Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The First of Everything...

(I posted this in Multiply.com last January 2, 2007. As my first entry for this year, entitled "The First of Everything...")

First Words...



I have so many things to do this year... Many things in store for this guy this 2007, eh...
Wala tayong magagawa dyan... nakatadhana lahat ng iyan... (We cannot do anything with that. after all, it is my fate.)

But before all of that, I'm going to say a little bit of words... I will group these as "Thank You", "Sorry," and "I Love You..."

"Thank You!!!"

Thanks a lot to my friends and colleages who are still in touch with me last year, especially my batchmates at ICPS. I miss you all guys!!! When will it be kaya? I mean... our Reunion?
Thanks to my Family. eventhogh there are times that I become the most Pasaway in the House, They still get to be my best buddies... I am nothing without you all!!!
My Great Parish Priest, Fr. Jun Erlano, my fellow Altar Servers, and My friends at the Community 2 of Neo-Catechumenate in our Parish. The past year will never Complete without You!!! Thanks a lot also!!!


First, to my Family. You know all the reasons. This Year, I will try everything to be alright... I will be the Best Son the Earth has. I will be one...
To my colleages at the Parish, especially to my Parish Priest. I owe everything to you, but there are still times that I do not become what I suppose to be. I will be a humble, and kind servant of God. Please pray for me!
To Kuya Dave, and my felloy Fraters at the CCS. I was one of those that did not made it to the first General Assembly. This Month. I will make it to our second General Assembly. I will not make another promise, But I will make it.

"I Love You..."

My Family. I cannot speak it, but I will prove it in my Actions!!! I Really Love You!!!
My Parishmates... Please pray that we can be the greatest servers this side of our Diocese. Let us prove that we really love our service!!!

But most of all, to GOD ALMIGHTY. Thank You for the Past Year, with all its contents. I am grateful to You. Sorry for all the times I never became the Greatest Sevant, and Son I must be. Please help me to say I Love You in actions. and Most of all, I entrust this year, and the coming days to You. YOUR WILL BE DONE THIS YEAR, AND FOREVER.

Guys! it's 2007!!!

Time for mendings, and new beginnings. Let's forget everything that can make this year the worse, instead, let us make this year , as the title of my previous entry speaks of it... A YEAR OF SOMETHING ELSE, because With God, Nothing is Impossible. He can do what we cannot do!





  1. Eunice3:09 PM

    happened to stumble over your blog by chance. Good to hear about your involvement in the way. I found you via a google alert on the neo catechumenate. My address is eunice.ranjithan@gmail.com. Cheers!

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