Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My Insights...

Okie... So, this is it!!!

The Confraternity of the Catholic Saints is now on its way to the Diocesan Rights in Cubao.

And my Heart Rejoices with it!!!

Pero the reality?

I learned a very important lesson...

Never, ever leave the house without looking at the Mirror!!! Why? look at my very tiring pic... That will answer it.

Pero, anyway, That day was the greatest day in my Life. Why so? Because I recieved the "Greatest Gift" that I recieved in my entire life (Later I will tell you what is it.) at sa totoo lang, My heart was more than very happy to recieve it, to the point that I told myself: "I am not worthy to recieve this, but Here it is, in the palm of my hands!

That day was more the happier of everything!!!

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