apparitions are concerned. Sad as it may seem, we felt obliged to obey the decree of the Holy See. However, this did not waver the love I and all of us Filipinos have for the Blessed Mother. We shall always have a mother who cares for us and intercedes for our needs.

And yes, on a personal note, I reaffirm my belief to the apparitions of 1948, though it may only be on a personal level, and I pray that the time will come that the Holy Mother Church would come to recognize the apparitions, and its messages, and its impact on the faithful, which is very timely. I believe. I believe.

Sr. Teresing, we may have met once, but you touched my heart deeply that its impact may last as long as I live. Salamat po, for being an inspiration for all of us. Salamat po, for sharing with us Mama Mary's love. We promise to continue loving her and Jesus, the way you did show your love for them. I ask you to please remember me before Our Lady, remember this poor man who sought to follow His call.

May you rest in peace, Sr. Teresing. Mahal na mahal po namin kayo! Until soon!

"I know all of you here who came to visit me, all of you will be blessed by Mama Mary."
(Sr. Teresita Castillo, 2014. Pic courtesy: MMMLDI/Cyrus Santos)